Cómo se mide la popularidad

Cómo se mide la popularidad

Antes de explicar cómo se mide, veamos un poco qué es la popularidad. La popularidad es un concepto del que desde hace un tiempo se viene hablando, sobre todo por aquellas personas que se dedican a hacer SEO –optimización de sitios- y posicionamiento en buscadores.

Sucede que los algoritmos –complejos cálculos matemáticos- que usan los buscadores para componer su índice de posicionamiento de sitios, y, especialmente Google su Pagerank, contemplan la popularidad del sitio, para adjudicarle el índice que finalmente lo pondrá donde aparece cuando un usuario realiza una búsqueda.

Sucede que desde hace bastante tiempo ya, Google no contempla las keywords, es decir, ignora el fragmento de código que las contiene (por ejemplo: <meta name=”Keywords” content=”popularidad, sitio,indexan,web,buscadores,sitios”>) Leer más “Cómo se mide la popularidad”


The Three Golden Rules of Site Redesigns

Last month I made a New Year’s resolution to schedule myself as a client and rebuild my website. Basically, the design and code had become entirely embarrassing to me. Additionally, the chaos caused by three years of feature-creep and band-aids was extremely frustrating.

Rebuilding a site is a great feeling; it means out with the old and in with a new. A clean slate.

The Three Golden Rules of Site Redesigns

But there are also a number of critical questions to ask when you’re thinking about redesigning your website:

  • The redesign might appeal to a new audience, but will it alienate loyal readers?
  • How will restructuring content affect search engine rankings?
  • Will these changes even make the site any better?

Fortunately, if you follow these three golden rules to redesigning a website, you’ll be just fine.

1. Change the Look, Not the Feel

Change the Look, Not the Feel

When a site has an established audience, changing the design too drastically could be suicide for returning traffic.

Simply put: you do not want your established visitors to wonder if they’ve arrived at the wrong site. But other than that, go nuts! The old design shouldn’t limit you creatively, just take a few key elements and make sure the new site is still recognizable. Leer más “The Three Golden Rules of Site Redesigns”

Let Consumers Be Consumers

So, I’ve decided I need an HDTV.

Ok, so I don’t need it.  But I want one.  After watching another year of blurry playoff football, squinting at text that’s too small to read, and being repeatedly frustrated by 12-year-old gamers repeatedly stabbing me in the back (and laughing at me) because my-TV-doesn’t-have-the contrast-to-see-them-hiding-in-the-dark-bushes, I’ve finally come around to the realization that my 13-year-old Sanyo is simply not cutting it anymore. Leer más “Let Consumers Be Consumers”