Social Media Advertising Not Making Friends With Consumers – thnx @david_vanamburg

In spite of a staggering 20% increase in user volume over the past year, user satisfaction with social media websites at 68 is still one of the lowest-scoring industries among all those measured by ACSI. It surpasses only Internet service (65), which indicates that users are displeased with multiple components of their online experience.

By David VanAmburg

So what reasons do users most often cite as the cause for their low satisfaction? According to ACSI’s July 2013 report, the main contributor is an increase in advertising on social media sites. Other concerns include wariness about privacy violations and unhappiness with the ease of interface use.

Wikipedia, the leading company for a fourth straight year at 78, is notable for its lack of advertising and easy-to-use interface. Pinterest, at 72, was the only site to make a significant gain (+4%) and also benefits from a streamlined interface that allows users to create and access their accounts via Facebook and Twitter.

Social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are at the bottom of the category in spite of their popularity. Sites like these will likely need to step up their efforts in the crucial areas of advertising and interface development to improve customer satisfaction. In the meantime, they remain the lowest-rated companies in the e-business category.

comScore Releases ‘2013 Brazil Digital Future in Focus’ – thnxz to @comScoreLATAM


“The Brazilian digital landscape saw significant change in 2012 led by the strong emergence of Social Networking, in addition to increasing media consumption in terms of online video and display advertising,” said Alex Banks, comScore managing director for Brazil & VP Latin America. “As these media vehicles continue to grow, they are providing new and exciting opportunities for publishers hoping to attract audiences and marketers seeking to reach consumers.”

comScore, Inc.

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Key insights from the 2013 Brazil Digital Future in Focus (#FiFBrasil) report include:

  • Consumers in Brazil spent more than 27 hours per month online on their desktop computers, representing the highest average engagement of all 8 Latin American markets analyzed. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • The Brazilian internet audience is very young on average, with 18 percent of users age 18-24 and 30 percent of all users age 25-34. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Mobile phones and tablets are becoming more important to the Brazilian internet landscape. Page views from Non-PC devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) reached an all-time high at nearly 6 percent. (Source: comScore Device Essentials)
  • Online Retail continues to grow in Brazil with the total number of category page views up 9 percent during 2012. Mercado Livre remains the top Retail property, reaching more than 14 million visitors in December. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Online Advertising is on the rise, with more than 789 billion display ad impressions delivered in 2012. Portals and Social Networking are the two largest content categories for delivery of these ads, representing a combined 45 percent of the market. was the largest display advertiser in Brazil with more than 25 billion ad impressions in 2012. (Source: comScore Ad Metrix)
  • Social Media sites capture the largest percentage of consumers’ time in Brazil at 36 percent. Facebook has emerged as a strong leader in the category with nearly 44 million unique visitors in December 2012, up 22 percent vs. year ago. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Online video consumption in Brazil grew 18 percent in 2012. Google Sites (YouTube) remains the top video property, while VEVO ranks second. Facebook was one of the fastest-growing online video properties with a gain in its video-viewing audience of more than 400 percent. (Source: comScore Video Metrix)


Advertising on Social Media via Nielsen


The Nielsen 2012 State of Social Media report was released earlier last week. I previously went over the report’s findings about the largest social networks of 2012. The report also contains some interesting information about advertising on social media and what it means for consumers.

Consumer Sentiment towards Social Media Advertising

Nielsen found a surprising statistic about consumer sentiment towards social media advertising. Nearly one-third of users believe that ads on social media sites are more annoying than other ads online. Social media isn’t supposed to be annoying. It’s supposed to be meaningful.

There are a few things this statistic tells me. Number one is social integration. In an attempt to make advertising more social, many social networking sites “hide” advertising within other content. An example of this is promoted trends on Twitter. These ad units are tied into other trends and tweets on Twitter. To some consumers, this might appear to be deceptive. The result is an annoyance and distrust of the brand advertising, when it should in fact be upon the social network.

