Targeting Your Next-Generation Wallet | by 

The mobile wallet has been a solution in search of a problem for a number of years now. The promise of integrating payment and marketing tools into a portable digital device (namely the cell phone) is as obvious as it has been elusive. If digital marketing can be tied more directly to actual point of sale, then marketers can close the loop on measuring ROI in ways never before possible. The payoffs for ad impressions, loyalty programs, offers-based programs, etc. all can be tied to purchase. The implications for media attribution, consumer behavioral data and just about everything else in the media value chain are enormous.

While mobile wallets have been a dream of marketers, they have not been able to demonstrate the necessary value for two key constituencies, consumers and merchants. For the end user, mobile payments and wallets don’t solve much of anything, since pulling out a cell phone is not much better than pulling out a credit card or a loyalty card.

And what is in it for the payment chain? As Alistair Goodman, CEO of geo-located mobile solutions provider Placecast explains it, “There has been a realization in the mobile wallet space that there is not a lot of new revenue to be generated by the transactions because that is a very efficient channel and all the players are quite optimized.” There is also not a lot of incentive for merchants to get with a program that merely shifts the method of payments consumers will be using anyway. Leer más “Targeting Your Next-Generation Wallet”