4 Email Newsletters Worthy of your Attention

Unlike some I am still a big fan of email newsletters. Whilst tools like Twitter are great for “of the moment” links I still appreciate a well crafted newsletter landing in my inbox.

Here are four newsletters I subscribe to and enjoy covering web design, creativity and business.

  1. Links for Light Reading – Russ Weakley’s weekly roundup of interesting web related stories from around the web. It also includes a comprehensive list of upcoming web events and jobs.
  2. Font Shop Newsletter – You don’t have to be a type nut to appreciate the Font Shop newsletter, it’s beautifully put together and a good read. It’s packed full of font news and typographic hints and tips. You need to register with Font Shop to receive it but in my opinion it’s well worth it.
  3. Springwise New Business Ideas – I can’t remember how I came across this one but I have been enjoying it for a few years. Not strictly web related but a great weekly roundup of interesting business and entrepreneurial ideas from around the world as sourced by a network of over 8,000 “spotters”.
  4. Jason Nation – An infrequent mailing (although as his baby is now sleeping through the night there is the promise of more frequent dispatches) by Jason Calcanis. Jason is the founder of Silicon Alley Reporter, Weblogs Inc, TechCrunch50.com, Open Angel Forum and Mahalo.co. Since “retiring from blogging” he has focused his attention on his mailing list subscribers. Recent topics have included loyalty in business, work ethics, investing as well as app and technology reviews. Leer más “4 Email Newsletters Worthy of your Attention”