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This Google whitepaper examines the changes in video gamer digital behaviors through the lens of millions of tablet, desktop, and mobile searches. It also explores the meaningful link that exists between online engagement and game sales. Our research uncovers the following key trends:

  • More engagement: searches per gamer increased 20% year over year.
  • More research: 4 in 10 searches occur before a game releases.
  • More mobile: 1 in 10 searches happen on mobile devices.
  • More sales: 84% of game sales can be predicted by search clicks.

10 Top Trends in Social Media | by Jeff Bullas

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I visited Italy recently and as we know the Italians are a very stylish bunch. They seem to know what fashion is really about.10 Top Trends in Social Media

They can wear a scarf with fabulous flair, choose the cool hat that sets off the outfit or select a pair of sexy shoes that make them look like a fashion model and that is just the men!

The Italians have taken “style” to a level that the rest of the world can only aspire to.

Trends in Shoes

Now on the topic of shoes it appears that there is a trend that if it doesn’t stop very soon, it is going to lead to many injuries and even possible death as fashionista women fall from great heights after stumbling in their 30 centimeter high heels!

This will lend a whole new meaning to the term “Fashion Tragics“.

I have to admit though that the shoes in the windows of the fashion brand stores of Rome and Florence were not just fashion items but objects of style, art and creativity. Just not very comfortable or sensible to wear but who said that fashion should be sensible.

The Trends in Social Media

My trip to Italy was not just for looking at shoes but to provide four keynote presentations to the BE-Wizard web conference.

One of these topics was on the “Top 10 Trends in Social  Media” and how business can adapt and use these trends to their commercial advantage.

Social media that was initially seen as a fad 2-3 years ago is now firmly embedded in the fabric of the web and is impacting how business markets, communicates and publishes.

Trend #1  Social Mobile

The first trend we looked at was the the rise of the social mobile. The synergy of mobile and social networks is combining to make us addicted to our socially networked enabled smart phones that allow us to view our Facebook or Twitter account anywhere at anytime.

The numbers

  • Current research puts the number of mobiles at north of 5.5 billion devices
  • 1,2 billion have internet connected phones (smart phones)
  • 425 million users use their mobile to check in to Facebook
  • 55% of Twitter traffic is from the mobile
  • 400 million YouTube views are from mobile devices

The implications

  • Huge growth potential
  • Create content for mobile devices
  • Design and develop websites and blogs for mobile viewing
  • Make it easy for viewers to act on that mobile content in a social manner (sharing)

In essence make it easy for people to buy and share your products and services from your mobile phones.

Trend #2 Socialization of Search

Google has realized that social networks are here to stay and consequently invested over half a billion dollars in designing and developing Google+ which they launched in June of 2011.

They have realized that in the battle to stay relevant, social networks need to be prioritized when producing search results.

Google considers social as “core” to its strategy and is using the capture of social signals when delivering information from search engines. Consequently you will see the top social networks appearing high in search results pages.

Also it is embedding Google+ into all its web properties including YouTube and Picassa.

Hence the introduction of the “+1″ button in 2011.

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Cómo mover los círculos de Google+ de una cuenta a otra

Google +

Los usuarios que quieran guardar sus perfiles de Google+ y llevarlos a otras cuentas profesionales o personales sin perder todo el trabajo acumulado, por fin tienen una nueva solución. Lleva planeado desde octubre del año pasado y por fin Google ha lanzado su herramienta de migración. Para poder cambiar los datos de una cuenta a otra, los usuarios sólo tienen que seguir los siguientes pasos… Seguir leyendo “Cómo mover los círculos de Google+ de una cuenta a otra”

Black Hat SEO: Killing Your Rankings [Infographic]


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Google has warned that black hat tactics are “unethical, overly aggressive marketing efforts where a company tries to manipulate search engine results in an unfair way.” Despite Google’s warnings, many Internet companies persist in providing black hat SEO services. The truth is, using black hat tactics on your site can be as scary as facing these slasher movie murderers.

Doorway pages are set up in such a way that a visitor generally cannot reach them through the site navigation. Instead, they are designed to rank well in the search results and lead people into the site through a spammy page, often stuffed with keywords and nonsense content. A good SEO company will steer clear of this SEO killer. Seguir leyendo “Black Hat SEO: Killing Your Rankings [Infographic]”

100 Fun & Useful Search Engines for Writers [Vintage ’08]

Eunice Kanenstenhawi Williams


Both students and professional writers use the web for research, marketing and more. Our list of 100 different search tools can help you manage your business, become a better biz tech or web writer, find primary sources, look up translations, and find the more authoritative information out there with minimal effort. Bookmark your favorites to take full advantage of everything they have to offer.

