The Most Popular Payment Solutions for Freelancers (Charts)

freshbookschartlogoWhat’s the best way to do one-time or recurring billing for your online business? That’s an important question for the growing legion of independent service providers transitioning countless business transactions onto the web.

That which is most popular may not be the best, but it’s a good place to start looking. Popular online invoicing service FreshBooks posted today two pie charts (below) quantifying the most popular services used by FreshBooks customers to bill their clients, both inside and outside the US. PayPal may be the winner in one-time billings, but not by much. In recurring billings, it’s not even close to number one. Seguir leyendo “The Most Popular Payment Solutions for Freelancers (Charts)”

Call for Speakers! – Open Innovation Topics

48 people have already joined the 15inno Regional Chapters group and thus expressed an interest in helping build a global network in which we work to increase the general awareness of open innovation and connect the people and companies – virtually and physically – that turn open innovation into reality.

You can learn more about the initiative in the original post: Call for Visionaries! Help Make the Future of Innovation Open and Global

I am now calling out for speakers who would like to share their insights and experiences with a regional open innovation audience.

Our preference is speakers from small and large companies, but academics, consultants, and service providers are welcome to get in touch if they have something that is really worthwhile sharing.

This is a grass-root initiative. We do not have any money, but we have lots of energy and a desire to really make open innovation happen. Thus, we cannot pay any fees or even cover your travel costs, but we can help get your open innovation program more recognition and we can help you connect with interesting people.

Where do we need speakers? This is literally all over the world so let us know if there is a city where you would like to share your insights and experiences on open innovation.

You can contact Stefan Lindegaard: stefan @

Please also join our LinkedIn group if you have an interest in open innovation and the intersection between leadership and open innovation. The link is: 15inno by Stefan Lindegaard

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