Paul Dano: Let Your Experiences Surprise You

by Sarah Rapp

As far as being “Hollywood” goes, actor Paul Dano doesn’t indulge the stereotype for a second. Relaxed, generally unconcerned, and a self-proclaimed homebody, he’s able to maintain a healthy diet of three or four films a year, and find ample time to hang out in his Brooklyn neighborhood. How? He just doesn’t worry too much about it all. Dano pays attention to the senses, knowing to say yes when he feels “lit up,” and from there, giving himself the freedom to ride out the experience.As a creative, Dano is of the “ebb and flow” philosophy, allowing himself to obsess over work and let sanity fly out the window during filming, only to return home to sleep in, catch a pickup game with friends, and consider his next move.

Following his intuition has served him well. Aside from his stunning turn in P.T. Anderson’s There Will Be Blood, Dano recently voiced the lovable goat in Where the Wild Things Are, and played opposite Zoey Deschanel in the art-house film Gigantic. This summer, he’ll appear as the dapper – not to mention lingerie-wearing – lead in The Extra Man, based on the book by Jonathan Ames. Leer más “Paul Dano: Let Your Experiences Surprise You”