Google Voice Voicemail Transcription Partially Useful, Unintentionally Hilarious

One of the benefits of Google Voice is voicemail transcription. I’m particularly bad about checking voicemail so I loved having this as an option. Here is the complete text of a voicemail I received on Friday:

Hi David, show look like early evening on Friday. Hope you guys are doing well.
Wanted to catch up with you. Well, I’ll try and I know, we’re having tons getting, in reply to that
and would love to try that dosomething with you guys so wanted to see what your schedules like
the conclusion make that work, so give us a call. I’m going to make this my phone calls now
and if you have a pretty wiped out. I think wemight just try to watch a movie later or something
but but give me a try. And if you had left not getting. We directly and how that he says clear
sense of times of might work of that and let me know, otherwisewe’ll just talk to soon, okay.
Take care bye bye.


I recently gave Google Voice another shot. I was an early user that never used it much, partially because I didn’t like my phone number much.

I checked it out again and paid $10 to switch my number to something more memorable. You can even search for number strings in your preferred area code, like any numbers with 1111 in it or some memorable sequence. Leer más “Google Voice Voicemail Transcription Partially Useful, Unintentionally Hilarious”