Top analyst tweeters (via TweetLevel)

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Who are the analysts who use Twitter the most effectively?

Using SageCircle’s excellent database combined with a good number of my own I have used TweetLevel to understand who are the most important analysts on Twitter. These names are included on the following Twitter list – link

This unique tool compiles twitter data from over 30 sources and feeds the data through an algorithm to rank an individual according to four weightings:

  1. Popularity (i.e. How many people follow you)
  2. Influence (i.e. What you say is interesting, relevant and many people listen)
  3. Engaged (i.e. You actively participate within your community)
  4. Trusted (i.e. People believe what you say)

Of course, the explanation above is a simplified definition of a complex algorithm(the full methodology of this is shown at the bottom of this post).


How TweetLevel can be used?

I use this list by looking at a micro topic area (such as SaaS) and understand who out of the 950+ analysts on Twitter are the ones that truly use this as a conversation tool. I am normally left with ten names who I now know are critical to engage with. What counts is that if my analysts use Twitter as a medium to engage in conversations then I need to know who they are and take part in the discussion with them.

(Blatant self-promotion – if you want me to sort a list for you that is automatically updated for your specific area (that can be as broad or as specific as you want – from BI to Starbucks) then let me know.) Leer más “Top analyst tweeters (via TweetLevel)”