20 Awarded Illustration Print Ads

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Our today’s post consists of some inspirational and interesting Illustration Advertisements, which you do not see usually. These product ads are simply out of the usual run of things. Won’t believe it? Just have a look at these ads!

Dandruff Trails, Escapade

Desinfex: Duel

Lado B: Motel

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Google Earth on iPad…Wow!

Google Earth’s iPhone application has just been updated with iPad support, allowing you to now touch and swipe your way through the high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth and its prior mobile counterparts. The end result is an application that’s well worth the download, especially considering the price is free.

Playing around with the new application, it’s almost as if Google Earth was originally designed for the iPad, but had to limit itself to desktop computers and tiny mobile screens until now. Yes, it’s just that good.

There aren’t many new features in this update (version 3.0) which now bundles in iPad support with the Apple mobile application, a 12 MB download. In fact, the only added feature listed on the iTunes page is a road layer for iPad and iPhone 3GS.

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Google Maps Navigation Introduced In UK, Ireland

Google spreads driving aid for Android devices

People who – deep breath – live in the UK or Ireland, don’t like to get lost, can tolerate beta software, and own a new-ish Android phone are in luck.  An unfinished version of Google Maps Navigation has been made available in the UK and Ireland for Android devices 1.6 and higher.

Google’s idea here is to simplify the task of driving around.  A post on the Google Mobile Blog explained, “Like other satnav devices, Navigation includes 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, and automatic rerouting.  But because Google Maps Navigation is connected to the Internet, it also features powerful functionality you can’t get from other satnav services, including the most up to date map, business, and traffic data, access to satellite and street views, and of course, search.”

And Google Maps Navigation offers voice search, too, perhaps making the tool safer to use than some alternatives.

Of course, this rollout isn’t exactly huge.  However, the release of something in the UK has often represented the start of a domino effect, with Google offering it in several other countries soon after.

We’ll see what happens.  At any rate, there’s at least a certain segment of the population that should appreciate this development, and Google’s shown it remains interested in the mobile market.



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