WordPress.com and Windows Live partnering together and providing an upgrade for 30 million Windows Live Spaces customers

Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent a good bit of time talking about our approach to partnering with the web, and as part of that, how we’re deeply integrating with the leading consumer services that you find most valuable. Earlier today, I had the opportunity to get on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, and with Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (the parent company of WordPress.com), announce an exciting partnership between our companies.

Providing a great blogging experience

As we looked at customers’ blogging needs and what different companies were providing, we were particularly  interested in what WordPress.com is doing. They have a host of impressive capabilities – from a scalable platform and leading spam protection, to great personalization and customization. WordPress powers over 8.5% of the web, is used on over 26 million sites, and WordPress.com is seen by over 250 million people every month. Not only that, Automattic is a company filled with great people focused on improving blogging experiences. So rather than having Windows Live invest in a competing blogging service, we decided the best thing we could do for our customers was to give them a great blogging solution through WordPress.com.

Windows Live and WordPress.com

As we looked at how we brought Windows Live and WordPress.com together, there were three big things we wanted to deliver:

How to Customize the WordPress Admin Area

by Filip Stefansson | http://sixrevisions.com

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WordPress is one of the best CMSs out there — if not the best (but of course, I’m biased because I’m a WordPress fanatic). It has loads of handy features that make site administration a breeze. WordPress is a publishing platform with a comment system, a GUI for creating, editing and managing posts and pages, handy built-in tools like the “Export” feature to back up your content, user roles and permissions, and more.

But how much of these features do we really use? Though already simple and user-friendly by default, we might want to customize the WordPress Admin interface to make it even simpler and more manageable for our clients, our co-authors, and ourselves.

Why Customize the WordPress Admin Interface?

Lately, WordPress has reached phenomenally high usage rates. There are over 25 million publishers[1] who use WordPress, making it a popular publishing platform. This means that its use has been extended outside of just a blogging platform (although it was certainly built for bloggers at the start) to other types of sites such as portfolios, business sites, image galleries, and even e-commerce sites.

Here is the problem, though. A robust publishing platform like WordPress has way more features than a regular user would ever need. Take the “Comments” panel for instance: Not everyone is going to need all the moderation privileges it has. Some sites might not even need commenting capabilities on their content. For example, a static informational site that doesn’t have a blog section might not want people to be able to comment on static pages like their About and Contact Us page.

The following image shows the default WordPress Dashboard — the first page you’ll see when you log into the Admin area. For tech-savvy folks and power users, it’s great. But imagine a person (such as a paying client of yours) who doesn’t need half of the things they see in this screen. All they want to do is publish a post. Maybe edit it if they make a mistake. That’s it. Nothing else. Seguir leyendo “How to Customize the WordPress Admin Area”

CMS Comparison: Which Content Management System Should You Use?

Nita Teoh

Once you have found a company to host your website, you will need to select an appropriate content management system (CMS), which is the software used to organize your website, to efficiently produce new articles, and to easily maintain old content. I built one of my first websites using the Dreamweaver CMS, and I later progressed to learning how to use Joomla and WordPress. There are many excellent open source software options on the market such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, as well as paid options such as Dreamweaver.

Your options for content management systems are extensive, so think carefully about your business requirements to narrow down your choice. It’s tempting to get a CMS with all the bells and whistles, but your business requirements may not warrant using such a sophisticated system.

To help you decide, I’ve reviewed the two CMSs that I use on a regular basis: WordPress and Joomla. Both are open source software, which means that they are issued under a license that is generally made available to the public for free, and allows users to make changes to its code as needed. Seguir leyendo “CMS Comparison: Which Content Management System Should You Use?”

For-Profit Automattic Gives WordPress Trademark To Non-Profit Foundation

It’s not often you see a for-profit company donate one of their most valuable core assets and give up control,” Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg writes today in a post announcing that the WordPress trademark has been transfered from his company to the WordPress Foundation. “This is a really big deal,” he continues.

What this means is that the key ingredient behind Automattic is now in the hands of the organization in charge of “promoting and ensuring access to WordPress and related open source projects in perpetuity.” So why do this? Mullenweg says it has been his goal since the beginning to blend a non-profit business, a for-profit one, and not-just-for-profit one under one banner. Now that he feels each of those aspects is stable enough, he wants that main banner, WordPress, to be “protected” as a “beacon for open source freedom.” Seguir leyendo “For-Profit Automattic Gives WordPress Trademark To Non-Profit Foundation”

Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0-Ready Themes

WordPress 3.0.1 launched few days ago. There’re a lot of themes available in the market. In WordPress 3.0 version, there are a lot of changing like WordPress MU codebase with WordPress proper, custom post, support for easy custom menus in themes that support the feature. Developers were fixed some minor bugs and making some minor tweaks as well. This collection consists of high Quality wordpress 3.0 ready themes supporting all features of WordPress 3.0. Designers put a lot of efforts for making WordPress 3.0 ready themes.

1) Tech 9 Demo | Download

wordpress template 18 Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

2) Mystique Theme Demo | Download

wordpress template 19 Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

3) Hydrogenize Demo | Download

wordpress template 20 Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

4) Berylliumous Free WordPress Theme | Demo | Download

wordpress template 17 Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

5) Side Blog WordPress Theme | Demo | Download

wordpress template 16 Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

6) MobileWorld Free WordPress Theme | Demo | Download

wordpress template 15 Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

7) Shaken Grid Free WordPress Theme | Demo | Download

wordpress template 14 Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

8) Designora Free WordPress Theme | Demo | Download

wordpress template 131 Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes Seguir leyendo “Top 20 Most Useful WordPress 3.0-Ready Themes”

Top 10 Free WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes

Just a few ago ago, WordPress introduced there 13th major release, the much anticipated ‘Thelonious’ (WP 3.0). As with every other major release, to accommodate all of the new features there has been some (mostly minor) compatibility issues with a number of themes. As such, the WP community has been working hard to update all of there themes and plugins to make them WP3.0 ready and to make best use of all of the exciting and new features.
After some extensive research from todays author (Sven Salmonsson ) we have a list of his top ten favorite free WordPress 3.0 fully compatible themes.

This is our weekly section were we highlight the Top 10 resources from any given field from within the design community. These mini-articles give us an opportunity to share some really useful resources which would be either-wise ignored and difficult to justify with a full blown article.

1. The Morning After by WooThemes

Morning After is perhaps the original WordPress magazine-styled theme, with more than 100,000 downloads to date it is also by far the most popular. It has been recently purchased by the guys behind WooThemes and been updated with there powerful framework and is now fully WP 3.0 compatible.
The Morning After Home →
Live Demo → Seguir leyendo “Top 10 Free WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes”

55 Fresh & High Quality WordPress Themes

By Helmi Asyraf | WordPress

It can be pretty tough call to decide whether to invest in a premium WordPress theme or simply stick with a free one. This could be caused by a common perception we are shared – premium and paid stuff are always better than the free ones. Well, not always, at least that’s what we think.

We beg to differ, and in today’s post we want to show you some really nice WordPress theme that is going to cost you nothing, not even the time to search. All you need to do is scroll. We promise it’s going to be awesome.

Enjoy a total 55 Fresh & High Quality WordPress Themes.

Stunning Press

Features | Demo | Download


Features | Demo | Download

Shopping Press

Features | Demo | Download


Features | Demo | Download

Ice Breaker

Features | Demo | Download


Features | Demo | Download


Features | Demo | Download

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