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Le Dimmer is a tiny application for Windows that’s designed for a single purpose only: it automatically dims everything on the desktop, including wallpaper, icons, folders, open windows, apps etc. leaving behind the foreground window and the task bar brightly lit. It has no GUI and no complex settings to confuse you. The application can come handy if you watch a lot of movies without going full screen and wanted a way to dim everything other than your media player window. It can also prove to be very useful if you have multiple windows opened and you want to focus only on one window at a time without maximizing it to take the whole of your screen real estate. Lets find out how it works.

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While the application appears to just sits in the system tray area without any GUI, it still lets you control the level of dimming via a command-line switch. The readme files states that the default value is 150, but you can set a number between 0 to 255 depending on how much dimming you want. You can input a greater number to darken the screen further, while conversely choosing a number lower than 150 will reduce the dimming effect.

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If you want to close the application to halt the dimming, you can simply select Quit from the context menu that appears when you right-click Le Dimmer’s system tray icon. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+Q hotkey to exit the app.


All in all, it’s a very simple and straightforward application that’s built to serve one purpose, perfectly does the job it’s made for. Anyone looking for a way to keep focusing on one window without getting distracted by others is bound to find it useful. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

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15+ inspiring galleries // thnxz to webdesignerdepot.com – @designerdepot @TheGainesColl – TheGainesCollective.com

We are very visual beings. We like to see it to believe it. And sometimes we don’t trust our brain as much as we trust our eyes. Making decisions is often easier when you see something rather than if you take in a bunch of information about that something.

By Kendra Gaines Connect with her.

Could you imagine trying out a new restaurant without seeing food from their menu? Could you imagine purchasing a shirt online without actually seeing that shirt? How about working with a developer and not knowing what sites they’ve worked on? All these things sound farfetched because we have to see something.

Visuals help build trust in that same vein, that we must actually see it to understand it’s real. Web designs have become very image heavy as of late because we want to do less reading and more seeing. We don’t want to have to make difficult decisions about easy things. Just show us the offering and we can go from there.

Our best bet is to create images galleries. Image galleries come in many forms to many different sites and of course make the most sense. We now have a place to put all our work or our products so visitors can see what we have to offer. Today we’ve found some of the most interesting, intuitive and innovative image galleries we could find. So, let’s jump right in…

Arnaud Beelen

To start, let’s break out of the entire notion that our thumbnails have to even be squares. Arnaud has created perfectly spaced parallelograms to show off his thumbnails. This is immediately interesting and stands out from the thousands of portfolios that are all too square.

Big Human

Big Human has done an absolutely wonderful job making an image gallery with easy to use and understand navigation. Utilizing the arrow keys on a keyboard, the developers here have made it second nature to scroll through images and skip to different projects. This is a great idea that I’d love to see implemented more.

Big Human

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Microsoft vende 40 millones de Windows 8 en su primer mes de vida

El ritmo de la demanda hace prever que superará fácilmente las ventas de su predecesor, Windows 7 cuando concluya su primer trimestre


Microsoft vendió 40 millones de licencias de su nuevo sistema operativo Windows 8 durante el primer mes de este software en el mercado, según dio a conocer en un comunicado.

El ritmo de la demanda hace prever que Windows 8 superará fácilmente las ventas de su predecesor Windows 7 cuando concluya su primer trimestre. Continuar leyendo «Microsoft vende 40 millones de Windows 8 en su primer mes de vida»

5 alternativas en software libre a aplicaciones que usamos a diario (II)


Esta mañana Marilín nos mostró alternativas en software libre para gestionar proyectos, un interesante ejemplo que nos muestra que el software libre es una alternativa real y solvente a muchos de los paquetes de software privativo que estamos acostumbrados a ver en las empresas y que, a veces, parece que son la única opción, por ejemplo, para realizar un diagrama de Gantt con la planificación de un proyecto. Cuando hablamos, hace algún tiempo, de la migración a software libre comentamos que nos encontramos en un período muy propicio para contemplar esta alternativa puesto que, bien planteada, nos puede ayudar a reducir costes en licencias y, además, alargar los plazos de amortización de nuestro parque de ordenadores.


A la hora de usar software libre no es obligatorio utilizar un sistema operativo basado en Linux, de hecho, no es extraño encontrar entornos mixtos de funcionamiento en el que aplicaciones en software libre conviven con otras privativas en, por ejemplo, un equipo con sistema operativo Windows instalado. Cada organización es particular y aunque no siempre las “recetas” son estándares a aplicar en cualquier entorno, hay una serie de aplicaciones que son de uso común y prácticamente todo el mundo suele utilizar a diario y que, por inercia, solemos recurrir a soluciones en software privativo que pueden cargar en exceso, por ejemplo, los costes de arranque de una startup.

