40 Beautiful & Inspiring .Org Websites

The .org domain, being short for “organization”, was originally intended for non-profit groups or organizations of a non-commercial character. Since non-profits and big design budgets aren’t normally associated with one another, it’s refreshing to see such great design in these types of websites. So for this post, we’ve put together a list of .org websites that are beautiful and guaranteed to inspire you.

Spring: Supporting Local Biodiversity

Spring is a funding program of The Sprout Fund. Program support is generously provided by The Pittsburgh Foundation. Complementing Pittsburgh’s status as North American Host City for the United Nations World Environment Day, as well as the International Year of Biodiversity, Spring offers local opportunities for the citizens of Southwestern Pennsylvania to join these global efforts.



A global cause backed by Bob Marley’s vision of hope and unity.


Participatory Politics Foundation

The Participatory Politics Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to increase civic engagement. PPF develops websites that create new opportunities for engagement with government. Voting is important, but we have a chance to go further and create a political process that is meritocratic, creative, and participatory.

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Fantastic Roach Paper Art by Cliff Maynard

Cliff Maynard is a 38 year old male artist from Pittsburgh, United States. He is a maestro in Chronic Art, or — to be more specific — Roach Paper Art. Unusual but true, he uses unrolled roaches for his designs. His work is very original because his concept is unique and he has experimented with portraits from Jesus Christ to Bob Marley. The result is truly remarkable. Maybe that’s the reason why his art work always seizes attention. You can find more information about the artist and his work on Cliff Maynard’s website.

Roach Paper Art

Bob Marley

Bobmarley in Fantastic Roach Paper Art by Cliff Maynard

Jimi Hendrix

Jimmyhendrix in Fantastic Roach Paper Art by Cliff Maynard

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…And How NOT to Behave When Being Squatted

When you’re a marketer wielding a hefty brand, it’s not easy discovering a social network you hardly paid attention to has blown up overnight — and, worse still, the name of your brand is being squatted by unofficial brand representatives.

That’s what happened with Heinz and Twitter. But this isn’t really Heinz’s story; it’s the story about its squatter.

On AdAge this week, Michael Werch, who squatted the HJ_Heinz handle for two weeks, describes his pre-squatter objectives and what he’s learned since. His qualifications: that the brand be global, with little social media presence, and that he be genuinely enthusiastic about it.

That’s how he settled on username @HJ_Heinz, where he posted photos of the famous ketchup bottle and shared tips, recipes and company lore in a positive voice.

Werch studied Heinz closely, noting residents of its native Pittsburgh share in the brand’s success, and engaging with them. He also registered the Twitter account under a number of Twitter directories. In short, he behaved like a responsible brand representative, at no cost to the oblivious ketchup label. Seguir leyendo “BEING HJ_HEINZ: LESSONS LEARNED FROM BRAND SQUATTING”