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Human Resources Department: Role Within the Organization

The existence of a human resources department is vital to overall productivity and efficiency of the strong workforce in any thriving company. In most professional organizations, the role of the human resources department is not sidelined or eclipsed by other departments. In fact, good human resources can be one of the most valued and respected departments in an organization; their job is people, and people are the company’s most important asset. Leer más “Human Resources Department: Role Within the Organization”

Expectations and Realities – Attracting Young Talent


An employer’s brand is its best asset to attract bright, young talent. The Millenial generation, more than any other, needs to know why working for a specific organization is beneficial to them. Millenials also have a strong need to understand and believe in the work they perform. The candidate value proposition addresses the candidate’s needs and provides perspective by describing the employer’s unique attributes. Leer más “Expectations and Realities – Attracting Young Talent”

Empowering Employees: Get Better Results from Almost Any Team

By: Eric Herrenkohl, Monster Contributing Writer

Here you are with a team of people for whom you are responsible. You have a few stars, some promising but green talent, and a few low performers. Your job? Quickly get better results from this group without a lot of help from your boss or anyone else. What do you do? Through my work in assessing and coaching leaders, here are some step-by-step strategies that I have seen work most every time. Leer más “Empowering Employees: Get Better Results from Almost Any Team”