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If you own a small business, you know it’s not always easy to figure out where you should or should not be spending your time on social media.

This is especially true for B2Bs, whose target audience on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is much different than B2Cs or nonprofit organizations. The challenge for B2Bs is figuring out how to build an engaged audience when clients and prospects are trying to do the same with their own fans and followers.

It’s not always an easy task. But a new study this week, could provide insight into which networks are driving the best results for B2Bs when it comes to attracting new leads and generating new business opportunities.

Plus, if you feel like your Facebook Page reach has been higher than usual this week, it probably has—thanks to a recent fix to Facebook Insights.

Read about these top stories and much, much more in this week’s marketing news roundup.

1. Study: Facebook Page reach rises 31% after insight bug fix

If you manage a Facebook Page, you may have noticed an alert from Facebook in the last week explaining a bug in Facebook Insights. According to Facebook, the problem which was identified last week, has affected data for reach and impressions.

This week, a new study from EdgeRank Checker found that the fix is having a bigger impact than some may have expected. According to the study, which looked at 1,000 Facebook Pages before and after the bug was fixed, there was an average increase of 31% for total reach. Other key metrics like Organic Reach and Viral Reach have also seen big improvements—up 41% and 275% respectively.

Bottom Line: While it’s only been a week since Facebook resolved the problem, these early results are a welcome sign for Facebook Page owners.

Full article here 🙂

In the last year, Facebook has taken a lot of heat over its EdgeRank algorithm. On average, each post you share on Facebook will reach less than 16% of your total fan base. For a small business that’s invested months, if not years into building that fan base, it’s understandable that you may have some frustrations when it becomes difficult to reach your target audience.

That’s why it’s so important to extend the communication you have with your audience beyond Facebook and take ownership of your contacts so you can communicate on your own terms.

Last month, I sat down with Constant Contact Social Media Specialist Danielle Cormier to find out how small businesses can keep up with all these Facebook changes. Check out what she had to say.

2. For B2Bs, Twitter gets the best social leads

A new report from Optify, shows that for B2B small businesses, Twitter is the most effective social network when it comes to generating new leads.

According to the report, which analyzed 62 million site visits, 215 million page views, and 350,000 leads in 2012, Twitter accounted for 82% of all social media-originated leads, while Facebook accounted for only 9%.

When it comes to generating traffic, it was Facebook that outperformed all social networks—with 54% of traffic coming from Facebook Pages, 32% from Twitter, and just 14% from LinkedIn.

Bottom Line: Whether you own a B2B, B2C, or run a nonprofit—picking the right social networks for your small business starts with understanding where your audience is engaging online.

While studies like these provide a helpful benchmark to work from, they should not provide a cut and dry solution to which sites you should or should not be using.

For a better idea of what each of these sites has to offer, check out our free guide, Get Started Building Your Social Media Presence.

3. Foursquare opens up to non-members

Foursquare announced this week that it will now make it easier for non-Foursquare members to access information on its site and mobile app.

With the new Share button, Foursquare will allow its current members to share links to restaurants, stores, or other locations with friends who are not currently Foursquare members.

Bottom Line: Foursquare Pages are rich with the type of information consumers rely on when making purchasing decisions. Over the last few months, Foursquare has taken steps to make that information more readily available to non-Foursquare members.

Today, it’s more important than ever to make sure the information people find on sites like Foursquare is accurate and up-to-date. This is especially true if you own a restaurant and have a menu that’s listed different locations.

Find out how one restaurant makes sure every online menu stays the same, from review sites to social networks.

Full article here 🙂 | Top stories

Building a Crowd: Make Sure Your Book Has Readers Before You Publish


by Sean Blanda
Ilustration: Oscar Ramos Orozco
It’s happened to most writers: we toil on a project for weeks, obsessing over every word. Then, when it comes time to release our work to the wild, we brace ourselves for everyone to sit up and take notice but instead … nothing happens. Why do some writing projects take off, while others never get off the ground?Occasionally, it’s luck. But mostly it’s because the savviest writers have already ensured there is a built-in group waiting in anticipation on the other side.Call it the «anti-marketing» plan: by building genuine connections with readers we can dramatically improve the chances of success and make the creative process more fun. As a bonus, when done correctly, community building efforts are cumulative – work hard to win over a supporter and you likely have a fan for years.Below we outline the steps to building an audience with the help and advice of a handful of industry experts.

1. You exist in a marketplace. Prepare to humble yourself.

We’re often deceived by the Hollywood narrative of being suddenly «discovered» and subsequently rocketing to notoriety. Chances are, we won’t run in to a literary agent at Starbucks who wants to hand us a three-book contract and arm us with a team of publicists.

Call it the ‘anti-marketing’ plan: by building genuine connections with readers we can dramatically improve the chances of success
As a result, many writers play the «publishing lottery,» blindly hoping that readers will magically gravitate to their work and, when they do, they’ll be so enamored with the book that they will feel immediately compelled to tell the world. Though some people get lucky, building an audience of readers typically takes months of research and trial-and-error.»Most people don’t do any research into their target audience, they are either too cocky or too scared,» says Dan Blank, founder of We Grow Media and advisor to authors and publishers about the best ways to get started building a community.Remember that you exist in a marketplace, and your job is to figure out where you fit iny testing who your audience is and what content resonates with them. With some up-front preparation work, you’ll save hours of heartache later.

But remember: «People can smell inauthentic community building a mile away,» says Pamela Slim, author of the blog and book Escape from Cubicle Nation. «Create something that means something to you and means something to your audience. If you’re in doubt about that, I’d suggest a different topic.»