No hace mucho dedicamos algunos minutos a hablar, precisamente, de 5 alternativas en software libre a aplicaciones que usamos a diario y, aunque alguien pueda pensar que LibreOffice está muy por detrás de Microsoft Office, realmente, para un uso medio es una interesante alternativa que ya se usa en el Gobierno de Francia y, por ejemplo, en España el Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad regula el uso de estándares abiertos en los documentos que las Administraciones Públicas pongan a disposición de los ciudadanos.

Artículo completo

Usuarios de Windows 7 ya pueden probar Internet Explorer 10


Internet Explorer 10Siendo honestos, Internet Explorer no es un nombre grato para la mayoría de quienes tenemos alguna idea de tecnología. Pero, siendo justos, el navegador de Microsoft está haciendo méritos para que le demos una nueva oportunidad. La versión 10, que ya venía incluida en Windows 8, ha recibido buenos comentarios de parte de la prensa internacional y es -según un estudio de New Relix, una firma de estudio de rendimiento de software- el browser más rápido para cualquier versión de Windows.

Desde este martes, los usuarios de Windows 7 podrán descargarse una versión de prueba para echar un vistazo. Entre sus nuevas funcionalidades está la activación por defecto de la opción ‘do not track’, una mejor compatibilidad con estándares Web como HTML 5 y CSS3 y mejoras en el rendimiento y en la compatibilidad con pantallas táctiles, un formato no muy extendido en Windows 7, pero presente. Continuar leyendo «Usuarios de Windows 7 ya pueden probar Internet Explorer 10»

VentureBeat | News About Tech, Money and Innovation

Steve Ballmer makes case for total Windows domination


YouTube wins news innovation award — the day before Israel broadcasts an assassination almost live


Mobile developer Intellijoy partners with YogiPlay to improve its educational apps (exclusive)

computerworld.com | News….

Steven Sinofsky

Analysts see Windows 8 worries, ego clash in exit

Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s top Windows executive, abruptly left the company Monday, prompting a flurry reaction from long-time Microsoft watchers about why Sinofsky is gone and what happens now. Read more…

How Strong Is Your Password?

See on Scoop.itGabriel Catalano human being | #INperfeccion® a way to find new insight & perspectives



October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM 2012)

So what can you do? The idea of NCSAM is to help get the word out and to protect yourself.

It more important than ever to safely manage your passwords. Password theft has increased by 300% so far in 2012, and that trend will continue to grow. So how can you manage those passwords safely?

With social media, email, shopping, banking and dating, a lot of your life is online and on your phone. Each one of these applications uses a password to protect your sensitive data, but how do you keep them all straight?

Here are some tips from DHS.gov to share with friends, family and your social networks: Continuar leyendo «How Strong Is Your Password?»

Windows 8 Review – Complete Guide To New Features



Whenever Microsoft rotates the generation wheel of their operating system to rejuvenate it with latest enhancements, it takes some time to get accustomed to the newest member of the family. Just three years back Microsoft launched Windows 7, which to many, was deemed as the best Windows to date. Features like Libraries, Jump List, Aero Snap and Aero Glass gained instant popularity. And to be honest, it was what Vista should have been in the first place. However, time has finally arrived for Windows 8 to takeover its predecessor’s job. A job that doesn’t seem any easier this time around, as Microsoft has tried to make this latest version a desktop/tablet hybrid. Windows 8 brings a slew of changes to the table, in terms of OS usage experience as well as user interface, with all new Start Screen, Modern UI (Windows Store) apps, Tablet support, revamped Windows Explorer and what not. In short, the new OS is full of surprises. Let’s find out whether Windows 8 really deserves a place in our life or not.

Complete history


Patch Tuesday for October 2012 | by nakedsecurity.sophos.com

by Chester Wisniewski

Microsoft released seven bulletins this morning as part of its monthly patch program. Fortunately only one of the bulletins was rated critical, the remaining six received an important rating.
Patch Tuesday for October 2012

Two vulnerabilities are fixed in MS12-064, this months only critical bulletin. The flaws affect users of Microsoft Word and Word Viewer for Windows and can lead to remote code execution (RCE) if a victim were to open a booby-trapped document.

MS12-065 addresses an RCE vulnerability in Microsoft Works 9 and MS12-066 fixes an elevation of privilege (EoP) flaw in Microsoft Infopath, Sharepoint, Groove, Communicator and Lync. Continuar leyendo «Patch Tuesday for October 2012 | by nakedsecurity.sophos.com»

Time & Follow Through on Your Goals

Manage time and follow through

Work Awesome | Pooja Lohana

Several years ago, I moved to Silicon Valley to pursue a healthcare-related postgraduate degree. The first six months or so of school was the most rigorous academic experience I’ve ever had. Forty plus hours in the classroom per week plus study time crammed into short quarters was much more than I could handle.

After things started lightening up a bit, I began expanding my horizons in the local area. I started meeting people who were young like me, but working at some of the local famous tech companies. It seemed like everyone was incredibly busy at work but were always making time to meet with other people to talk about startup companies.

