How To Do SEO. A Simple Starter Guide. Vía

A simple language, easy to follow,
basic starter guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


SEO GuidePt 0.Intro.

Introducing The SEO Guide.

This free SEO guide is designed to give you best practice advice on how to optimise your site for search engines.

Rumour and speculation dominate so many aspects of SEO. These myths and mystery have managed to taint the reputation of the search marketing industry, giving the impression that it’s worthless. This is a great shame.

I used to think SEO was worthless; something bolted on to a site when it went live, but I’ve since learned that there’s far more to it.

Those who know me will pay testament to my cynicism, but I can’t stress enough how misunderstood SEO is.

Used well, SEO can seriously improve your site’s performance in search rankings, and subsequently boost your site traffic (and sales) to great effect.

I am going to cover the basics of SEO. It should be all of what you need to know, and is all based on fact and research (gathered since starting work atQueryClick). Unlike many other SEO guides, none of this advice is based on speculation or hearsay.


Part 1 is split in to 4 sections:

  1. 10%of the SEO mix.Technical SEOSite access, page speed, visibility and content duplication.
  2. 35%of the SEO mix.On Page SEOKeyphrase balance, code tags, page elements and retention.
  3. 55%of the SEO mix.Link BuildingInbound links, link relevance and social media.
  4. Other ElementsA few other things to bear in mind while optimising for search.

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