Estadísticas de uso de códigos QR #infografía | vía @MarketingMovil

El marketing con códigos QR es cada vez más habitual: campañas de fidelización que permiten participar en promociones, encuestas de satisfacción de clientesinformación de productossupermercados vitualesinformación turística, etc.

La infografía que taremos hoy incluye estadísticas interesantes de códigos QR. Quizá el número más llamativo es el porcentaje de aumentos de códigos QR, que va en la línea de otros estudios como el del segundo trimestre de 2013 de Scanlife en el que se observa la tendencia claramente ascendente en el uso de estos códigos. Aunque Enrique Dans se haya hecho eco de la muerte de los códigos QR en su blog, parece que están aquí para quedarse los códigos QR están más vigentes que nunca.

En un año, el número de empresas que incluyen los códigos QR en su estrategia de marketing o van a incluirlo se ha triplicado.

Estadísticas de uso de códigos QR en marketing móvil #infografía

También es interesante observar que, pese a que la cuota de mercado de Android es muy superior a la de iPhone, en número de escaneos de códigos QR están muy equilibrados. ¿Será que los usuarios de iPhone navegan más e interactúan más con él?

¿Para qué se utilizan los códigos QR?
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Anuncio publicitario

How to get started in mobile marketing – thnxz to @qrcodepress

Mobile marketing has reached the point of explosion, and it is now perfectly clear to most marketers and businesses that taking part in it and using its techniques is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.


To start, business owners must recognize that failing to begin a mobile strategy right now could be suicide.

The first step to getting started is to actually begin. It’s not enough to just know that you need to mobile optimize and start reaching out to smartphone and tablet users. You need to act. Just deciding isn’t going to make it happen. Begin to find out what types of approaches are available so that you can consider their implementation.

Full story >here<  🙂

Business owners should find an experienced, professional mobile marketer to help to build this strategy. 

Strategy must be discussed from the ground, up, and it should address the following components:

• Mobile web – optimization of the original website or the development of a new site designed specifically for the smaller screen.
• SMS (short message service) – also known as text messaging, which can send discounts, contests, and other promotions to consumers, regardless of whether they have smartphones or feature phones.
• Mobile ads – these are typically a hard sell, but in specific circumstances can be highly beneficial.
• QR codes – two dimensional barcodes help to bring the real world and mobile world together and are exceptionally inexpensive to create, implement, and use.
• Check-in apps – last year saw a skyrocketing use of these applications among users of smartphones.

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ToiletThink it’s a’s initiative against the spread of HIV virus amongst women.
Get more info at

Información de ToiletThink

Le più recenti statistiche mostrano come i casi di HIV attribuibili a rapporti sessuali non protetti sfiorino il 78,8%. E secondo le nuove diagnosi le donne italiane paiono essere le più colpite, con tassi d’incidenza in costante crescita.

10 Properly Designed Promotional Campaigns on Facebook – thnxz @onextrapixel !

The new Facebook page layout also known as Timeline provides us with tons of opportunities to promote and advertise any content or products via visual means. Many brands grasped this idea long go – the corporate Facebook pages design is the key to a brand’s popularity and fans close engagement.

We’ve already examined best showcases of creative incorporation of brand design into social media. In addition to attractive business pages, brands also organize stand-alone campaigns on Facebook devoted to a new product launch, sales and important events such as company anniversaries.

10 Properly Designed Promo Campaigns on Facebook

Now it’s time to examine top 10 successful promo campaigns on Facebook that brilliantly integrated their appeal into a special design on their Facebook pages.

Full article & design examples! 🙂

10 Properly Designed Promo Campaigns on Facebook

First, let’s define the criteria of what significant elements make up a successfully designed Facebook campaign:

  1. Cover photo: A cover photo is one of the best helpers to inform your audience about brand news and upcoming events. Some intricate details on their usage are listed below.
  2. Timeline images: Timeline images include branded content, coupons, QR codes, etc. An unusual approach to distribute important content and info in the form of images on the social network increases fans’ engagement.
  3. Milestones: A creative add-on is also able to constitute a harmonious design biosphere of a Facebook promo campaign.
  4. Apps: Promo apps fit the overall design, educate or entertain the Facebook audience, they also inform about news, upcoming events or new services.
  5. Events & Contests: Offline promotional meetings are an integral continuation of marketing activities in social media. Contests ensure maximum reach of the audience that will 100% include a fan’s friends there for broadening your potential audience.

