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We’ve talked about how important it is for brands to be Socially Devoted. Well, some brands have taken the challenge and amped up their social media customer care!

When we first launched Socially Devoted, an industry standard that measures social media customer care, we were faced with dismal numbers. Overall, 70% of Facebook questions were ignored! However, after challenging brands to become more Socially Devoted, overall response rates increased from 30% in Q2 to 55% in Q4. We’d like to mention some brands that definitely have something to be proud about when it comes to social customer care.

Walmart Takes the Leap Toward Socially Devoted

Walmart has an incredibly active Facebook Page. Only a half a year ago they were ignoring 8 794 customer questions per quarter. It looks like their team really took up the challenge because in Q4 they left only 143 questions unanswered! Leer más “Improving Facebook Response Rates – Walmart Did it, How Can You? // Thnx to”

La historia del diseño del logo “Smiley” |

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El smiley es uno de los símbolos más conocidos a nivel internacional: puede encontrárselo por doquier en nuestra vida cotidiana, en merchandising, productos de la cultura popular, e incluso lo utilizamos comunmente como emoticon en servicios de chat online para expresar nuestro estado de ánimo. Pero ¿Cuál es el origen del diseño del smiley? Leer más “La historia del diseño del logo “Smiley” |”

Why Price Isn’t the Biggest Factor on Big Deals | Inc. | - The Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs

Most deals aren’t won on price alone. Align your value proposition with your buyer’s strategic needs and the deal will get bigger and possibly better.This is an excerpt from Tom Searcy’s latest book, “How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett—Lessons from the World’s Greatest Dealmaker” written with Henry DeVries and published by McGraw-Hill, available now.

When Walmart sold Warren Buffett their McLane Company Division, which was valued at $22 billion in 2003 at the time of the sale, they made a choice they never made before—to sell a part of the company.  Was it the money? A fair question, but Walmart has plenty of money—and although the $1.45 billion cash acquisition price was a nice chunk of change—the real reason was strategic benefit.

McLane was well run, profitable and successful, but it was still the ugly stepsister of the family. It had razor-thin margins and it’s ability to grow was limited because competitors to Walmart were wary about contributing in any way to the success of their biggest rival. McLane was the weakest link in the chain for Walmart. Buffett’s transaction was quick and easy and it brought an independence that would allow investments and revenues for McLane to grow without negatively impacting Walmart’s balance sheet. This was addition by subtraction.

An outright auction may have been more financially beneficial in the short run, but Walmart wanted to keep the capability of McLane as a part of its supply and distribution.

What do you bring to a customer’s strategy? Leer más “Why Price Isn’t the Biggest Factor on Big Deals | Inc. |”

Walmart vende 5 mil artículos por segundo durante el Black Friday



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Black Friday

Estados Unidos.- Previo a las festividades navideñas, el Black Friday en Estados Unidos, fue nuevamente el motivo para que millones de ciudadanos americanos abarrotaran tiendas como Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Sears, etcétera para adquirir diversos productos con grandes descuentos. Siendo Walmart una de las cadenas de tiendas con mejores ventas, con un promedio de 5 mil articulos por segundo.

Notas sobre mercadotecnia:
Inicia el Black Friday y Cyber Monday en Estados Unidos
Michoacán desaprovecha el mercado Chino

Aunque aún no se cuentan con cifras oficiales en su totalidad, la National Retail Federation (NRF) pronosticó que habrá un aumento de 4.1 por ciento en ventas durante esta edición del Black Friday en comparación con el del 2011. Estas cifras representan un promedio de 586 mil 100 millones de dólares en ganancias.

Leer más “Walmart vende 5 mil artículos por segundo durante el Black Friday”

QR codes encourage more recycling
QR Codes help encourage recycling

The Whangarei District Council in New Zealand is using mobile and prizes to boost their programs.

A new promotion from the Whangarei District Council in New Zealand is taking a mobile friendly approach to promoting the use of its recycling program by using QR codes to give people the chance to win prizes when they recycle properly.

The six week program will run until December 3, to draw attention to the new permanent bins.

The permanent recycling bins will be located on the city streets, as well as one at Tutukaka on the foreshore. They will each feature QR codes that can be scanned by smartphone using recyclers, so that they can enter into draws that win points that will earn different types of prizes.

The QR codes recycling campaign is joining the “It’s a Karma thing” campaign by Love NZ.

The council has joined forces with the Love NZ campaign program called “It’s a Karma thing”, which allows QR codes and GPS technology to be used for scanning bin codes in order to earn larger numbers of “Karma Kredits.”

Leer más “QR codes encourage more recycling”

The Meaning of Like

See on Scoop.itGabriel Catalano the name of the game

This Infographic by Symphony Teleca shows that consumers rely on peer recommendations: Links to user-generated content on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest) make up a quarter of the search results for the top 20 brands in the world.

In response to that growing number, 85 % of people have already anticipated changes in their buying behavior.

Customer reviews, questions and answers, internet forums and user-generated videos are the social and community tools that influence consumers the most.

This Infographic also shows how mobile devices, real-time access to review sites and social networks impact consumers’ buying decisions and overall retail experience. Leer más “The Meaning of Like”

¿Puede la publicidad cambiar el mundo? | via


¿Puede la publicidad cambiar el mundo? Según Jeff Rosenblum, co-fundador de la agenciaQuestus, la respuesta es sí; para probar este punto, co-escribió y co-dirigió un documental sobre las marcas que han entendido este poder, crean mejores productos, ayudan al planeta y dicen la verdad en su publicidad.

El documental The Naked Brand, que se presentará este mes en festivales de cine y conferencias de marketing, no presenta a clientes de Questus, pero sí incluye entrevistas a ejecutivos de grandes empresas como UnileverPatagonia,PepsiCo y Zappos, además de personalidades como Shaquille O’Neal.

Todos ellos comparten sus experiencias y filosofía detrás de sus políticas. La tesis del documental es que, en la era de la comunicación y la tecnología, es imposible que una empresa ofrezca un mal producto o incurra en comportamientos poco éticos, porque la gente se dará cuenta eventualmente. Así lo resume Keith Weed, CEO de Unilever: “En el mundo digital, una marca es juzgada por lo que dice, pero también por lo que hace. La publicidad puede presentarle una marca a los consumidores, pero finalmente será juzgada por sus actos”. Leer más “¿Puede la publicidad cambiar el mundo? | via”