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10 free grunge fonts

Take advantage of this compilation of free grunge fonts that you can put to use in your cool designs.

    Grunge fonts are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of shiny, crisp typefaces, many artists and designers are seeking to use an urban, dirty, street style in their designs. With this in mind, we’ve scoured the web to find you 10 top, free grunge fonts available to download now.

    Creative Bloq

      01. Everyday Ghost

      Everyday Ghost by Andrew Hart

      Everyday Ghost is one of 63 fonts created by typeface designer Andrew Hart. The design, which features smudges and blotchy effects, adds an interesting twist to an otherwise generic serif font. Free for personal use only.


      02. Fail

      Fail by Douglas Vitkausk

      This cool typeface does anything but what its name suggests, having been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since its release. This is one of 129 fonts designed by Douglas Vitkausk, whose work has amassed over 12 million downloads! Free for personal use only.


      03. Laundromat 1967

      Laundromat 1967 by Last Soundtrack

      This cool Laundromat 1967 typeface would make a great newspaper-type ransom note design. Developed by designer Gyom Séguin aka Last Soundtrack, this is one of 46 fonts he’s crafted. The full set of this particular type features uppercase letters and numbers. Free for personal use only.


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      Yahoo considering rebranding?

      This is the logo you may be soon looking at whenever you point your browser to

      The Internet giant have not yet made an official announcement about any change on their identity, but a TechCrunch reader was asked to give a feedback on a new Yahoo! logo while answering an online survey.

      Besides the change of color from purple to a deep blue, which actually still has a lot of purple in it, the most noticeable feature change is the choice for a sans-serif type giving a much more “vertical” look to the new brand. I can’t say that I don’t like it, because the new brand does appeal to me, but letting the Yahoo! serifs go is quite a shame; and they have such a well established identity that I think the great majority of users will miss the old version.

      Take a look at the question and compare both versions:

      One thing is certain, the question in itself is not a guarantee that any change will happen. According to TechCrunch, here’s what a Yahoo! spokesperson said about the online survey: Leer más “Yahoo considering rebranding?”