NFC technology proves popular amongst university students
NFC Technology in clothing

NFC technology being used for more than commerce

There are many uses for NFC technology that extend beyond the world of commerce. Before the technology became the backbone of mobile commerce, for instance, it was used in marketing to provide consumers with engaging experiences. Now, the technology is becoming more popular in the world of security because of its uses in access control. Ironically, NFC technology is currently surrounded by controversy concerning its security and how it can be easily exploited. The security industry has only ever seen these concerns justified in regards to commerce, however, meaning that the technology may be well suited for other purposes.

NFC-enabled sleeves serve as new form of access control

Both the University of San Francisco and the Villanova University have launched pilot projects concerning NFC technology and access control. These projects make use of NFC-enabled sleeves for an iPhone, developed by Ingresoll Rand. These sleeves are meant to provide students with access to certain areas of a campus as well as allow them to make use of some of the amenities that can be found therein. Thus far, students have shown a great deal of support for the NFC-sleeves now donning their smart phones and want to see more NFC services pop up around campus.

Sleeves currently only available for iPhone device Leer más “NFC technology proves popular amongst university students”

Got a Good Business Idea? Here’s How You’ll Know

4. It solves a problem. The problem should be significant and something that impacts a large group of people. “If there aren’t a lot of people who have the problem or if it is not a problem that people really care about solving, move on,” said Gordon Adomdza, assistant professor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group, at Northeastern University. He points to Facebook, which tackled asynchronous connectivity, and Google, which addressed the problem of search. “Since the problems are big, there is room for the company to revise its offering, innovate its business model and still be in business even when customer needs change,” Adomdza said. “Because the problem is big, the company can still survive by pivoting within the space.”

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There is no shortage of business ideas, but so few get off the ground. What separates the long-lasting endeavors from those that have a quick expiration date? BusinessNewsDaily spoke to some experts to get a read on the factors that are common in business ideas that take off.

1. It is innovative or offers a twist on an existing product or service. Opening the next pizza joint in a strip mall that already has two pizza parlors is not a formula for success, unless you plan to offer something the others have missed.

“Being new or first is not enough,” said Jose Palomino, founder and CEO of Value Prop Interactive, a consulting firm, and an adjunct professor of marketing at Villanova University. “The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player, but it defined the category. Being innovative or new doesn’t work if your product doesn’t matter to anyone.”

It doesn’t always pay to be first to market with a product, experts say. “It is not necessarily the person who gets their idea to market first that wins,” said Karen Russo, president of IIPE, an international candidate and name generation firm, and K. Russo Consulting, an executive search and human resources consulting firm. Think BlackBerry being eclipsed by other smartphones that followed. “Sometimes, it is better to sit back and learn from others before jumping in,” she said. Leer más “Got a Good Business Idea? Here’s How You’ll Know”