The digital landscape has changed a lot over the years, and the number of internet users logging on to email, shopping for shoes and sending tweets has positively exploded.
But how many people are actually online? And how many of those people are tweeting?

This infographic from web marketing company Customer Magnetism tracks the evolution of the web from what it was ten years ago to the massive global force that it’s become today. And the results are fascinating.

For instance, social networking has, obviously, seen the largest increase in the past ten years of any online activity. From just 11 percent of internet users logging on to a social network (and yes, they did exist) in 2002, now 65 percent of us are digitally social creatures.

And American companies are particularly tuned in to this trend. While only 15 percent of them bothered with social media marketing in 2009, now a whopping 88 percent are trying to reach their customers on networks like Facebook and Twitter.

And Twitter itself enjoyed the massive overall growth of social media in the past few years, going from about 5,000 tweets per day in 2007 to 2.5 million in 2009 – then jumping nearly ten times to 200 million in 2011.

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