What People Do on Your Site and Why – thnkz to @TheGrok


In the most general scheme of categorization, we’ve learned that each of the millions of different personalities falls into one of four main groups, which my brother and I labeled in 2001 in our book “Persuasive Online Copywriting” as Driver, Amiable, Expressive, and Analytical, and later renamed them to:

  • Competitive. Fast-paced decision-making, logically oriented
  • Spontaneous. Fast-paced decision-making, emotionally oriented
  • Humanistic. Slow-paced decision-making, emotionally oriented
  • Methodical. Slow-paced decision-making, logically oriented

It doesn’t really matter what you call them. The thing is, you need to become intimately acquainted with these personalities. They are your website’s visitors. And once you know who they are, you have the inside track on how you shape your design and writing to persuade them most effectively.

At the most fundamental level, all people are motivated by a single, critical question: what’s in it for me (WIIFM)? Their dominant personality types strongly influence how they ask that question, perceive value, and consciously – or more typically, subconsciously – approach a decision-making task.

You can certainly see this behavior when you listen to people during usability tests. In fact, check out this video for people searching for “black diamonds.” Listen to their choice of words, how certain things make them feel, and what moves them forward or causes them to stumble.


Usability pundit Jakob Nielsen shared the results of an eye-tracking study he performed in 2007 on the U.S. Census Bureau’s home page. He uses gaze plots to describe four main types of visitor behavior: “search-dominant,” “navigation-dominant,” “tool-dominant,” and “successful.” If you were to look at these four types of behavior through the lens of the personality types you would naturally see beyond what people gazed at and clicked on, and into why they acted the way they did. It’s a natural preference.

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What color is Tuesday? Exploring synesthesia – @cytowic Richard E. Cytowic


How does one experience synesthesia — the neurological trait that combines two or more senses?

Synesthetes may taste the number 9 or attach a color to each day of the week. Richard E. Cytowic explains the fascinating world of entangled senses and why we may all have just a touch of synesthesia.

Lesson by Richard E. Cytowic, animation by TED-Ed.

The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain – @sjblakemore «Simple, educational a brilliant lesson»!

by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Why do teenagers seem so much more impulsive, so much less self-aware than grown-ups? Cognitive neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore compares the prefrontal cortex in adolescents to that of adults, to show us how typically «teenage» behavior is caused by the growing and developing brain.

El sistema se sostiene con la Generación de EXPERTOS, que muchas veces nos dejan idiotas…

Porqué escribir un libro donde te enseño los 897 pasos para ser rico?, quizás porque el primero de ellos, sea Compra éste Libro?/ @gabrielcatalano , en estado de crítico!

El sistema se sostiene con la Generación de EXPERTOS, que muchas veces nos dejan idiotas… carentes de análisis.

No leas, no quiero… es una necesidad de expresión personal!, y seguro no estarás de acuerdo. XQ ni yo lo estoy!. El sistema se sostiene con la Generación de EXPERTOS, que muchas veces nos dejan idiotas.

No no, sí realmente lo soy. Para ello estudié y sigo haciéndolo.
En qué me convierto una vez trasnochado?, en un idiota…?

GNx – ON «E» 

Tantos… gurúes, blogs, foros y en todo tipo de redes.
Hablando sobre engagement, atracción de tráfico, consumo, haciendo futurismo sobre próximos lanzamientos. Casi brujos todos los años predicen las tendencias, que en realidad, todos re publicamos, comentamos, compramos y asentimos…

Es tal vez qué hemos olvidado aprender a escuchar a quienes debemos. A quiénes nos hablan. Y a quiénes piden exactamente lo que quieren.

Además: Los cambios constantes, permiten la generación de EXPERTOS?

La base es la misma: Maslow, Marshall, Freud, Ogilvy… más techie, más hype…, more search!, more issues? Ya lo han dicho y predecido… (hasta la irrupción de The Matrix, conceptulamente por WachoBRO)…

Éstos son… aquí están!
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Steps to Breaking Your Procrastination Habit – thnxz to @PickTheBrain


1. Write down the dreaded task. Writing down the task you’ve been putting off brings the project to the front of your mind so it can’t easily be ignored.

