KitKat la nueva versión de Android Sweet Co-Banding – @kitakat @Android

Sundar Pichai, vicepresidente senior de Google para Android, Chrome y aplicaciones, dijo en una rueda de prensa en San Francisco, que “ahora habrá una versión del sistema operativo que funcionará en todas las versiones de ‘smartphones’ Android”.

Esta medida podría ayudar a Google a garantizar que más usuarios tengan acceso a la selección cada vez mayor de rentables servicios en línea.

El software de Google está presente en el 80 por ciento de los móviles avanzados del mundo, según analistas de la industria. Pero muchos de estos terminales usan versiones antiguas del software, que no son compatibles con muchas características nuevas.

Muchos desarrolladores siguen creando aplicaciones destinadas primero a los iPhone y iPad de Apple, dijo el analista de BGC Partners, Colin Gillis.

KitKat integra la tecnología de búsqueda de Google en el teléfono de varias formas.

Kit Kat
Kit Kat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Como estos dispositivos nos hacen la vida muy agradable, cada versión de Android es el nombre de un dulce: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich y Jelly Bean. Leer más “KitKat la nueva versión de Android Sweet Co-Banding – @kitakat @Android” – please enjoy! – @Humansare2011

HUMANS ARE AWESOME. People Are Awesome, they are brilliant in comparison to all other living beings. Our abilities are amazing and somewhat out of this world. The offical non fail extreme video compilation channel! This time a tribute to GoPro cameras.

Music: Time by Luckner ft. Sophie Louise please download

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WordPress is 10 years old today: Here’s how it’s changed the Web – thnxz @TheNextWeb

WordPress, the blogging and content management system, is 10-years old today.

The platform has evolved in the past decade from being a basic blogging service to something that has helped people and brands become more social and changed how we communicate on the Web.

157762876 520x370 WordPress is 10 years old today: Heres how its changed the Web

Started by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress is an open source service where anyone can make modifications to the code to improve their blog and make it something that works for them.

Bloggers who use WordPress are able to apply design themes to their sites while also integrating third-party plugins easily. Since it’s open source software, there isn’t a need for an approval process before someone can implement a new feature.

As of this writing, the latest version of WordPress has been downloaded more than 21 million times.

Has it already been a decade?

For Mullenweg, hitting the decade mark was a bit startling for him. In a blog post, he waxed nostalgia about the platform he helped create:

Has it really been 10 years? It seems just yesterday we were playing around on my blog, and the blogs of a few high school friends. Two of those friends are married, one isn’t anymore, two are still figuring things out, and one has passed away.

You were cute before you became beautiful. Wearing black and white, afraid of color, trying to be so unassuming. I know you got jealous when I wore those Blogger t-shirts. They were the cool kids at SxSW and I thought maybe you could grow up to be like them.

You wouldn’t have shirts of your own for a few more years. We didn’t know what we were doing when we made them and the logo printed ginormous. People called them the Superman shirt and made fun of them. But, oh, that logo — the curves fit you so well.

WordPress emerged onto the scene when users had the option of posting their thoughts on services like XangaLiveJournalMySpace, and Blogger. One difference between all of these other systems and WordPress was the option for users to simply download the platform and install it right onto their own servers. With this self-hosted model, Mullenweg managed to help make it more accessible and flexible for not only users, but for businesses who wanted more control.

Taking WordPress on the road

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High Performance Landing Page Templates for High Funnel Keywords – Thnxs @ioninteractive



At this year’s Conversion Conference in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of presenting three tactics for getting more bang for your paid search buck. I say it was a pleasure, because it truly was. You see, prior to falling into this crazy world of post-click marketing, I was a pre-click kind of gal. My life revolved around SEO, social media, online PR and of course, PPC.

With the paid search world always in the back of my mind, it was just awesome to present on a topic that merged PPC and optimization so well. Plus, who doesn’t want more bang for their buck, am I right?

As post-click marketers, we understand that every click your visitors make leads them somewhere and we happen to think that should be amazing post-click experiences. The only way to make them amazing to your paid search visitors, is to ensure that they’re giving visitors the right information in the easiest to digest format.

This varies greatly based on whether your visitors search query is considered a high or low funnel keyword. It’s this differentiation that gives you the first opportunity to get more return on your spend. Let’s start with the basic layout. This is what I refer to as PPC meets Landing Page, 101:

Once you’ve identified the type of traffic you have, high or low funnel, you can then start to really think about the type of experience best suited to that visitor’s mindset and where they are in the buying cycle. This is a crucial step.