This number also tells me some businesses aren’t using social media advertising correctly. Many social media platforms offer robust targeting options to their advertising. The goal is to display the right ads to the right people. Many businesses fail at this, and the result is irrelevant and sometimes irritating ads. It becomes frustrating when you see an ad in a language you don’t speak, an area you don’t live in (I’ve had ads for NYC bars in Facebook), and when the ads surely shouldn’t be targeting someone your age. Businesses can avoid this frustration by developing targeting strategies that make sense.

Finally, there is the aspect of spam and quality businesses advertising. For example, I have noticed a big drop in quality brands advertising on Facebook. The more lesser quality businesses advertising on a site, the less likely consumers will find these ads trustworthy and relate able. The result is a drop in engagement and an increase in frustration. It’s up to social media sites to develop ways to increase the quality of ads being served on their own sites.

Consumer Actions after Seeing Social Media Advertising Continuar leyendo «Advertising on Social Media via Nielsen»

¿Cómo medir la efectividad de Facebook para las empresas?

See on Scoop.itGabriel Catalano human being | #INperfeccion® a way to find new insight & perspectives

¿Cuáles son los indicadores o KPIs a valorar en Facebook?

Número de “Me gustas”
Número de recomendaciones
Número de “Me gustas” en comentarios
Número de comentarios
Número de impresiones
Número de visitas al Site desde la Fan Page
Estadísticas específicas de cada campaña Continuar leyendo «¿Cómo medir la efectividad de Facebook para las empresas?»

Importante Empresa Multinacional: Responsable de IT

Orientamos la búsqueda a un profesional de las carreras de Ingeniería en Informática o carreras afines, con experiencia no menor a 5 años en posiciones similares en empresas de primera línea.

Deberá contar con manejo de Ingles avanzado y conocimientos de sistemas operativos, servidores, data warehousing, centrales telefónicas y programación.
Principales Responsabilidades:
  • Responsable de la gestión del departamento de IT.
  • Coordinación e implementación de proyectos de mejora.
  • Soporte a planta en materia de trazabilidad, mejoras en sistema de MRP e inventarios.
  • Mantenimiento y gestión de hardware de usuarios (telefonía móvil, pc, otros)
  • Mantenimiento de redes y servidores
La empresa ofrece excelentes condiciones de contratación.
A los interesados solicitamos el envió detallado de antecedentes laborales y personales, mencionando remuneración pretendida y ref. RIT a: | @arrivedho | @luisgiobbio

El ecosistema de los seguidores en LinkedIn | via

Autor: Lincinews


Interesante infografía sobre el comportamiento de los usuarios en LinkedIn y cómo debieran actuar las empresas para atraerlos. Entiende cómo actúan, qué piensan y cuáles son sus intereses para que puedas armar una estrategia especial para esta red social. Recuerda que tu presencia online debe ser impecable en todas y cada una de las redes sociales que participas.



5 Top Marketing Tips for LinkedIn
 by  | LinkedIn, Social Media

Once upon a time, networking meant going to conferences and getting out there and meeting people. LinkedIn, however, has made networking on a global basis much easier and effective, allowing users to network with people worldwide from the convenience of their own home or office.Top 5 Marketing Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn has quickly established itself as one of the top social networking sites for individuals and business owners who want to network with others, to widen their customer base, and to keep on top of what’s going on in their respective industries.

Succeeding at marketing with LinkedIn requires time and effort and trying the various methods for marketing with the popular social networking platform is important to find what works for your business.

1. Sell Your Skills.

Whether you opt for an individual or a company profile, your profile is the best way to market your product or service and to sell your skills. A LinkedIn profile is essentially an extended resume that includes a photo and recommendations from others. Fill it out completely to get the most of it from a marketing perspective.

2. Have others Sell You.

One of the most effective ways to win new business is to get recommendations from colleagues and current and former clients. LinkedIn allows you to request recommendations for each position in which you’ve worked and for your college experience. To take full advantage of marketing on LinkedIn, gather as many recommendations as you possibly can.

LinkedIn Recommendations

3. Position Yourself as an Expert.

LinkedIn offers an ideal platform to position yourself as an expert in your field or industry. In addition to individual profiles, LinkedIn allows users to post company profiles. Ideally, if you run a business, you’ll have one of each.