Meta Search Engines

Meta search engines are especially useful because they bring maximum results to you efficiently and accurately.

  1. Draze: Draze compares searches from Google, Yahoo and MSN all at once.
  2. Dogpile: This multi-search engine features a toolbar, SearchSpy tool and more.
  3. ChunkIt!: This sophisticated tool finds hidden content and is great for serious researchers.
  4. Mamma: Let Mamma help your search. You can search for the web, videos, shopping pages, jobs, the Yellow Pages and more.
  5. WebCrawler: This tool features a toolbar as well as the ability to search Google, Live Search, Yahoo! and Ask all at once.
  6. Clusty: This meta search engine groups similar results together for easier browsing.
  7. MsFreckles: Super organized writers can use MsFreckles to streamline their search and pull up all kinds of results, including definitions, text translations and more.
  8. Trexy: Even absentminded writers can manage their research with Trexxy, a search tool that saves your memory without having to bookmark.
  9. ixquick: This tool is very popular in Europe and keeps your personal information private.
  10. Jux2: Find the most relevant information from Google and Yahoo! when you use this tool.


These old and new favorites are worth using for general searches.

  1. Google: Still one of the most popular tools, Google is fast and easy to use. Newest versions allow you to set up your own personal page, too.
  2. Alexa: Use the general search tool while comparing site traffic and checking up on your competitors.
  3. Live Search: MSN’s search has gotten quite a makeover. Live Search is a sleek design that can pull up web results, images, video, maps and more.
  4. Yahoo!: Yahoo!’s shortcuts and individual channels make it easier to pinpoint what you’re looking for.
  5. Wikia: For a simple, clean search that depends on community recommendations and input, Wikia is a good choice.

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Probando Google Instant Search: mucho más que velocidad

Lo más curioso de probar Google Instant Search es darte cuenta de la evolución de las percepciones a medida que lo haces. De entrada, parece simplemente una demostración de barroquismo tecnológico, un “fíjate lo que podemos hacer”: los mismos resultados, pero apareciendo mucho más rápido, una especie de derroche de medios tecnológicos en pro del preciosismo.

Lo interesante ocurre cuando lo empiezas a probar un poco más en serio, y te das cuenta de que no estamos hablando simplemente de ahorrar tiempo – que es el enfoque que Google le ha dado en su presentación – sino de modificar los hábitos de los usuarios y su manera de enfrentarse al proceso de búsqueda. Lo interesante es ver como, más allá de deleitarte con los aparentes poderes adivinatorios de Google, empiezas progresivamente a cualificar mejor las búsquedas con términos adicionales, cómo puedes modificar tu uso del teclado para automatizar esa tarea, cómo eres capaz de extraer de manera inmediata resultados que antes aparecían enterrados en la página tres, a la que mucha gente nunca llega. Lo interesante no es la función en sí, que de hecho fue desvelada a finales del pasado agosto, sino las implicaciones que va a tener en la manera en la que utilizamos el motor de búsqueda. Mi impresión tras haber estado haciendo un buen montón de pruebas es que su uso resulta casi adictivo, que optimiza enormemente el proceso de búsqueda y que en un tiempo mínimo paso a que no me guste en absoluto la experiencia de abrir un nuevo navegador y probar a utilizar Google en modo tradicional, como antes. Y aquí ya hablamos de cosas diferentes, de cómo establecer una barrera de entrada para competidores, o de cómo calcular las implicaciones ya no para Google, sino para todo el ecosistema que la rodea. Seguir leyendo “Probando Google Instant Search: mucho más que velocidad”

Google patents search that tracks your mouse moves

Google Logo bg:Картинка:Google.png
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By Cade Metz in San FranciscoGet more from this author

Google has patented a system that displays search results and ads based on where you move your mouse.

Mountain View first filed for the patent — dubbed a “system and method for modulating search relevancy using pointer activity monitoring” — in February 2005, and the US patent office rubber-stamped the application earlier this month, as noticed by TechEye.

Search engines such as Google’s already order search results according to click-through rates — i.e., how often users click on particular hyperlinks. The new patent takes this idea a (large) step further, looking to reorder search results by monitoring when users show interest in web content without actually clicking on it.