The Right Format for High Funnel Keywords
Remember, these people aren’t ready to buy, they’re seeking more information and it’s your job to give it to them…without asking for anything in return. These experiences need to:

  • Stay problem-focused and solution-driven. It’s about selling the solution, not your product
  • Include industry-leading proof and build expert credibility
  • Serve a lot of masters coming from a wide range of wants and needs
  • Please everyone without disappointing anyone

You see, the challenge with creating landing pages for high funnel keywords, is that you don’t really have a read on your visitor yet and they certainly may not know you. At this point, the goal should be delivering lots of rich content that meets a variety of complex needs without overwhelming anyone and still directing them to an end conversion (easy, right?).

In reality, it’s not easy. In fact, it’s downright hard and often requires a high degree of template creativity and content control.

Full article here 🙂



Lo mis amigos comparten en Facebook


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Sobre programadores y mercados (sí, volviendo al tema) |
Dos circunstancias convergentes me traen de nuevo al tema de los programadores, su abundancia o escasez y su remuneración. Un tema al que vuelvo de manera recurrente porque le doy una importancia absolutamente fundamental para el futuro de nuestro país, y que ya generó una interesantísima discusión en los pasados meses de junio y julio.

La primera circunstancia viene de una conversación larga de hace unos días con Xavier Renom, emprendedor español afincado en San Francisco y fundador de Justinmind (enhorabuena, por cierto, por haber sido elegida como herramienta de prototipado en Stanford University), conversación en la que me comentaba que contratar programadores en los Estados Unidos era algo sencillamente fuera del alcance de las startups normales, por su elevadísimo sueldo y su escasa o nula fidelidad.

Por otro, y confirmando esos comentarios, este más que recomendable artículo de Jon Evans en TechCrunch titulado How long will programmers be so well-paid?, en el que intenta analizar las variables económicas que provocan una enorme carestía de programadores en el mercado norteamericano.

En efecto: los programadores en los Estados Unidos son carísimos, un trabajo envidiable, con un estatus social elevado, y con la percepción de que la situación tiene todavía muchísimo años de recorrido a pesar de la irrupción progresiva de programadores teóricamente más baratos desde países emergentes. Las referencias a los sueldos de los programadores, en torno a una media de $125.000 más beneficios extrasalariales múltiples, planes de pensiones, stock options, etc. en el caso de Google o Facebook, pero muy similares en otras, suenan en equivalente patrio a hablar del mito de El Dorado.

El artículo me parece de obligada lectura para todos los que estén de una u otra manera relacionados con este negocio, porque transmite muy bien en qué consiste el trabajo de programador (genial la viñeta de Abstruse Goose al respecto) y porque deja claro que el perfil demandado es ese al que de verdad le gusta programar, enfrentarse a retos, formarse de manera continua, probar nuevas herramientas, nuevos lenguajes, nuevos objetivos. Muchos de los temas que salieron en aquella fenomenal sesión que tuvimos el pasado julio en Utopic_US, explicados por alguien que obviamente sabe de qué está hablando, y que además lo comunica bien.

La historia completa en el Blog de Enrique Dans


Technology Will Only Solve 1/3 of Your Social Business Problem | Logic+Emotion


Screen shot 2012-09-30 at 6.30.45 PM
I’m behind on writing a bit as I’ve just returned from Norway and before that, Dreamforce in San Francisco. It was my first time attending and speaking at Dreamforce and to be honest, I was completely taken back by the extravagance of it all. With Keynotes from heavy hitters such as Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Imelt and even Colin Powell, not to mention entertainment provided by the Red Hot Chili Peppers—I can only estimate that the event cost tens of millions to produce.

Salesforce also made good on what many observers were already suspecting—it has begun to package and consolidate acquisitions of social platforms Radian 6 and Buddy Media into what’s now known as “Marketing Cloud” moving forward. Shel Israel shrewdly views this as a pivot to catering to CMOs as part of the strategy to convert an enterprise to “social enterprise” and in short follow the money trail as companies grapple with how to integrate social at scale.

But amid enjoying some of my favorite tunes belted out by the Peppers in an outdoor venue filled with well over thirty thousand people complete with free beer and wine I couldn’t help but think this:

“all this money—and companies will only be solving one third of their social business problem”  Leer más “Technology Will Only Solve 1/3 of Your Social Business Problem | Logic+Emotion”