2. Identify the underlying feelings. According to psychologists, procrastination is an emotional reaction. One of three core emotions is always driving it–fear, anger, or sadness. For example, you might be worried that you won’t get the job done well enough and on time (fear). You may feel resentful because you have to do something you hate (anger). Or you might feel inadequate or ill-suited for the task (sadness). Dig down deep to identify which emotion is causing you to drag your heels.

Full article 🙂

3. Move the emotion out of your body. Emotions are pure energy; they either flow through our body when we express them, or get stuck when we don’t. If they’re not expressed constructively and physically, they build up inside us like a pressure cooker. In a private setting, do exaggerated shivering to move out the fear; punch a pillow or stomp around to release anger; or watch a movie that makes you cry to express the sadness. It may sound silly, but it works.

4. Find an antidote to each negative thought. What negative thought pops into your head when you think of this task? You can neutralize such negative thinking by replacing each one with a “truth” that contradicts it. For example, if you think “I’ll never be able to learn all this,” you might say to yourself, “If others can learn this, so can I.”

Full article 🙂

* * * * *

Jude Bijou, MA, MFT, is a respected psychotherapist, professional educator, and workshop leader. Her theory of Attitude Reconstruction® evolved over the course of more than 30 years working with clients as a licensed marriage and family therapist, and is the subject of her award-winning book, Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life. Learn more at www.attitudereconstruction.com.


Top Six Components of a Creative Climate | innovationmanagement.se


Are you thinking about ways to transform your workplace into an environment more conducive to innovation? This article takes a closer look at six components of creative climates that have shown to be significant at facilitating creativity according to new research.

This article will continue investigating creative climates with the goal of identifying the most substantial components that facilitates creativity.

What is a creative climate?

A climate can be seen as various aspects of the psychological atmosphere in a team and the surrounding organizational environment. The climate often conveys expectations about which behaviors and attitudes that are acceptable. In the creativity research field there has been many attempts to conceptualize the idea of a ‘creative’ climate – i.e. such a climate that facilitates outcomes that are creative. Examples of such conceptualizations are the Team Climate Inventory by Anderson & West (1996), the Creative Climate Questionnaire by Ekvall (1996) and the KEYS by Amabile et al. (1996).

Many components of a creative climate have been proposed during the years. Some examples are the degree of individual freedom, psychological safety, support and positive relationships among team members, vision provided by supervisors, creative encouragement, mission clarity, available resources, and even joy (Denti, 2011).

The search for significant components of a creative climate

For this article I want to highlight six components of a creative climate that have been shown to be among the most salient in predicting creative and innovative outcomes. To identify these components, I have scrutinized two recent meta-analytic studies on factors that influence creativity and innovation (Hülsheger, Anderson & Salgado, 2009, and Hunter, Bedell & Mumford, 2007). Meta analytic studies have the best ability to detect effects across multiple settings since they combine the results from a large amount of studies¹. The factors are presented in no particular order…   Continuar leyendo «Top Six Components of a Creative Climate | innovationmanagement.se»

(+) relevante ‘ outstanding | game-changer.net | Jorge Barba…

Powerfule Strategic Thinking technique for non-strategic thinkers

how to get better at strategic thinking

How can you get better at strategic thinking? Or in other words, “How do you improve your thought process?” One of the keys to becoming a great leader is to constantly improve your strategic thinking, so you can adjust to new global realities.

The first step is to accept that you are not right most of the time. You have to “constantly” question your own opinions. One way to do this is to surround yourself with people who don’t think like you. People who will question you. Make these people a key part of your team because what you don’t want is to be surrounded by YES men.

Another tip is learn game theory. Game theory is the study of strategic decision making. And strategic thinking is all about making better decisions. Game theory provides you tools to help you gain added perspective to generate alternative views. If you have added perspective, you’ll be able to anticipate and think critically about what may lay ahead; which are key strategic thinking habits.

