The 10 Most Popular Facebook Marketing Presentations

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Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to engage your target audience.The 10 Most Popular Facebook Marketing Presentations

Often the content that we have on our computers that should be shared with the world to promote your brand remains hidden and offline.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are well known social media and social networking channels that can help spread your content and ideas.

Slideshare is an often forgotten and undiscovered social media platform where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations and make them visible to the world wide web.

The power of Slideshare is that it is easy for people to spread your visual ideas by

  • Sharing from the platform on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Making it downloadable
  • Enable it to be made a  favourite
  • Allowing people to embed it in their blog or website
  • Email it to friends and colleagues

Here are some popular Slideshare presentations on Facebook Marketing.

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