Wallpaper: Find your pot of Gold

Author Larissa March
This leprechaun was an exploration of simple shapes and subtle texture.

Yes, in March leprechauns and the color green are cliché.   So, I chose to embrace that cliché and focus on exploring a specific illustrative technique which includes elements of playful awkwardness and subtle texture.

For this leprechaun, I chose to exaggerate his features by choosing a top-down perspective resulting in intentional distorted proportions. His head is big and his feet are small.  The first step was to sketch him out using old-school pencil and paper.


Next, I brought him into Photoshop and added color with a focus on creating depth playing with the contrast of light and dark values. Finally, I added subtle textures to enhance the volume of the shapes and create tangibility beyond a flat illustration.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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