How To Measure Your Loyalty Program’s Incremental ROI – vía @cmo_com

Prior to launching a loyalty program, smart marketers build ROI models…

…that forecast incremental profits based on anticipated lifts across three key customer revenue variables: average order size, yearly purchase frequency, and yearly retention rates. These models make assumptions on funding, breakage, and participation rates to estimate results.


  • How can you tell what loyalty members would have spent if no program existed?
  • New customers are a particularly good segment to break out for high-level comparison.
  • The purest way to measure incremental lift is to randomly assign every existing and new customer to a control group.

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For example, “Compare Members versus Nonmembers” section, we performed the following analysis:

• Identified every shopper, loyalty program member and nonmember that made at least one purchase over first three months of loyalty program. For the member group, the purchase had to be made within 24 hours of registering for the loyalty program.

Add the Shopify App to your Website & Supercharge your Sales!

When you create an online shop to start selling online, you want your store to be perfect. It needs to display your products in the most beautiful way, to be simple, user-friendly, maintain a high sales and retention rate. Shopify delivers all these, big time.
The new Shopify app means fantastic news for online store owners: you can now enjoy the integration between Wix’ stunning layouts and Shopify’s most advanced eCommerce platform.

Let’s see just how good this gets:

Ease of Use

With a simple click, you can add the Shopify app to your Wix HTML5 website. Customizing and editing is an intuitive and easy process. Just add your products with images, titles and descriptions and you’re good to go.

What the Shopify App Can Do for your Website

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