If all these puzzle units merge together (or at least the chosen ones will be joined perfectly), you’ll get thousands of fans who will eye-worship your page and many loyal clients who will stream to your website or store, longing for a new product, service or special offer.

Now let’s look at some Facebook pages for the best design examples of promo campaigns and analyze their tricks.

Full article & design examples! 🙂

QR used on toilet paper to promote HIV awareness – thnxz @qrcodepress

An Italian charity is using the quick response barcodes for education in public restrooms.

 QR codes toilet paper HIV charity

Sieropositivo, a charity in Italy that works to promote HIV awareness, is using QR codes printed on toilet paper in public restrooms to help to spread the word about the disease and increase the knowledge that women have about the way that it is spread.

Women who visit those lavatories can use their smartphones to scan the barcode.

The toilet paper with the QR codes is being used in women’s public washrooms in trendy clubs located in Milan and Rome. The women who actually visit those bathrooms will notice that the toilet paper rolls have a question printed upon them, as well. It asks:

“When you use a public restroom do you fear diseases? What about when you have sex?”

Full article 🙂

British War Memorial Incorporates QR Codes – thnxz to @QReateAndTrack

According to an article from the Huffington Post, “special panels have been installed at First World War memorials enabling the public to use their smartphones to learn about the history of the service personnel who lost their lives.”

Over 100 panels are being places across the UK as educational tools to shed light on the events of WWI. The article goes on to say that, “when scanned with a smartphone, the QR code provides access to information including personal stories of some of the casualties buried or commemorated at the memorial.”

Roughly 100 years after the first World War, this QR Code campaign is meant to offer an effective and long-lasting educational facet to the war memorials. Prince Edward was quoted as saying, “it is a powerful means of combining traditional methods with new technology to ensure we never forget.”

These efforts by the British government signal more widespread acceptance for QR Codes and various mobile technologies – a bridge from historic events to our smartphones.

See more practical uses of QR Codes in the Wild >>>

QR codes bring new life to the packaging at CRC – tnhxz @qrcodepress


The manufacturer of the products has announced that its labels will now be smartphone friendly.

CRC Brakleen manufacturer,CRC Industries, has announced that it has launched a whole new look for the packaging of its DIY penetrants and lubricants which includes QR codes to allow smartphone users to gain more information about the products.

The new packaging has already been added to the products, which are now on the shelves and bays in repair shops.

The marketing manager for the company, Dori Ahart, explained the strategy for changing the product packaging and adding QR codes by saying that “The new look is more retail-friendly, yet still easily recognizable as CRC, a brand that professionals have trusted for more than half a century.” Ahart went on to say that the new product labeling provides a prominent display of the item while highlighting its primary features.

It was pointed out that the QR codes will be important for helping customers access additional information.

Ful article here 🙂

McDonald’s rolls out new packaging designs | by Dorian Cioban

McDonald’s is starting strong in 2013 by unveiling a new set of freshly redesigned beverage cups and carry-out bags, but there’s a catch: the new designs contain a scannable QR code which, due to immensely growing popularity of smartphones enables users to more easily find our more information about the products they consume. Along with the scannable point of interest, the design of the package is oriented towards brand storytelling with appealing, trendy illustrations.

Kevin Newell, McDonald’s Chief Brand Officer stated that the new packaging is designed to enagage with
consumers in such way that it celebrates McDonald’s, as well as providing more information on nutritional values:

“Customers tell us they want to know more about the food they are eating and we want to make
that as easy as possible by putting this information right at their fingertips.” Continuar leyendo «McDonald’s rolls out new packaging designs | by Dorian Cioban» | News

Mcommerce study predicts increase by 300 percent in 3 years

Though smartphones will play an important role over the holiday season, by 2015 there will be massive growth. The results of a recent study by Tapjoy have shown that while the next couple of months should be quite defining for mcommerce, over the next three years, the sector will increase by well over 300 percent (up to 362 percent in the United States). This will occur as more consumers buy smartphones and use them to make their … Read entire article »