People want to work with experts in their respective fields. To build your credibility and share your expertise, become active in answering questions in LinkedIn’s “Question and Answer” section. Every question you answer will become a permanent part of your profile, allowing connections and others to see your wealth of knowledge.

Be sure to also join related groups and start answering members’ questions.

LinkedIn Groups

4. Network Offline (…) Continuar leyendo «5 Top Marketing Tips for LinkedIn»

Las estrategias en social media no funcionan


“Yo lo que quiero es vender” 

Esto es lo que buscan todas las empresas con sus estrategias en . Desde las agencias les hablamos engagement, de contenido, etc., pero en definitiva lo que, evidentemente, busca una empresa es vender algo, y por supuesto, que la acción que lo consiga sea rentable en si misma.

Esta es la realidad. Esto lo dicen las empresas que están más centradas en el negocio, el resto todavía está buscando acumular fans, pero esto sería tema para otro post.

Por este motivo se produce un choque entre el “discurso” de la agencia y el objetivo/necesidad de la empresa. Con esta diferencia de enfoque encima de la mesa, cuando lanzamos las estrategias, nos encontramos con comentarios del tipo: “esto no funciona”, “el retorno es negativo”, etc.

¿Qué ocurre?

Las empresas no entienden como funciona internet

Las estrategias online siguen un proceso, determinado por como se “acerca” un cliente a una marca. Tanto en social media, como en  online en general. El usuario empieza en ser consciente de la existencia de la marca o del producto/servicio, y termina (si lo hemos hecho bien) siendo fan de la marca.

social media funnel/inbound marketing funnel - tristanelosegui com

Las empresas deben ir conquistando cada una de las fases. (…) Continuar leyendo «Las estrategias en social media no funcionan»

How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn – INFOGRAPHIC | Written by Jeff Bullas

Written by Jeff Bullas |

A presentation on the topic of how to cook a chocolate tart is  going to “bomb”at a cheese maker’s  convention.

How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn – INFOGRAPHIC

It will be the wrong audience for an interesting topic, but the cheesemakers didn’t pay $1,200 for a conference ticket to hear information about “Tarts”!

A paying participant at a car dealer expo will want to hear about horsepower and handbrakes and will either leave the hall or fall asleep if the speakers start talking about knitting and slipper making.

The art of successful communicating and engagement  involves selecting the right audience and providing them with information and content that resonates with their needs and wants.

Not all Social Networks are Equal.

When it comes down to sheer popularity Facebook is the social network that wins.

Facebook is also about “Identity” whether that is a personal profile or a “business brand” persona.

Twitter is about “Events” which could be the next plane crashing into the Hudson river or letting your audience know that your latest blog post is published…that is an event!

Google plus is “Core”  and is woven into the science of search as Google embeds it into every one of its web properties from Picasa to YouTube.

It cannot and should not be ignored by marketers as  social signals are now being measured and monitored by Google machines and is being woven into the DNA of search. Optimizing your online assets (blog and website)  for search engines is vital.

Different social networks will be need to be included in your social media marketing strategy depending on your goals, audience and tactics.

LinkedIn User Portrait

Linkedin Infographic

Don’t Ignore LinkedIn Continuar leyendo «How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn – INFOGRAPHIC | Written by Jeff Bullas»

The Online Population Explosion [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Lauren Dugan | AllTwitter |

The digital landscape has changed a lot over the years, and the number of internet users logging on to email, shopping for shoes and sending tweets has positively exploded.
But how many people are actually online? And how many of those people are tweeting?

This infographic from web marketing company Customer Magnetism tracks the evolution of the web from what it was ten years ago to the massive global force that it’s become today. And the results are fascinating.

For instance, social networking has, obviously, seen the largest increase in the past ten years of any online activity. From just 11 percent of internet users logging on to a social network (and yes, they did exist) in 2002, now 65 percent of us are digitally social creatures.

And American companies are particularly tuned in to this trend. While only 15 percent of them bothered with social media marketing in 2009, now a whopping 88 percent are trying to reach their customers on networks like Facebook and Twitter.

And Twitter itself enjoyed the massive overall growth of social media in the past few years, going from about 5,000 tweets per day in 2007 to 2.5 million in 2009 – then jumping nearly ten times to 200 million in 2011.

