Who is Using Twitter?


Written by   jeffbullas.com

Twitter is the mysterious online cousin to the mobile text message and has always been branded with strange names.Who is using Twitter

Twitter users have often been associated with  terms such as  Twits, Tweeps and Twerps and have hidden their tweetingidiosyncrasies from friends and family. Like an alcoholic hides their bottles.

The 140 character limit has been cast as not necessary in a world of “Big Data”, where saying a lot is valued more than saying less.

I have often been asked to explain what Twitter means at dinner parties and one of my favorite phrases has been

It is like a SMS on Steroids

Its brevity is its charm and strength.

Is the Younger Generation Using Twitter?

In 2010 I was lecturing at the International College of Management to a class of 18 to 24 year old students.

I asked who was on Twitter and only one had the courage to own up in front of their peers.

Fast forward 18 months and a different class but with the same demographics, I asked the same question, instead of one hand I saw five.

It appears that Twitter is gaining acceptance amongst the millennial generation.

Is my “very” scientific research supported?

According to the Pew Research Center’s Study it is and here are some of the facts and figures.

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Teenagers Sick Of Blogging & Tweeting

A new study by Pew Internet found that there is a decline in blogging and an increase in the usage of social networking sites, with the exception of Twitter, amongst teenagers and young adults. The decline in blogging and blog commenting have been going since 2006.

Pew Internet found that 73% of 12-17 year olds are avid social networkers; which is very high. On these sites, they were found to be posting pictures, commenting on status updates and even using it as another form of Instant Messengers. Leer más “Teenagers Sick Of Blogging & Tweeting”