Mobile commerce app to be used year round by Sears

The application had previously been used on a seasonal basis to drive sales. As Sears releases the 60th edition of its Wish Book catalog it is also releasing it in a mobile commerce format for iPads for the second year in a row. The retailer’s catalog has become a holiday tradition for many shoppers. Sears is attempting to make certain that the catalog … Read entire article »

What is NFC Technology…

Near field communication (NFC) technology embodies a set of standards for smart phones and other mobile devices that establish communications between such devices using radio frequencies.
These transmissions can only be facilitated over short distances, hence the name of the technology.
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QR codes encourage more recycling
QR Codes help encourage recycling

The Whangarei District Council in New Zealand is using mobile and prizes to boost their programs.

A new promotion from the Whangarei District Council in New Zealand is taking a mobile friendly approach to promoting the use of its recycling program by using QR codes to give people the chance to win prizes when they recycle properly.

The six week program will run until December 3, to draw attention to the new permanent bins.

The permanent recycling bins will be located on the city streets, as well as one at Tutukaka on the foreshore. They will each feature QR codes that can be scanned by smartphone using recyclers, so that they can enter into draws that win points that will earn different types of prizes.

The QR codes recycling campaign is joining the “It’s a Karma thing” campaign by Love NZ.

The council has joined forces with the Love NZ campaign program called “It’s a Karma thing”, which allows QR codes and GPS technology to be used for scanning bin codes in order to earn larger numbers of “Karma Kredits.”

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Use QR Codes to Get More Facebook Likes –

A store had this large QR code poster at the entrance window that read – “Like our Facebook Page for offers.” I scanned the QR code with my mobile phone and it redirected me to the store’s website that wasn’t quite mobile-friendly. I spent around 8 seconds on the website but couldn’t locate the Facebook Like button and left.

It was a missed opportunity for the brand as the QR Code failed to generate an additional Like on the Facebook Page.

QR Code with Facebook Like

Encourage Social Action with QR Codes

What the store really needs is a dedicated landing page that would provide customers an option to quickly “Like” the Facebook Page without confusing them with too many options. Also, the design of this page has to be mobile friendly as there’s a 99.99% probability that customers would use a mobile phone to scan the QR code on the go.

Scan this QR Code for a sample.

If you would like to build a similar landing page that encourages people to Like your Facebook Page and Follow you on Twitter, you can start with this simple template. The changes you need to make include…   Continuar leyendo «Use QR Codes to Get More Facebook Likes –»

Optimizar el uso de los códigos QR desde el marketing y ganar en ventas

08/10/2012 El uso de este sistema está creciendo de forma llamativa a nivel internacional. Se utilizan en los paquetes de cigarrillos, en los supermercados y hasta en la vía pública. Cómo aprovechar la herramienta para llevar a cabo una comunicación efectiva

Los códigos QR se han convertido en una herramienta de marketing muy importante.

Con el tiempo, se fuerno extendiendo a distintos terrenos y hoy se los puede ver en paquetes de cigarrillos, en diferentes productos de supermercado y hasta su uso en la vía pública es cada vez más común.

Sin embargo, esto no quiere decir necesariamente que todas las marcas los utilicen de manera adecuada.

Por eso, y para evitar posibles errores en el marketing a través de los códigos QR, Mobile Zeitgeist citado por Marketing Directo, propone los siguientes consejos:

1. No utilizar el sistema «por que sí»
Los códigos QR están de moda y eso hace que algunas marcas se animen a atilizarlos de manera completamente irreflexiva.

Pero, antes de lanzar una campaña de marketing con códigos QR es importante tener claro a quién se dirige ésta, y también dónde y cuándo se desarrollará.

Asimismo, es preciso determinar con antelación el objetivo de la campaña y determinar si lo que se busca es despertar la curiosidad del consumidor, simplemente ofrecerle soluciones o, además, proporcionarle algún tipo de beneficio.

2. Ofrecer valor exclusivo al consumidor
Como en toda acción de marketing, la utilidad de un código QR debe ser reconocible para el consumidor.

