7 Lessons Learned From Launching 5 Products | by Neil Patel

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Over the years my co-founder and I have launched 5 products, and we’ve helped hundreds of other companies launch their products. Sadly I can’t say that each launch was successful, but I did learn what not to do over the years.

From each launch we’ve gotten a better understanding of what should be done and I can confidently say that I have a formula for every product launch. Here are 7 things I learned from launching 5 products:

Lesson #1: Collect emails, even before your product launches

One of the first products that I ever launched was Crazy Egg. The launch was very successful, but it wasn’t because I knew what I was doing, instead I got lucky.

Before we even launched Crazy Egg we created a landing page that showed off the product and had an email opt in box for people who wanted to be notified when the product launched.

We didn’t have any traffic coming to the website, so I bought $10,000 worth of banner ads on all the popular CSS galleries. Within months we collected over 20,000 emails from people who were interested in using Crazy Egg.

When we launched roughly 500 of those 20,000 people signed up for our product. We should have had at least a few thousand convert, as our product was a freemium one, but a lot of the emails on our list were stale as we hadn’t emailed them in over 6 months. The big lesson I learned here was that we should have created an email drip sequence in which we kept all of the people on our list up to date with what we were doing versus sending them one email about our launch.

Before you launch your product make sure you create a landing page where you can collect email addresses, as it is never too early to start your customer acquisition efforts. You can easily do this through LaunchRock.

Once you setup your landing page, make sure you follow up with your potential customers on a regular basis. You can keep them up to date with the progress of your product, educate them, and notify them about your launch.

Lesson #2: It’s never too early to get press

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7 Lessons Learned From Launching 5 Products

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