Wallpaper: Ant Colonies and Social Networks

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Back with another Capabilities themed post. This time I got antsy.

For the second installment in this series, I’d like to share my thought process behind the AgencyNet.com Capabilities slide of Social Media Marketing. Social Media has transformed the way we communicate. It’s one of the most effective methods of efficiently reaching your online audience. It goes way beyond just strategically placing ads or creating social network accounts for general exposure. Today’s social media has taken us from “show and tell” marketing to infusing brands, lifestyles, and consumer products directly into the fabric of our daily lives and community interactions.

When this topic was delivered to me I instantly visualized a social connection that occurs naturally. Few networks are as flawlessly connected as the small but intricate as the typical ant colony. Just as the digital landscape usually does, ants create networks for the betterment and expansion of the community. As they expand their community reach, they also collect and incorporate resources of interest that can assist with the growth of the community. Efficient little buggers, they are… Leer más “Wallpaper: Ant Colonies and Social Networks”

Is Social Media Killing Email Marketing?

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This is the question that most Digital Marketers have thought about. In a recent research by Sherastone, only 2 digital marketing “tactics” had increased in budget in 2009; they are email and social media.

Social Media is NOT killing Email Marketing

I don’t think email marketing is dying. I think marketers need to really see social media as a strategy, and email marketing can be one of the “social media marketing tactics” when they are integrated well.

To give, not to sell through email

For example, social media as a whole is a great channel to collect relevant email addresses because it allows us to target personalities and interests through conversations, the key to be successful in email marketing is to provide value to the subscribers. Instead of thinking about what they might be interested in purchasing, marketers should think about what they might be interested in receiving. Instead of following the Direct Marketing nature of Email Marketing, marketers should use it more as a branding and community building tactic that goes hand in hand with social media. Leer más “Is Social Media Killing Email Marketing?”

El regreso del marketing a sus orígenes

Internet y las redes sociales han operado un cambio sin precedentes en el sector del marketing. Sin embargo, ¿se traduce la novedad en una mayor eficacia? No necesariamente, o eso al menos es lo que asegura Pete Blackshaw, vicepresidente ejecutivo de los Servicios Estratégicos Online de la consultora Nielsen, en un artículo para Advertising Age.

43% of Email Marketers Now Offers Social Media Marketing

In a recent study carried out by Email Stat Center; an authority on email marketing metrics, they found out that the promise of social media marketing riches proves to be too much of a temptation for email marketers to avoid. Hence, the reason they want to be part of the action.

Results of the study showed that already 43% of email marketing firms are already offering social media marketing as part of their service line-up. Personally, I feel this is quite natural for email marketing companies to try to keep up the pace and include social media in their services offerings.


As to how they are going to monitor their social media activities, there are a lot of tools out there that can be utilized for that sole purpose of tracking ROI. From the graph, 66% of the email marketing companies are offering Strategy and Consulting alongside email marketing.

But, isn’t that what all email marketing companies provide prior to carrying out email marketing for their customers, unless they’re some kind of email spammer then.

As businesses progress into the future, I feel that they either keep up or lose out; there’s no such thing as copying. The trend to use social media as part of your marketing strategy is already there; now it really depends on how fast businesses can are able to implement that strategy into their marketing mix to ensure a positive outcome.

What do you think of email marketing as a whole? Do you feel that it’ll die out soon enough? Share with us your thoughts and opinions on this matter!

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