How to Stay On Track for Your Goals

Written by Ali Luke -

What big goals do you have at the moment? Perhaps you’re trying to lose weight, get fit, write a book, redecorate the house, or start your own business. Maybe you’re tackling several different goals all at once.

Often, it’s easy to feel motivated and inspired at the start of a new goal: we start new diets on Mondays, or begin new years’ resolutions on January 1st, and things go smoothly for a few days. Sadly, that initial enthusiasm soon wanes – and it’s easy to end up abandoning our goals.

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Digital Health

by Audrey | The digital revolution 
continues.  Music, television, books, shopping, politics, 
and now… health care

The health industry is poised to be next in the ever-growing list of industrial sectors to be transformed by digital technology.

Already there are electronic medical records, EKGs for smartphones, personal trainer apps, and calorie counters galore! But innovation in health care is booming as innovators launch applications and technologies that make health care more convenient, efficient, and affordable. Here are some of the key trends we see shaping up in the space.

1. Weight loss plans go digital.

Many of us are already familiar with the plethora of apps that promise to give us a healthier lifestyle. Motivational weight loss apps and calorie counters are in no short supply. Take, for example, Skimble’s Workout Trainer app that allows the user to follow along to professional workout routines using their mobile, iPad, or Apple TV.


Workout Trainer App

Fitbit, the new Nike+ Fuel Band, and Up by Jawbone are also capitalizing on this movement. All three devices monitor consumers’ energy and activity levels and upload the findings to their mobile device. The mobile apps help users keep track of the findings over time, inspiring people to live healthier lifestyles.


8 Steps to Free Up More Free Time

We are always looking for ways to make more productive use of our time. Do you always seem to be playing catch up? Do you end your day with a longer to-do list than you started? Are you stressed over how you spend your time? Here are eight steps you can take right now to help regain control of your clock.

Eliminate time wasters. At the top of the list is television. The average American watches 5 hours of TV a day. That equals an incredible 6 full days in front of the tube each month. What could you do with an extra 6 days this month? Turn off the television and find out.

Cut back on possessions. Bigger living spaces and more stuff come with a double price: the cost to purchase them and the time to maintain them. A simpler lifestyle frees up time previously spent on vacuuming, fixing, and replacing. If taken far enough, you may be able to work less because you are buying less stuff. Seguir leyendo “8 Steps to Free Up More Free Time”

Re-Defining Your Path to Success

Why do so many people fall short of their goals, even when they actively prepare and plot out a course of action?  The answer is surprisingly simple.

Our motivations are flawed.

Oh, we formulate our plans well enough.  We envision the end results.  We plan our steps out carefully.  But there is one crucial element that we often forget.  And that is our motivation.  Or, more importantly, the fact that our individual motivations are based on words, and that these words have meanings.

This probably doesn’t surprise you.  Of course words have meanings.  There are entire dictionaries that prove that fact.

But I’m not talking about meanings in the literal sense.  I’m talking about meanings in the personal sense.  For many of us, words carry several layers of contextual meaning and association in addition to their literal meanings.  And this little fact, hidden in plain sight, is often the thread that unravels many of our best-laid plans. Seguir leyendo “Re-Defining Your Path to Success”