Anyway, here a few simple and cost-effective ways to begin developing your strategic thinking ability: Continue reading 

8 técnicas realmente efectivas para mejorar tu inglés

I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think – Socrates

Se gasta demasiado tiempo y demasiado dinero en tratar de aprender Inglés. El motivo principal, los métodos. No hay un método que funcione igual para todo el mundo, pero los libros, materiales y técnicas son casi todos iguales en las academias y escuelas de idiomas. Una clase con más de 2 personas para aprender un idioma, y con un profesor en modo “clase magistral” es peder tiempo y dinero. Hoy en día hay formas mucho más efectivas de aprender a hablar inglés o cualquier otro idioma. Por supuesto, es mucho más importante el interés que el método. Me gustaría compartir algunas de las técnicas que creo que se pueden aplicar a la hora de aprender un idioma o de mejorar con el inglés.

  1. Aprende el vocabulario con frases…   Continuar leyendo «8 técnicas realmente efectivas para mejorar tu inglés»

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Generate New and Great Ideas | via pickthebrain.com


Do you want new and great ideas?

The kind that makes people

  • Smile in wonder and possibility after you introduce it
  • Question why they don’t ask for your opinion more often
  • Recognize how intelligent, creative and brilliant you really are

If you’re nodding your head, I have a question for you:

What’s the problem?

Why aren’t you coming up with awesome ideas?

Why do you have trouble coming up with even good ideas?

It’s probably because you believe that great ideas are reserved for a lucky few.

I have some good news and bad news for you.

First, the bad (that’s the way I prefer it): To have new and great ideas require work. The belief that an excellent idea just pops into your head in an AHA! moment is wrong. Eureka, like overnight success, takes time.

Now the good: It is possible for anyone to generate great ideas. Stop thinking that you can’t be creative and realize that you just don’t know how. You have all the resources you need to create awesome ideas and lucky for you, this article will show you how to do it.

Broaden Your Horizons… Continuar leyendo «3 Sure-Fire Ways to Generate New and Great Ideas | via pickthebrain.com»

25 sitios inspirados en el rosa

Existen sitios inspirados en el verde,púrpurablanco y negro… Cada uno busca la inspiración en un determinado color. El rosa es un color muy bonito, moderno, que refleja un atractivo y rebeldía en los sitios web que muy pocos colores pueden conseguir. Si estás buscando un color atractivo y original para tu diseño, seguramente esta lista de 25 sitios web inspiradosen el rosa te ayudarán:

MailChimp 5.3








Digital Devotion


We Shoot Bottles




Solid Giant


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¿Qué son realmente las infografías? #Infografías #socialmedia

See on Scoop.ithuman being in – perfección

¿Qué son realmente las infografías?…

See on pinterest.com


Political and physical maps as they always used to be seem to be dull for the modern online society. There is no inspiration in their usual surfaces and the regular presentation of lands, mountains and oceans. Rather informative, but too dull. Creative World Maps is a different story – being presented on various surfaces, being done from different materials and possessing whatever shapes you can imagine, they look really cool and can grab your attention the first time you look at them. Their unique designs are undoubtedly inspiring, and you are welcome to enjoy them in this nice compilation of the most Creative World Maps. Search for your daily inspiration here!



The Need to Optimize Human Resource’s Resources | by Jesse de Agustin

by Jesse de Agustin | @emonalytics
Methodology Advisor

Measuring subconscious emotional responses are not only useful when engaging a customer group but also when hiring employees. Traditional personality surveys, behavioral questioning, both in discussion and survey formats, and computerized software give limited applicant insight. Applicant tracking systems are powerful tools; yet especially with organization’s increasing emphasis on ensuring culture fit, the face to face interview is critical – because this is where emotion – both conscious and subconscious are center stage. Interviewers might be aware of  how to ‘read’ generalities of body language, but the advice is often incorrect.  For instance, just become someone looks down, doesn’t mean they’re hiding something.

The typical human resources practices are in need of optimization in terms of how they’re targeted at understanding actual human behavior.

