Heineken: Ibiza Final 2013 – @heineken

What better way to end the UEFA Champions League season than during the opening of the summer party season? Heineken invited a group of lucky prize winners to join the likes of Rio Ferdinand and Paul van Dyk to watch the Bayern vs Dortmund final in Ibiza.

See you next year at the Heineken Ibiza Final!

Music: Hit and Run feat. Maruja – Electric Stars
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The fastest and furious Malaysia – thnxz to @redbullracing

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Malaysian Pit Stop.jpg

Red Bull la Marca mejor trabajada en todos medios. Un 360 absoluto. Experiencia y puntos de contacto con el usuario… extremos!. INMHO @gabrielcatalano

Car data recorded the following stationary pit stop times (Malaysian Grand Prix 2013):

Sebastian Vettel Stop 1 (Lap 5): 2.13 seconds
Mark Webber Stop 1 (Lap 7): 2.13 seconds
Mark Webber Stop 2 (Lap 19): 2.05 seconds 
Mark Webber Stop 3 (Lap 31): 2.21 seconds
Mark Webber Stop 4 (Lap 43): 2.26 seconds

Stupiphanies: Lessons for leaders | portent.com

as it turns out, this gets my feet wet

Every now and then I have these epiphanies so blindingly obvious that, when I point them out, people look at me like I’m a hapless dolt.

I call these ‘stupiphanies.’ Most of mine relate to leadership, either as a parent or a CEO. A few I’ve had in the last month are particularly worth sharing:

Stupiphany 1: Taking care of yourself is part of your job

I’ve been working absurdly hard for about two months now: My daily schedule started at 5:30 AM and generally ended at 9:30 PM, with little or no break or pause, except on weekends, when I’d collapse in a stupor. I also logged roughly 30,000 miles in air travel in 6 weeks. I’m sure travel veterans pish posh such tiny numbers, but for me, that’s a lot.

If you’re a CEO or President or Dad or whatever, you may think that by working more, you’re doing more of your job.

Untrue. Part of every leader’s job is to remain upright when necessary, prone when healthy and sane at all times.

If you don’t, your body and mind have a funny way of saying, “Cut the crap, idiot.”

For me, this moment came Tuesday, in an indoor cycling training class I do. The coach put up a course for us to ride on our CompuTrainers and said “go.” If you know cyclists, you know that where there is more than one, it’s a race. Three of us launched into a testosterone-fueled slapfight. I, as the slowest, had to pedal my brains out to keep up.

At the end of the class, I blinked away the stars and spots and I climbed off my bike.

Crack, said some part of my anatomy below my knees.

What the hell was that, I wondered?

I’m your ankle, dumbass

My ankle didn’t actually say that, of course. Instead, it sent little needles up and down my right leg.

Verdict? Dunno. Something strained/sprained/split in a way I’ve never done before, for no particular reason.

Basically, my body said Enough, Ian. You want to go non-stop for weeks? Fine. But you’ll do it with a pronounced limp.

Thanks to my stupidity, I’m now missing our most excellent snow fort building competition tomorrow. I can’t lead my troops into brave and slushy battle, then hide behind them while giggling madly. Fail.

Taking care of yourself is part of your job. Do it. Otherwise your body will make you.

Stupiphany 2: You’re not everyone else…    Leer más “Stupiphanies: Lessons for leaders | portent.com”

3 Ways to Get More Time Out of Less

 |  | inc.com

You can achieve more in a constrained market without running your employees into the ground. These three steps will get your team focused on the work that really drives growth.

Across the country, businesses are being pushed to do more with less. Typically this has taken the shape of longer hours, later nights, and a big group of unhappy employees. Achieving in a constrained market should not mean spending more time at the office doing less exciting work; it means that you should stop wasting time.

There are three steps managers and staff can take toward a more efficient, more productive organization. By 1) identifying and focusing on your biggest priorities, 2) completing two objectives every week, and 3) outsourcing work, you will find a smoother running organization that employees are happy to contribute to every day.

1. Identify and focus on your biggest priorities. Leer más “3 Ways to Get More Time Out of Less”

El golf llega a las playas españolas de la mano de la RFEG


Iniciativa pionera de promoción del deporte del golf

. La RFEG pone en marcha una original campaña para acercar el deporte del golf a todos los ciudadanos aprovechando la época estival.

. La acción comenzará el próximo día 17 de julio en Galicia y recorrerá Asturias, Cantabria, País Vasco, Cataluña, Comunidad Valenciana y Murcia hasta el próximo 31 de agosto.

. Todos los interesados podrán acercarse al espacio de la RFEG para familiarizarse con este deporte y conseguir grandes descuentos para practicar en los campos de cada zona.

La Real Federación Española de GOLF (RFEG) presenta Golf en la Playa, una acción de promoción con la que pretende acercar a todos los ciudadanos este deporte, que actualmente cuenta con 310.000 federados. Para ello, visitará diversas playas españolas con divertidas actividades dirigidas a toda la familia. Leer más “El golf llega a las playas españolas de la mano de la RFEG”

Cristiano Ronaldo y Rafa Nadal se baten en duelo en la pista de tenis de la mano de Nike | Muy buenooo ;)


Nike une a dos auténticos “monstruos” del deporte en su nuevo spot. El futbolista Cristiano Ronaldo y el tenista Rafa Nadal se ven en las caras en la pista de tenis en el nuevo anuncio de la marca estadounidense de artículos deportivos.

El spot, creado por la agencia Wieden + Kennedy, promociona las nuevas botas de fútbolMercurial Vapor VIII. Producido por Rogue Pictures, el anuncio se difundirá exclusivamente en internet.

¿Cristiano Ronaldo o Rafa Nadal? Si quiere conocer al ganador del intenso duelo planteado por Nike en su nueva campaña, salga de dudas aquí… Leer más “Cristiano Ronaldo y Rafa Nadal se baten en duelo en la pista de tenis de la mano de Nike | Muy buenooo ;)”