Facebook Finding More Ways to Compete with Google

Google has its fair share of competition from a variety of angles. Apple is getting a great deal of the attention in this regard (making two big moves yesterday), but Facebook is up there as well. Facebook is already a key competitor in terms of where people spend their time online. Facebook expanding its presence all over the web only increases that, and will likely play a big role in the diversification of how people obtain information – in other words, maybe a little less Googling. Some of us have even speculated on the possibility that Facebook could one day create it’s own AdSense-like network.

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How Big is This Facebook Thing Going to Get?
By Chris Crum

Apparently Facebook is not content with only taking over the web, but wants to get some penetration into the physical world as well. Taking a cue from another dominant company, Google, Facebook is now giving brick and mortar businesses decals to put in their windows. While Facebook tells WebProNews the decals are currently only a test with a small number of businesses, I would expect this to be expanded in the future.

Is Facebook a worthy competitor to Google?

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Let Consumers Be Consumers

So, I’ve decided I need an HDTV.

Ok, so I don’t need it.  But I want one.  After watching another year of blurry playoff football, squinting at text that’s too small to read, and being repeatedly frustrated by 12-year-old gamers repeatedly stabbing me in the back (and laughing at me) because my-TV-doesn’t-have-the contrast-to-see-them-hiding-in-the-dark-bushes, I’ve finally come around to the realization that my 13-year-old Sanyo is simply not cutting it anymore. Leer más “Let Consumers Be Consumers”