Who Owns Social Media?

Written by Christina Schmitz  | jeffbullas.com/

Resistance is futile.Who Owns Social Media?

As the debates continue on the control of social media within organizations, as well as the ongoing legal issues regarding ownership of social profiles, networks and passwords, only one thing is certain:

Moms are the New Community Managers

They’re asking all of your departments to climb on board to own the experience that matters to them:

  • Sales and Marketing for the information to make educated purchase decisions for their families.
  • Customer Service to be there when something goes wrong, or applaud when things go right.
  • HR to experience the people, family policies, and the tech aspects of your business when they seek career movement.
  • PR and Communications to stay updated and reference in times of crisis.
  • IT for tech support (or social customer support).

While I’m convinced that moms are the ultimate marketers of their domains, as more digital natives add parenthood to their job description, these tech-focused and social-savvy moms will become your customers, prospects, employees, and your competition.

Understanding the changing demands of this new generation of moms, and the diverse ways a business can serve them, can provide a sample case for social media as an organization-wide endeavor.

Moms Need the Information Now

There are a couple of great infographics that spell it out, including the PCMag.com “Moms Embrace Social Media, Smartphones (view below),” and Mashable’s, “This Is Your Mom on Social Media.”
Moms and social media

Infographic source: PCMag

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