“If the information being sought…is already available…in the search results (i.e., not requiring the user to click though to receive additional information), [today’s] search engine may not receive user feedback about the relevancy of the informational item to the search,” reads the patent-speak. Seguir leyendo “Google patents search that tracks your mouse moves”

Sitios para detectar contenido copiado

Autor: Gaby MC

Hoy les recomendamos varios sitios para encontrar contenido copiado o plagiado, les ayudará a conocer quienes han estado utilizando su material para publicarlo en otros sitios.

Sitio "Copyscape"

Lista con nueve sitios para detectar contenido plagiado vía pixelcoblog:

Copyscape: este sitio es uno de los mas populares para detectar el contenido plagiado, su uso es muy sencillo, solo debes agregar la url les sitio y este hará solo su trabajo. Otro servicio es que puedes agregar un banner para advertir que el sitio monitorea el plagio.

Fairshare: este servicio es muy útil ya que monitorea como otros sitios plagian tu contenido y también te informa si están lucrando con tu propia información. Puedes recibir alertas de contenido duplicado por medio de RSS.

Duplichecker: este servicio busca el contenido plagiado al momento de escribir el texto en particular o por medio de un documento .txt, solo tienes que elegir entre los motores de búsqueda Google, Yahoo! o MSN, para que te muestre los resultados. Seguir leyendo “Sitios para detectar contenido copiado”

The Market Share of Google in Various Countries

Google Market Share

This world-map image from SE Feng Shui illustrates the market share of Google in different countries across the world.

The color red indicates that the market share is higher than 90% while Google has less than 50% market share in countries that are highlighted in grey. Seguir leyendo “The Market Share of Google in Various Countries”

Añadir una imagen de fondo en el buscado de Google

Por @marcosesperon

google back image 03 Añadir una imagen de fondo en el buscado de  Google

Google ha activado una nueva opción en la versión americana de su buscador web y que próximamente estará disponible para todos los usuarios. A partir de ahora será posible asignar una imagen de fondo para decorar el minimalista buscador web.

Para poder utilizar esta funcionalidad necesitaremos haber iniciado sesión con nuestro usuario de Google al acceder al buscador. Cuando tengamos una imagen definida automáticamente se cargará cuando accedamos a la página del buscador, ajustándose al tamaño de la ventana del navegador – por eso es aconsejable utilizar imágenes en formato horizontal. Seguir leyendo “Añadir una imagen de fondo en el buscado de Google”

Tips for the improvement of your place of Web site

Social Media Marketing & PR 2.0 by Extanz.com
Image by Yann Ropars via Flickr

If you want your Web site to be able to outside make competition against million other pages here, you must assicurarti that your place of Web site reveals in the result of Search Engine. However, it is not enough from revealing on third or the quarter of the fifth page. The customers today observe very rarely the past that the first page of Google turns out. For assicurarti that your Web site can be raised outside in feet, you will have to increase your place of Web site. Fortunately, there are several senses that you can make this.

The places of Web site are calculated using several different methods. An important method is organic On-page SEO, or the optimization of Search Engine. What this the means is that satisfying on everyone of your Web pagi with attention it has been written and destined state in order to make sure that takes from a Search Engine. An optimized Web site Search Engine will contain the phrases word details key that are relative to your subject of interest. Seguir leyendo “Tips for the improvement of your place of Web site”

Cómo crear un sitemap para “Blogspot”

Hoy vamos a tratar un tema un poco más técnico de lo normal, pero no por ello menos importante, y os cuento por qué. El primer blog que monté en mi vida fue un “blogspot” de Google y para hablar sobre un tema que me apasiona: los viajes y la gastronomía. Aunque al final, como siempre, acabas hablando de todo un poco, por ser el espejo público de tu alma.

Monté este blog entre otras cosas para ir experimentando con todas las herramientas del mundo online. Qué sabía yo entonces de lo que era un sitemap y mucho menos, poder interpretar el html de los sitios webs.

Quedó mi blog por aquel entonces, huérfano de sitemap (algo imprescindible de cara al posicionamiento en buscadores), porque un “blogspot” no funciona exactamente igual que cualquier otro hosting. Mira tú por donde, que recientemente leyendo un post de Damian Dorfam, un argentino al que sigo (por ser clarito y sencillo) volvió a tratar el tema de los sitemaps, y recordé, que tenía pendiente esa labor.

Me puse en contacto con él, y Damian se molestó en hacer un artículo exclusivamente para dar contestación a mi pregunta. Reproduzco aquí su contestación, gracias a la cual, ¡ya tengo sitemap en mi tierno blog de viajes! y de paso,  ayudo a algún amigo que estaba en la misma tesitura que yo. Seguir leyendo “Cómo crear un sitemap para “Blogspot””