Stipple Seeks to Tag the Web’s Images


Stipple Clicking on the pants in the photo shows how much they cost and where they can be purchased.

Stipple used to identify pants

Stipple, a San Francisco-based start-up, is introducing a new service on Wednesday that allows online publishers to add tags to particular parts of an image with information about its contents and related links.

The service, which is free to use and offers a revenue-sharing program for purchases made through the links, allows publishers to tag products for sale within an image, or to add information about objects or people.

Rey Flemings, the chief executive and founder of Stipple, said in a phone interview that one problem his new company intends to solve is the “much needed” ability to add more information to “the trillion or so images on the Web today.”

Stipple will introduce the product with three partners: Six Apart, a blogging software maker; Jive Records, a Sony music label; and the media company E.W. Scripps.

“We’re partnering with some companies when we launch to show how simple the tools can be and how much information you can share within an image,” Mr. Flemings said. Seguir leyendo “Stipple Seeks to Tag the Web’s Images”

A Brief History of 9 Popular Blogging Platforms

Even though Microsoft’s spell check insists that “blog” and “blogger” are not real words, they’ve been been in the dictionary since 2003. Blogs and their platforms have a lengthy history.

The beginnings of blogging was a time not unlike today: Plaid was in style, a beloved rock star had passed, and the Internet (Internet) was just gaining momentum on college campuses. In 1994, then Swarthmore College student Justin Hall started an online diary called Justin’s Links from the Underground. The site, which first started as a guide to the web, soon became an account of Hall’s life, and earned him the surely coveted title of pioneer blogger. Three years later, Jorn Barger would coin the term “weblog,” and it’s short form, “blog,” was later coined by Peter Merholz.

Today, the web is comprised of millions of blogs covering every topic imaginable. Here is short history of some of the medium’s most popular platforms. Seguir leyendo “A Brief History of 9 Popular Blogging Platforms”