Cuando el cliente se toma la molestia y el tiempo de escanear un código QR, es para obtener algo a cambio, ya sea en forma de acceso a un concurso, un juego, un contenido exclusivo, simplemente un regalo o wifi gratis. Continuar leyendo «Optimizar el uso de los códigos QR desde el marketing y ganar en ventas»

In Singapore, QR codes on beers help bar patrons initiate anonymous conversations


If Greek consumers can use augmented reality and a chocolate bar to convey a secret message to a friend, it only stands to reason that patrons at Singapore-based Harry’s Bar should be able to use a beer bottle for much the same effect. Enter the Bottle Message, a new technology now in use at the multi-bar chain that lets shy patrons send anonymous notes to each other using beer bottles embellished with QR-enabled tags.

Conceived in partnership with ad agency Cheil Singapore, the Bottle Message system aims to let anyone start an anonymous conversation with another patron at Harry’s Bar, according to a Digital News Asia report. Launched in August at the company’s Harry’s Esplanade outlet, the Bottle Message system gives customers a QR code tag with the purchase of any beer. Once they download the Harry’s Bottle Message mobile app, those customers can then scan the QR code with their smartphone and write an anonymous message. The tag is then flipped over and placed on a second bottle of beer, and the patron asks the bar’s staff to deliver it to the fellow patron they have in mind. After the recipient scans the QR code, the two can chat using the mobile app. The video below explains the premise in more detail… >>>>  Continuar leyendo «In Singapore, QR codes on beers help bar patrons initiate anonymous conversations»

Lápidas con códigos QR: el cementerio ahora es multimedia



Smartphones para rendir tributo a los seres queridos

Resumir la vida de un ser querido que ha fallecido en tan sólo una pequeña descripción grabada en piedra puede ser algo del pasado con la introducción de un código interactivo en las lápidas.

La compañía funeraria Chestear Pearce de la ciudad de Poole, en el sur de Inglaterra, ofrece añadir códigos de respuesta rápida (QR por sus siglas en inglés) en las lápidas que conectarán los smartphones con memoriales ilustrados con imágenes, videos y contribuciones de la familia y los amigos.

El director de la funeraria, dijo que los códigos QR hacen posible que los visitantes descubran mucho más sobre la persona enterrada bajo la lápida que simplemente la edad, la fecha de nacimiento o muerte y el típico pasaje bíblico o cita literaria que normalmente suele inscribirse en ellas.

«Trata de mantener vivo el recuerdo de las personas de diferentes formas», dijo a Reuters el director, Stephen Nimmo.

«Cuando pierdes a alguien, ya sea de forma repentina o tras un proceso prolongado, puedes atravesar muchas dificultades. Hablar de ello es muy importante, y mantener su recuerdo también, y eso es lo que hace este añadido», sostuvo.

Los códigos QR, códigos de barras que se pueden escanear con ‘smartphones‘ o escáneres QR, permiten a los usuarios acceder a información en Internet y se utilizan frecuentemente en campañas publicitarias. Continuar leyendo «Lápidas con códigos QR: el cementerio ahora es multimedia»

QR codes can be highly practical when you know how to use them

QR codes

Though marketers continually debate their value, these barcodes can be very useful.

This year has seen a massive use of QR codes by marketers, but consumers have been slow to catch on to what these digital barcodes are and how they can be used.

While some say the technology’s time is up, others say it is just about to take off.

The reason that there are so many marketers, brands, and companies still hanging on to the hope that QR codes will soon become commonly used among consumers, is that they are exceptionally inexpensive and simple to produce, and can be highly practical when they have been properly implemented.

QR codes have already been shown to be useful for brands and consumers alike.

Some examples of situations where this technology has been successfully used and where consumers have consistently participated include the following:• Temporary tattoos for children – Parents are always concerned about having their children go missing when they are out in public. Whether they are at the mall or at a busy theme park or festival, it can be very easy for a child to wander off within a matter of seconds. When the child has temporary tattoos of QR codes, it means that they can provide good Samaritans and staffers with the ability to scan the code and obtain the parents’ contact information, such as a cell phone number. Continuar leyendo «QR codes can be highly practical when you know how to use them»


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