You can browse other interesting growth stats below… Continuar leyendo «The Online Population Explosion [INFOGRAPHIC]»

¿Estar o no estar en Pinterest? He ahí la cuestión

Pinterest está actualmente en boca de todos, por lo que cada vez más marcas sienten curiosidad por la que tiene todos los números para convertirse en la nueva sensación 2.0.
Sin embargo, que esté de moda no quiere decir que todas las marcas deban tirarse a la piscina de Pinterest. Tanto por su público, fundamentalmente femenino, como por su contenido, exclusivamente visual, Pinterest es menos “horizontal” que redes sociales como Facebook o Twitter.
Para ayudar a las marcas a averiguar si Pinterest se adapta o no los intereses de su negocio, Intuit ha publicado la siguiente infografía… Continuar leyendo «¿Estar o no estar en Pinterest? He ahí la cuestión»

Social is not defensible

This brings me to the social aspect of my core idea; social is not defensible.

Friendster thought it had it in the bag with social. Then MySpace thought it had in the bag with social. Now Facebook thinks that it has it in the bag with social (and a few other tricks up its sleeve).

At each point the three previously mentioned social networking companies had critical mass, reached a tipping point and grew exponentially. Two of the three were, in the eyes of the public that matter, were virtually wiped off the face of the Internet by the next big social thing. (To be fair, Friendster has over 100m registered users and is now a gaming site and MySpace was recently bought by some people including Justin Timberlake who want to do some things with it, or something).

Google+ has reared it’s behemoth head recently and become the fastest growing social network in the history of the Internet. That’s quite impressive.

If social is inherent and everyone has it, then what is defensible?

I think Facebook has two key things that make its business defensible: An overwhelming number of active users and an ecosystem.

There is a sense of chance that one gets from the success of Facebook and Twitter, an element of serendipity if you will. Right place, right time, right mix of things. Once that was in place then the market took off and grew Facebook and Twitter’s defensibility.

Now I am definitely oversimplifying (before I get roasted in the comments) and I am aware of the immense volume of cash injected into both Facebook and Twitter, but lets be honest, MySpace had NewsCorp behind it and it tanked. Anything is possible.

The point of this particular article is to emphasize that if you are building a business, a technology, a campaign or anything else for that matter, saying that you are “social” does not set you apart, it puts you firmly in the category of appropriately average.

Nicholas Haralambous
By  |

The concept of being social is inherent and should be a part of everything that a company does, in any industry.Social is just the nature of things and people. When you’re in the grocery store and you bump in to someone you know, that’s social. When you ask for directions: social. When you talk to a petrol attendant: social. When you get advice from a friend on a dinner venue: social.

Everything is social.

Therefore nothing that claims to be social as a unique selling proposition is defensible or, in fact, unique.

What do I mean by defensible? It’s quite simple. As a startup in the technology space (in any industry really) you need to be able to defend your business. You need it to be defensible against competitors. A simple test of this is as follows: If someone had US$20-million of investment and wanted to do what you do, could they easily be better than you at it and take you out of the market? Could they take contracts and staff away from you and crush your business? If your answer is “Yes”. Then your company, idea, brand, or niche is not very defensible. Continuar leyendo «Social is not defensible»

Why Your Business Must Go Social [Infographic]

It’s time to get real, and come to terms with the fact that social media networks are not just for teenagers anymore. Even setting up something as simple as a customized Facebook fan page can enhance your brand online. Studies show that socializing is important for maintaining a happy and a healthy lifestyle. So it kinda makes sense that the same holds true for businesses, no?

Your grandma is probably on Facebook by now. So why on earth isn’t your business?

It’s time to get real, and come to terms with the fact that social media networks are not just for teenagers anymore. Even setting up something as simple as a customized Facebook fan page can enhance your brand online. Studies show that socializing is important for maintaining a happy and a healthy lifestyle. So it kinda makes sense that the same holds true for businesses, no?

Read on for some cold hard facts about why social networking is a must for you and your company.

Shared by our friends from Wix!

your wix business must go social

Experience EasySearch in kikin Browser for iPad today!

kikin Browser demo

kikin Browser demo from kikin on Vimeo.


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