Expanding Universal Analytics into Public Beta

A typical consumer today uses multiple devices to surf the web and interact in many ways with your business. For most large businesses, already swimming in many sources of data, it’s an enormous challenge, but also an incredible opportunity. 

Back in October, we announced the limited beta release of Universal Analytics as a way for businesses to understand the changing, multi-device customer journey. Today, we’re excited to welcome and invite all Google Analytics customers to try Universal Analytics.

The benefits of using Universal Analytics to businesses are:
  • Understanding how customers interact with your businesses across many devices and touch-points, 
  • Insights into the performance of your mobile apps,
  • Improvements of lead generation and ROI by incorporating offline and online interactions so you can understand which channels drive the best results,
  • Improved latency on your site by reducing client-side demands.
Testimonials from the initial beta release
Our initial beta customers using Universal Analytics and are pleased with their results. Rojeh Avanesian, VP of Marketing at PriceGrabber.com reports:“At PriceGrabber, we know it’s important to understand consumer shopping behavior so we can provide a more customized experience to our users. Google’s Universal Analytics will solve this problem for us and many sites that are facing this challenge and help us serve our users better by providing them with more relevant content and shopping results. We can use Google Analytics metrics to segment our users in a way that improves and simplifies the shopping experience for consumers. That’s what we strive for at PriceGrabber, to make shopping and saving money as easy as possible.”

How to get started using Universal Analytics
If you’re new to Google Analytics, you can choose Universal Analytics when you setup your account. Already using Google Analytics? Create a new web property in your Google Analytics account to set up Universal Analytics and explore the new features.
Here’s what you’ll see when you create a new web property. Select the Universal Analytics column to get the new analytics.js code snippet you can implement on your website:
You can implement Universal Analytics with the new analytics.js JavaScript for websites, our iOSand Android SDKs for apps, and the new Measurement Protocol for all other platforms.
Find more details on how to set up using our help center or developer guide(Migration guides for properties using ga.js coming soon. Until then, set up a new property in your account for Universal Analytics).
To tag in the most flexible way possible, you can also take advantage of the Universal Analytics template available in Google Tag Manager, which allows you to make additional changes and enable new features to your analytics setup without changing the hard-coded tags on your website. Learn more about how to implement Universal Analytics through Google Tag Manager.
For more information on Universal Analytics, visit our help center and developer guides.
Happy analyzing – in the new and innovative ways you can with Universal Analytics!
Posted by JiaJing Wang, Product Manager, Google Analytics

Skype anuncia versión para Windows Phone y un nuevo récord, 34 millones usuarios conectados simultáneamente

Escrito el día 27/02/2012

Hace unos días, desde el blog de Skype anunciaban muy entusiasmados que tenían un nuevo récord de 32 millones de usuarios conectados simultáneamente. Hoy anuncian un nuevo hito en el servicio, ya que un nuevo récord habla de nada menos que unos 34 millones de usuarios conectados.

Esto puede deberse a la serie de eventos que se han presentado este fin de semana…. desde el NASCARDaytona 500, la entrega de los Oscars, hasta el MWC que se sigue desarrollando. Skype pudo haber sido el medio escogido para comentar estos eventos entre familiares y amigos. Seguir leyendo “Skype anuncia versión para Windows Phone y un nuevo récord, 34 millones usuarios conectados simultáneamente”

Skype Doubles Down with 10-Person Video Chat

Skype announced today that the latest beta version of Skype 5.0 would up the ante in terms of group video chat, as well as introduce a more stable and sleeker experience for its Windows users.

When the company first introduced group chat in May, it limited the number of participants to five, but now it has doubled that number to 10.

This limitation was one of the primary things we focused on when we looked at the new feature, which we immediately compared to free, Web-based services like Tiny Chat. Seguir leyendo “Skype Doubles Down with 10-Person Video Chat”

Forrester: Consumers Will Not Only Buy, They’ll Help Create

If the general trend toward crowdsourcing is any clue, then we are all well aware of the value of the Internet masses. Having access to a loyal fan base can be like a fount of free ideas and labor. From translating Wikipedia and Facebook to beta testing Google Chrome, crowdsourcing is used all across the Web for a number of purposes and analyst firm Forrester is suggesting one more – co-creation.

According to a report released this week, U.S. consumers a willing “co-creators”, a fact that many companies have yet to take advantage of. Seguir leyendo “Forrester: Consumers Will Not Only Buy, They’ll Help Create”

Make your old add-ons work with Firefox 4

firefox 4Mozilla recently introduced another beta version of Firefox 4 that is quite different from any of the previous releases.

Firefox 4 sports a clean and polished look, the add-ons section has been completely revamped, the menu bars are hidden so you have more screen estate for reading web pages plus you now have the option to permanently “pin” frequently used web apps. Seguir leyendo “Make your old add-ons work with Firefox 4”

Mozilla unveils Firefox 4 beta

Firefox 4, the latest version of the popular internet browser, has been released as a public beta, and adopts some of Google Chrome‘s features

Firefox has released the first public beta of version 4 of its  popular web browser

Firefox has released the first public beta of version 4 of its popular web browser

Browser maker Mozilla has released the first public beta version of Firefox 4. The major upgrade includes support for a range of new web technologies, imporoved performance and a new interface.

The new version is available for Mac, Linux and Windows, but only Windows users are offered the new interface automatically. In other versions, however, it can be switched on manually. Seguir leyendo “Mozilla unveils Firefox 4 beta”

Tutorial: Convertir Google Tasks en tu gestor de tareas de escritorio

por Marcos Esperón

¿Quién no ha necesitado nunca una herramienta para gestionar sus tareas? No solo las del trabajo, si no las de la escuela, temas personales, etc. Nos ayudan a organizarnos y a administrar nuestro tiempo.

Existen multitud de aplicaciones que nos permiten gestionar nuestras tareas, algunas de pago y otras gratuitas. Hoy, utilizando una de las aplicaciones que vimos en el artículo de generar aplicaciones de escritorio a partir de webs vamos a ver como sacarle partido al servicio Google Tasks, disponible para todos los usuarios que tengan una cuenta de Google, e integrarlo en nuestro escritorio con dos sencillos pasos:

google tasks prism Tutorial: Convertir Google Tasks en tu gestor  de tareas de escritorio Seguir leyendo “Tutorial: Convertir Google Tasks en tu gestor de tareas de escritorio”