Optimizing Human Resource’s Resources

Personality tests are often used in the hiring process, and are typically administered online. They attempt to delve into specific traits that apply to applicant’s behavior at work, and interpersonal behavior. [1] While these tests can be useful for jobs where teamwork is important, applicants can also easily “fake” responses based upon social norms, or what they believe the employer is “looking for.” Moreover, an eye tracking study shows that all ‘dimensions of personality were fakeable.’ Continuar leyendo «The Need to Optimize Human Resource’s Resources | by Jesse de Agustin»

Paul Adams: Future of advertising is ‘many light weight interactions’

Coincidentally, while I was reading Grouped, I found an excellent example of Paul Adams’ theory in practice!My wife asked me recently if I would like to have paneer for the evening snack. It was an unusual choice in a family of South Indian origin, so I asked her when she had learnt to cook paneer. She said ‘Facebook’! Apparently, there was a paneer recipe posted on its Page by Surf Excel Matic, a detergent brand.Let us examine this against ‘light-weighted conversations’ theory:Who did Surf Excel target?At-home-moms with good Facebook presence, who like to cook and take care of the family. Oh, and they’re probably the decision makers for the detergent brand too!

Posted by Venkat | http://blog.recommend.ly

Paul Adams, the Global Brand Experience Manager at Facebook and the author of ‘Grouped’, makes an interesting point about the future of advertising. I stumbled upon a video presentation of his at the fMC recently. That got me interested enough to buy his book, ‘Grouped’ which was a subject of much controversy between him and Google.According to Paul Adams, every marketer should have three things in his new knowledge set to be able to tackle the rapidly evolving customer behaviorin a connected world:

  1. Social behavior : Marketers should understand the ‘Why, What, Who, How’ of communication and how people observe, share and act within their networks
  2. Networks: The social networks are here to stay and marketers need to understand how they work in order to succeed
  3. How people think is affected by their biases, perception, non-conscious brain, past etc, relationships and interactions between people and products

Social behavior : Anatomy of communicationWhat caught my attention was his analysis of social behavior behind online communication, which I took the liberty to rename “Anatomy of communication”. Here’s a graphic representation of what he says: Continuar leyendo «Paul Adams: Future of advertising is ‘many light weight interactions’»

Why Your Inner Critic Is Your Best Friend

You might find it helpful to use one workspace for drafting/sketching/experimenting, and another for reviewing your work.
Before you start work, take a moment to reflect on the advantages of having a finely honed critical faculty.

Another thing to try before you start work is telling yourself, «I’m not really going to start just yet, I’ll just make a few sketches» – or scribble a few notes, or practice a few scales, or the equivalent for your creative medium.

When you’re working, if the Critic starts telling you what’s wrong with the piece, ask yourself, «So what does the work need instead?» or «So what do I need to do to make it better?»

If the Critic keeps interfering, promise yourself that you’ll do a critical review at the end of this stage of execution – so you can afford to ignore her now and keep your momentum going.

You and Your Critic

When have you been most grateful for possessing sharp critical judgment?

Do you agree that your Inner Critic is – potentially – your best friend?

Any tips for utilizing your critical faculty more effectively in the creative process?

The Inner Critic gets a lot of bad press, especially among blocked creatives who wish the nagging critical voice at the back of their mind would disappear. No wonder there’s so much creativity advice on how to banish, silence, or obliterate the Inner Critic. By the time the creative thinking gurus are done, the Critic’s had a tougher pounding than an extra from Kill Bill.
But do you ever wonder why the Critic keeps coming back for more? Could it be that the Critic is actually a very important part of your creative process?
If you think about it, you’d be in big trouble without an Inner Critic. Without some kind of internal quality filter, you’d be happy to churn out any old rubbish – and join the ranks of mediocrities. A finely honed critical faculty is one of the things that separates a creative professional from the legions of amateurs.
In the words of musician Mike Monday:
A good producer and a great producer have the same number of ideas – some good, some great. But a great producer will know the difference.
And the great producer’s Inner Critic is the difference that makes the difference. Because the great producer has listened more keenly and thought more sharply about music, she has a more powerful and useful Inner Critic.
So the Inner Critic isn’t the enemy, just an over-zealous friend who’s delivering the criticism too forcefully and without considering your feelings. We all have friends who do that from time to time.
The trick is to get the Critic back «onside,» delivering genuinely constructive criticism. Like the inspiring mentor who urged you to do your best and didn’t accept anything less – but with a supportive and encouraging tone of voice. Continuar leyendo «Why Your Inner Critic Is Your Best Friend»

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