Showcase: Beautiful Jewelry Websites Created with Wix

Not all that sparkles is gold. It could be a really beautiful Wix website with images of gold, like these jewelry websites we have here today. The exquisite taste of the Wix users who created these sites is evident not only in the jewelry, but also in the web design itself. Beautiful photographs placed just right, wonderful use of typography and great product display are just some of the niceties these sites have to offer. These websites, created with the HTML5 website builder, do a terrific job in presenting jewelry pieces as prestige and desirable objects. This is not bling, this is class.


Evidence Jewelry


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New Apps are Rocking the Wix App Market

The Wix App Market just keeps getting more and more exciting. Less then a month after the original launch of the App Market, dozens of thousands of Wix users are already utilizing these great apps to maximize results on their websites. And on top of that, we’re constantly adding new and thrilling apps to the market!

Four of these new apps are now live and waiting for you to put them to the test. They are joining dozens of awesome apps that are already successfully operating on Wix websites all over the world.  Let’s officially introduce them:

AppForma Social Coupons

This app is terrific for online business owners and marketers. With AppForma, you can generate coupons that will be displayed on your website, offering your clients tempting deals and promotions. You can easily customize the design and details of the coupon and place it in a strategic location on your website.

The best thing is that these coupons work as marketing agents for you! They are especially designed to be sharable on social networks. Also, once clients use the coupon to purchase an item, they are encouraged to share a post about it on their Facebook wall.

AppForma comes with a bunch of other benefits, like QR codes for mobile devices, advanced custom design options and stats report on the success of your coupon – including valuable insights for your future online marketing efforts!

AppForma Social Coupons

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