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 by Vartika

Black is a classic and elegant color and it can make designs look really beautiful. Black and White are common colors that we can found in every other design. But when it comes to the use of a single black color it just make the design stand out in the crowd. In this post I collected some classic black business cards for theinspiration of business card designers. Here you will notice the richness and classis look of Black Business Cards.

Vinyl Record Business Cards

black business cards

Line Corporate Business Card

black business cards

Guido Ricci Mase

black business cards

Quick Response Business Card

black business cards

Dominique Rougeau

black business cards

Alpis Design

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30 Unique Business Cards ***very nice, a touch of creativity in business***

***very nice, a touch of creativity in business***

Unique business cards can help you to stand out to potential clients. Being more memorable will often result in being more likely to get hired. Fortunately, there are all kinds of possibilities to create unique business cards. In this post we’ll showcase 30 examples for your own inspiration.

Popup Business Cards

Popup Business Cards

QR Code Business Card

QR Code Business Card

Tie-Shaped Business Card

Tie-Shaped Business Card

Drink Me Creative

Drink Me Creative

Optometrist Business Card

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Giveaway: 100 Custom Flyers from Next Day Flyers

 by Jacob Gube | http://sixrevisions.com/


Click here to open Next Day Flyers - Club Flyers page in a new browser tab/browser window.

We’ve partnered up again with our wonderful friends at Next Day Flyers to give away two sets of 1/4-page flyers with free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. Each set contains 100 flyers. Flyer printing can be used and customized for a variety of purposes including promoting a club event, marketing a small business and sending out announcements. Read on to see how you can win!


** Update: Giveaway Period Has Ended **

About Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers is an offset printing company offering an array of printed materials such as flyers, business cards, postcards, brochures, tickets and more.

They’re not newcomers to the industry. They’ve been in business for 13 years and have over 100,000 satisfied customers.

And with longevity comes experience. They know what their customers are seeking and how to meet the high expectations.

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35 – Account Of Business Cards For Successful Businessmen



A professional business card always leaves a long-lasting imprint with anyone that holds on to them, it has a very distinctive context like meeting, conversation and functions where we can publicize our company, services and brand. These are delightful business cards completed by artistic designers, this roundup collection will give you inspiration, I added latest source for each business card also have some previous posts related awe-inspiring business cards.

ICG – branding

ICG - branding

Popular Front

Popular Front

Scenaria – corporate identity & design

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30 Fun and Fantastic Wedding Invitations

In the past, we featured creative business cards on WDD that show incredible creativity in order to promote a business, however, business cards seem to pale in comparison to some of the card designs you’re going to see next.

As you’ll see below, weddings invitations have been overflowing with creativity, with couples wanting the guests to start experiencing their special day from the moment they receive the invitation, way before the big event.

This collection consists of 30 unique, crafty, and fun wedding invitations. You’ll see everything from circus-themed invitations to cards designed to look like comic book covers.

Enjoy the collection, and share your comments at the end of this post as well as links to other great wedding invitations…


Beach Theme

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Business Card Design Starter Kit: Showcase, Tutorials, Templates

Professionals in any field should always keep business cards on them because you never know when you’ll meet a potential client, partner or like-minded person. Despite their small size, business cards are one of the most powerful and handiest marketing tools. Not only do they create a link between you and your new contact, they’re also a quick way to give a great first impression. Business cards promote your skills and achievements and serve as a little container for big ideas.

Don’t underestimate the process of designing business cards; a well-made card does not just share your contact details: it generates further sharing and buzz. Like any self-promotion tool, designing a business card requires solid brainstorming and careful implementation to get the best effect.

This post targets a diverse audience. It features a collection of remarkable business card designs that could help you in your search for creative ideas. The round-up of fresh tutorials and business card templates further down might come in handy for those who don’t have the skills or experience to design their own.

[Offtopic: by the way, did you already get your copy of the Smashing Book?]

