7 Useful Resources to Help You Learn HTML5

Even though HTML5 is relatively new and it’s not supported yet by all major browsers, it is being used now by a lot of web designers and developers. Without a doubt, HTML5 is going to play a big part in the way we develop on the web, for many years to come. As I just mentioned, many people are using it now, but there are also many of you out there that hasn’t touched it yet. Now is a good time to start learning it. So, in order to give you a helping hand with that task, we’ve rounded up 7 Useful Resources to Help you Learn HTML5. Seguir leyendo “7 Useful Resources to Help You Learn HTML5”

The State of HTML5 Apps

by Alex Kessinger

The State of HTML5 Apps

We’re at the brink of shifts in the way we do things. The monks who have been toiling away on these new pieces of machinery are coming out of the monolith and starting to spread the word to the people. You might have seen my tutorial on creating an HTML5 iPhone app, highlighting the possibilities of open standards, client-side applications that leverage technologies we’ve traditionally used for websites and web apps.

Recently, Apple announced its HTML5 expose (however failed). Respected web design consultant and author, Eric Meyer, has started talking about the concept of Web Stacks — and we’re in a situation not unlike the beginnings of Ajax: A few people are already doing it, but we haven’t fully put it out in the open yet, and we certainly don’t know what to call what we’re doing.

My own HTML5 projects have been presenting their own questions, and I felt like I needed to take a step back and set a stage so that I could make sure that I understand where all these disparate pieces fit. Seguir leyendo “The State of HTML5 Apps”