I soon started attending some of these meetings because my background was related to the tech industry. It wasn’t long after that when I decided I too wanted to try a startup.

I didn’t know where to begin so I started making a list of the most important things a startup needed. I started asking questions around venture-capital, fundraising, software development, and all the other things which can go into a new company. All of these things were great, but without a rock solid idea I didn’t think I’d have a chance of succeeding.

I partnered with a local entrepreneur who had experience building and selling companies. He also had experience in the healthcare space so we decided to do a healthcare startup. On top of all my personal responsibilities at school I spent long hours trying to manage my time and develop our idea into a fundable business.

It’s been a few years since we set everything in motion but now after countless hours of hard work we’re finally seeing the company take off.

It’s definitely been an interesting journey through the wilderness to get to where we are. We’ve had to set milestones and goals and work diligently to achieve them. Business plans don’t write themselves. Strategic partners aren’t formed on their own. Software coding doesn’t happen out of thin air. These must all be accomplished by making a target and aiming for it. If I had to sum it up in two things, I’d say I only succeeded in starting up my business because I learned to manage time and follow through my goals.

Manage Your Time…  Continuar leyendo «Time & Follow Through on Your Goals»

This Ultimate Toolbox helps customize your Android ROMs



Software modders know all too well that customizing an Android ROM can be a time consuming process – even for veteran users.

Fortunately, Despotovski01 of XDA Devs has coded the aptly named Ultimate Toolbox Pro to help fellow Android enthusiasts simplify their quest for the perfect mod.

As FallenWriter of XDA Devs notes, this utility helps eliminate the more tedious steps involved in customizing a ROM.

Key features include:

* Update.zip creator
* Update.zip signer
* Flash kernels
* Flash recovery images   >>> Continuar leyendo «This Ultimate Toolbox helps customize your Android ROMs


Increase Your PC’s RAM Speed Using Usb Drive

See on Scoop.itGabriel Catalano the name of the game

Tired of your slow old Computer ? But Now After Reading This Story You People Surely Gonna Make Your Computer Faster In Performance.

Don’t blame ur poor PC if it has little RAM . It’s not hard to turn an extra USB stick lying around that’s collecting dust into extra memory for your computer, allowing it to run speedier and manage more applications better.

Upgrad your computer’s RAM can be a little costly . Windows Vista introduced a useful new feature called ReadyBoost.

ReadyBoost has a unique ability to transform ordinary flash based memory into newfound memory for your computer.

These days, USB flash drives are cheap and easy to find, giving you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your memory.


This Trick Is Valid For Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Steps >>>>  Continuar leyendo «Increase Your PC’s RAM Speed Using Usb Drive»

La importancia del título o asunto de tus emails



Llevamos años usando el email y sin embargo, seguimos teniendo un problema con la gestión de los emails que recibimos. Parece raro por lo menos que usando el email como una de nuestras principales formas de comunicación, a diario y en casi todos los ámbitos de nuestra vida, aún hoy sea un gran dolor de cabeza para muchas personas.

Uno de los detalles en los que muchos no reparan es el del asunto (subject en inglés) del email, y sin embargo es uno de los más importantes para la transmisión del mensaje, el desarrollo de la conversación y las búsquedas posteriores.

Mira los emails no leídos de tu bandeja de entrada. Probablemente haya muchos (sí, es un mal de nuestro tiempo), pero ahora detente en los títulos de esos emails. Seguramente tu vista irá rápidamente a algunos y leerás primero esos, o entenderás mejor un mensaje cuando haya tenido un buen asunto o subject. El subject o asunto permite preparar al destinatario del email sobre lo que va a leer a continuación, y eso puede agilizar mucho la comprensión del mensaje, la toma de acción o evitar malentendidos posteriores.

Qué tener en cuenta para titular un email Continuar leyendo «La importancia del título o asunto de tus emails»

Instagrille, el cliente de escritorio para disfrutar de Instagram


La llegada de Instagram a Android y su posterior compra por parte de Facebook supusieron un renacimiento para esta red social en la que los usuarios pueden compartir fotografías (realizadas desde sus *smartphones) que pueden editar sobre la marcha (aplicando alguno de los filtros disponibles). Hasta su llegada a Android, Instagram estaba únicamente disponible en iOS y, salvo algunos servicios que usaban el API, el acceso a esta red social está enfocado para hacerlo desde dispositivos móviles aunque, poco a poco, han ido surgiendo múltiples servicios y extensiones que nos abren Instagram al navegador de nuestro equipo de escritorio. Si somos usuarios de equipos con Windows, también tenemos laposibilidad de acceder a Instagram desde una aplicación de escritorio usandoInstagrille.


¿Y qué es Instagrille? Continuar leyendo «Instagrille, el cliente de escritorio para disfrutar de Instagram»


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