2.Your goal will help put your work in context…  Continuar leyendo «Building a Crowd: Make Sure Your Book Has Readers Before You Publish»

Social Media Monitoring for Business |

Social Media MonitoringSocial Media Monitoring is one of the most crucial and unavoidable key step in managing a successful social media marketing campaign and growing a relationship with your customers. It helps businesses to keep up with all relevant social media activity.

So how can social media monitoring help a business?

Be a caring organization, Listen and Engage:

Track conversations in real time: What people say about your product or services and where they say it? Helps business identity target audience and the channels they use to communicate.

Engage with customers: Helps interact with customers in real-time to develop a stronger bond with their customers. The strength of the relationship with a customer can help determine brand loyalty.

Full article..

How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy that Rocks | Written by Jeff Bullas

Jeffbullas’s Blog


There are many bloggers and brands that just leap onto Twitter, setup an account and start  tweeting. This random approach is fine if you are a person that is doing tweeting for fun and you want to share your rambling rantings to any Joe that  wants to leap into your stream and share sweet nothings.

Don’t be blinded by the shiny new Twitter tool, it needs to be used wisely and if you put in place a planned strategy it will deliver results that will delight and amaze.

The principles of a coherent marketing strategy should not be discarded because social media mania has turned your brain to mush. Twitter in the right hands with the right plan and approach is a very sharp marketing tool.

Twitter is the Perfect Marketing Channel for Bloggers

Top bloggers have now realized that Twitter is a very effective and highly leveraged social media marketing platform to engage with a highly targeted audience and a channel that drives traffic and adds to and enhances their current marketing.

Twitter provides you with a potential audience of over 220 million but those that are interested in your topic of choice will be a subset of that big number. Finding that audience whether it be car lovers, or fashion tragics will be an important component of your strategy as well as achieving goals that are included in your plans.

So Where do you Start?

There are some Twitter basics that are vital when setting up your Twitter account

1. Create a Twitter account that has the same name as your blog domain

2. Include a link to your blog in your settings

3. Include your location

4. Upload a logo or photo that is consistent with your blog branding

5. Include a Twitter background that suits your brand image

6. Include a description in your Twitter settings that include “key words” that are congruent with your blog topic that Google will like.

So you have set up your account which has the  essentials completed, it’s now time to create a Twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter Marketing Strategy Blueprint… Continuar leyendo «How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy that Rocks | Written by Jeff Bullas»

Are You Making These Online Advertising Mistakes?

The Conclusion

Now that you know some of the more common mistakes that marketers make with their online advertising you should now be prepared to go out there and advertise like you never have before. As I’m sure you already know, there’s a lot of opportunity available through the different ways you can advertise online, but first you need to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

If you want three easy things to remember the next time you’re ready to throw down some money on online advertising, here they are:

Test, test, test and then test some more. You should always be testing to find out what’s working and what’s not.
Be sure to try out different advertising sources. Ad platforms like Facebook Ads and AdWords are a given, but you should also try out others sources like buying direct, email newsletters and social sites like Reddit or StumbleUpon.
Know your ROI goals (especially identifying the right “R”) and always have a way to know if and how much value advertising is creating for your business.
About the Author: Ryan Hupfer is the Customer BFF at isocket and and is oddly passionate about supercharging direct ad sales for both advertisers and publishers. Be sure to say hey to me on Twitter at @hup.


Let’s face it – even though online advertising can sometimes be a dirty word, most web businesses can really benefit from it. Online advertising is a powerful way to get your message in front of a specific audience in a relevant and actionable way and there’s not a whole lot of knowledge or know-how you need to get started. Just a little bit of cash and some keywords and you’re off to the races.

But just because you can get an ad campaign running with little to no effort doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it right. In fact, I would say that many advertisers are missing the boat when it comes to getting the most out their advertising dollars – and with just a few small changes here and there they could be getting a much bigger impact out of their advertising efforts.

The following list of faux pas are what I’ve found to be the most common things marketers are missing when running online advertising campaigns. None of the following best practices are super complicated or hard to figure out, but they do take some time and attention to get right. As you’ll see from the list below, online advertising is all about trying different types of ads, testing a lot and tracking everything. Once you get all of these things working together you’ll start to see your advertising efforts pay off more than ever.

1. You’re only trying one source of online advertising

There are more ways to advertise online than you can probably handle, so what’s a marketer to do? My advice would be to not throw your money around and try out everything, but to find and try the ones you feel are most worth your time and focus on those first.

I would highly suggest starting out with AdWordsFacebook and doing some direct buys on specific websites. It won’t take you long to get started with the first two since they’re both completely self-service. With AdWords you’ll target your ads based on search or content keywords while Facebook will be targeted based on audience interests and demographic information.

With the direct buys you can contact the websites via email or use to find and buy advertising directly from the websites that best fit your audience.

Once you give each of those a good run you can also add some more non-traditional advertising options into the mix like LinkedInReddit and StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. If you feel like your target audience is likely to be found through one of those sites, then it’s worth testing out and it won’t take a whole lot of additional effort on your end.

LinkedIn ads are similar to Facebook’s in the fact that they’re targeted to the information that’s available on someone’s profile like age, work experience or company. Reddit ads are unique to their community and could be a great fit if you’re looking to get exposure for a product or service that’s funny, entertaining or geeky.  StumbleUpon Paid Discovery is a way to get whatever you’re pitching into the StumbleUpon community with hopes that it could go viral. Just be sure to choose the right category when submitting your paid submission because if you don’t your campaign will go nowhere fast.

How to start with big or small budgetsContinuar leyendo «Are You Making These Online Advertising Mistakes?»


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