Showcase Of Original And Memorable Business Cards

Letterpress Cards

Letterpress printing has actually been the only form of printing text and images since it was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century. Because of its distinctive qualities, such as crisp and tangible impression onto paper, letterpress work is now widely used for branding and identity development. Letterpress gives stronger visual definition to type and artwork and has a special touch, which is why it’s a popular technique for business card printing. Below you can see some beautiful examples of letterpress business cards.

John Henry Donovan
On this business card, the fine design created by Irish designer and developer John Henry Donovan is complemented by the printer’s excellent choice of paper and inking.

John Henry Donovan in Business Card Design Starter Kit: Showcase, Tutorials, Templates

Greg Anderson
This card works because of the stylish dirty texture, good use of color and, of course, letterpress. Designed by Thomas Guy.

Greg-anderson in Business Card Design Starter Kit: Showcase, Tutorials, Templates

Chris Piascik
The funky typography of freelance graphic designer Chris Piascik is set off well by the letterpress work on his business card.

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9 stupid things a CMO did today

by ian

Chief Marketing Officers have an average tenure of about 6 months. In corporate terms, that’s somewhere between the duration of gnat’s belch and the time it takes my son to eat a slice of pizza. So they live under a lot of stress, and they’re constantly pushed to turn around flagging campaigns in days or weeks. It makes them do some, er, quirky things. For example, they will:

How to Design Your Business Card

As web designers and developers, we often overlook printed marketing materials.  But on occasion, they can come in very handy: at conferences, when we meet face-to-face with clients, or when we happen to run into someone we might want to do business with. Having business cards is a great way to promote yourself in the physical world.  Of course, since web design is a creative field, you’ll want your business card to serve as a sort of mini portfolio that displays your skills. You should put the same time and energy into designing your business cards that you put into designing a website.  And the skills necessary to design a business card can be easily adapted from those that are required to design a website. Read on for more information about how to design your business cards.

Size and Shape

Standard business cards are 2″ x 3.5″, in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Horizontal is more traditional, but plenty of people and companies now opt for vertical layouts.

There are a few benefits to the standard sizing, the primary one being that it’s generally less expensive because it’s common. The other big benefit is that it is immediately recognizable as a business card, and will fit in standard business card holders.

But just because business cards are traditionally a 2″ x 3.5″ rectangle doesn’t mean you can’t deviate from that size and shape. With modern printing and cutting techniques, virtually any size and shape can be used for your business cards.

Die cut cards are particularly popular. Some opt for a traditional rectable, but with rounded corners or some kind of cutout shape within the card.

Others opt for an entirely custom shape, often reflecting their logo or a company theme or mascot. Just remember that anything too complex is likely to get bent or otherwise misshapen, which may defeat its purpose.

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How to use clichés

Image representing Wikipedia as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

I love this definition from Wikipedia:

In printing, a cliché was a printing plate cast from movable type. This is also called a stereotype. When letters were set one at a time, it made sense to cast a phrase used repeatedly as a single slug of metal. “Cliché” came to mean such a ready-made phrase. The French word “cliché” comes from the sound made when the matrix is dropped into molten metal to make a printing plate.

To save time and money, then, printers took common phrases and re-used the type.

Along the way, they trained us to understand the image, the analogy, the story. Hear it often enough and you remember it. That training has a useful purpose. Now, you can say ‘Festivus’ or ‘There is no I in team…” or “that took real courage” when describing a golf shot, and we immediately get it. Monty Python took a cliché about the Spanish Inquisition and made it funny by making it real. The comfy chair!

The effective way to use a cliché is to point to it and then do precisely the opposite. Juxtapose the cliché with the unexpected truth of what you have to offer. Apple does this all the time. They point out the cliché of a laptop or a desktop or an MP3 player and then they turn it upside down. Richard Branson takes the expected boredom of a CEO and turns it upside down by doing things you don’t expect.

I often use the Encyclopedia of Clichés to find clichés that then inspire opposites. It’s a secret weapon and it’s all yours now. Have fun.

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