Código abierto del navegador Isis de HP lleva 40,000 descargas





Hace tiempo HP dijo que su sistema operativo webOS está en proceso para ser código abierto (Open webOS)en busca de que terceros le den vida y forma a un ecosistema digital fallido.

Open webOS se supone que estará disponible en septiembre de este año. Aún así HP ya está liberando cosas para que la gente vaya trabajando en sus proyectos. Uno de los más recientes fue el código fuente de Isis, el navegador  de webOS, el cual desde su salida se ha descargado 40,000 veces.

En caso de que estés interesado en Isis, debes descargarlo de la página del proyecto, puedes seguir el blog de HP webOS para noticias, actualizaciones, mientras que apoyo técnico e información se encuentra en el github de Isis.

Link: HP libera el código de su navegador web Isis y cosecha 40.000 descargas (Portaltic)


Exclusive: Google Launches Style Guide for Android Developers

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Image via CrunchBase
By Mike Isaac

Matias Duarte, the head of user experience at Android, aims to change the way developers design for the platform.

LAS VEGAS — Matias Duarte is a man who loves a challenge.

It’s part of why he took his current job at Google, leading the Android operating system team as head of user experience. In a nutshell, he is the man tasked with making sure Android looks, feels, and performs as smoothly as possible. And it is not an easy job.

“Designing an open mobile operating system — and doing it really well — that’s never happened before in human history,” Duarte tells me, leaning forward in his chair and sipping from a cup of tea as we spoke in the garish hallway of a hotel on the Vegas strip earlier this week. He is visibly excited, seemingly up to the task when I note how big the challenge is. “I’ve done the closed thing before,” he says, referring to his days at Palm working on the webOS operating system. “And I’d like to think I did it well.” Seguir leyendo “Exclusive: Google Launches Style Guide for Android Developers”

Palm introduces webOS 2.0


Palm has finally released a beta version of its webOS 2.0 SDK. The latest iteration of the operating system boasts some really sweet features, so come on in and check them out!

Yes, we’re talking advanced multi-tasking, universal search, Synergy and (seriously) slick HTML 5 enhancements.

Although its too early to say for certain, it certainly seems as if Palm is gearing up to seriously challenge Apple (iOs), Google (Android) and RIM (Blackberry) with a really tricked-out OS and accompanying UI.

Palm introduces webOS 2.0 Interested? Check out some of these highlights, you won’t be disappointed.

Stacks: Next-gen multi-tasking

WebOS 2.0 takes multi-tasking to the next level by grouping related “cards” (or apps) in stacks, reducing clutter and making it easier to move quickly between tasks.

For example, webOS 2.0 automatically stacks cards for you when it makes sense, and you can also drag and drop cards to manage stacks yourself.

Just Type: Quick Actions

Simply start an email, create a message, update your status, search your favorite websites — all without having to launch a single app. Seguir leyendo “Palm introduces webOS 2.0”

HP Trademarks PalmPad – iPad Competitor in the Works

Written by Curt Hopkins

Back in May we asked, “Is HP Launching a Tablet With Palm’s webOS?” Now it looks like we can answer that question.

Yes. Yes it is.

On July 9, Hewlett-Packard registered “PalmPad” as a trademark. It looks like HP’s long-term plan of developing a tablet computer is proceeding apace. With a little luck, it might be even be credible up against the elephant in the room. Seguir leyendo “HP Trademarks PalmPad – iPad Competitor in the Works”

73% Of Android Users Are Male

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Image via CrunchBase

Google’s Android mobile operating system is predominantly owned by males when compared with other smartphones on the market. The result comes from AdMob’s latest Mobile Metrics Report which revealed that 73% of Android users are male. On the other hand, owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch and Palm platforms has a more even male-to-female ratio. Despite the evenness, males were still the majority on those devices, accounting for 54% to 58% of the users. Seguir leyendo “73% Of Android Users Are Male”