Cinemagraphs™ –

by Jamie Beck and Kevin BurgPress

The History of Cinemagraphs

jamie beck and kevin burgA Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly.

Visual Graphics Artist Kevin Burg began experimenting with the .gif format in this style in 2009 but it wasn’t until he partnered with photographer Jamie Beck to cover NYFW that Cinemagraphs were born. Marrying original content photography with the desire to communicate more to the viewer birthed the cinemagraph process. Starting in-camera, the artists take a traditional photograph and combine a living moment into the image through the isolated animation of multiple frames. To quote supermodel Coco Rocha “it’s more than a photo but not quite a video”.

Beck and Burg named the process “Cinemagraphs” for their cinematic quality while maintaining at its soul the principles of traditional photography. Launched virally through social media platforms Twitter and Tumblr, both the style of imagery and terminology has become a class of its own. The creative duo are looking forward to exploring future display technologies for gallery settings as well as pushing this new art form and communication process as the best way to capture a moment in time or create a true living portrait in our digital age while embracing our need to communicate visually and share instantly.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg reside in New York City.

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55 Brand New Adobe Photoshop Actions for 2013


In the past we have written on Photoshop actions for touchups related to photography enhancements. But it is common for designers to release their actions for free attribution on certain projects. And many of these newer releases are difficult to track down without scouring the Internet for links!

Thus I have put together this collection of 55 fantastic new Adobe Photoshop actions for photo enthusiasts. Graphics editors will adore many of these which provide a solution for generating clean effects in many different photos. Plus each of these examples is completely free to download from the source! Most of the actions posted are from DeviantArt which keeps download links in the sidebar area. But spend some time poking around the showcase below and see if you can locate any actions which look particularly interesting.

by Jake Rocheleau

Idiot Actions

photoshop actions freebie downloads dribbble shots

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15+ inspiring galleries // thnxz to – @designerdepot @TheGainesColl –

We are very visual beings. We like to see it to believe it. And sometimes we don’t trust our brain as much as we trust our eyes. Making decisions is often easier when you see something rather than if you take in a bunch of information about that something.

By Kendra Gaines Connect with her.

Could you imagine trying out a new restaurant without seeing food from their menu? Could you imagine purchasing a shirt online without actually seeing that shirt? How about working with a developer and not knowing what sites they’ve worked on? All these things sound farfetched because we have to see something.

Visuals help build trust in that same vein, that we must actually see it to understand it’s real. Web designs have become very image heavy as of late because we want to do less reading and more seeing. We don’t want to have to make difficult decisions about easy things. Just show us the offering and we can go from there.

Our best bet is to create images galleries. Image galleries come in many forms to many different sites and of course make the most sense. We now have a place to put all our work or our products so visitors can see what we have to offer. Today we’ve found some of the most interesting, intuitive and innovative image galleries we could find. So, let’s jump right in…

Arnaud Beelen

To start, let’s break out of the entire notion that our thumbnails have to even be squares. Arnaud has created perfectly spaced parallelograms to show off his thumbnails. This is immediately interesting and stands out from the thousands of portfolios that are all too square.

Big Human

Big Human has done an absolutely wonderful job making an image gallery with easy to use and understand navigation. Utilizing the arrow keys on a keyboard, the developers here have made it second nature to scroll through images and skip to different projects. This is a great idea that I’d love to see implemented more.

Big Human

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Los teléfonos inteligentes están matando la fotografía |


Por J.D Rucker

Los teléfonos inteligentes están matando la fotografía  En esta era de dispositivos móviles que pueden hacer casi cualquier cosa que incluso una versión más vieja podía hacer, una cosa que ha sufrido (en mi humilde opinión) es la fotografía. Hay quienes dicen que la abundancia de fotografías que se están adoptando y compartiendo es más que una compensación justa por la calidad baja y la atención al detalle que hizo una vez el  hacer una fotografía y mostrar algo que no requería una batería cargada, pero aun así perdía los maravillosos resultados de una fotografía tomada correctamente, desarrollada y posicionada.

La explosión móvil ha hecho que esto sucediera. Nadie va a negar que estos dispositivos han cambiado la vida de casi todos en el mundo, pero aún así es triste para aquellos de nosotros que fuimos a clases de fotografía, aprendimos a trabajar en un cuarto oscuro, y pasaba horas de fijación de una imagen sin la ayuda de Photoshop . Los niños de hoy pueden pasar toda su vida sin el manejo de un rollo de película.

Link: >>> hot shots!

Dreamstime – A Superlative Stock Photography Service

Dreamstime – A Superlative Stock Photography Service

Various uses of stock photography have made its supply necessary for creative assignments, so many people now don’t hire any photographer now, instead of hiring a photographer they use stock photos to fulfill their wishes because it’s pretty cheaper way and of course easy too, they simply buy stock photos online now and those of you, who are looking for a best resource to get stock images, your search is over now – here’s what you’re looking for. Look no further, use Dreamstime that offers impressive stock photography at very impressive rate. Yes you can find free stock photos too over Dreamstime, this reason make it unique.

This service is sourcing stock photos from worldwide contributors, according to an estimate the Dreamstime have up to 14 million photos currently. The service uploads more than 400,000 images per month, it features a library for images that is growing continually according to impressive rates. Even the service is available in many languages including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Greek and more. This stock photo agency doesn’t only focus on images but also on community-based development model that known as Dream Team.

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_______________________________________________________________30 Technology Web Designs

30 Technology Web Designs

Our lives depend on technology, and the shortest power outage can reinforce this fact. We use technology for everything from communication to food and water. The internet is perhaps the most revolutionary technology of our lifetimes, and the internet itself is full of other new technologies. Since technology plays such a key role on the internet, it’s no wonder that a ton of technology websites now exist as well.

Everything from app websites to ecommerce website creator tools have their own sites dedicated to them. Each of these sites has to have a design that stands out from the crowd and matches the function of the technology. In this post, we’ll look at 30 technology web designs.

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10 grandes herramientas para investigar online

See on Scoop.itGabriel Catalano human being | #INperfeccion® a way to find new insight & perspectives

10 recursos muy interesantes encontrado en Fractus Learning:

EVERNOTE: Imprescindible. Es una de las mejores herramientas para recopilar recursos procedentes de fuentes muy diversas. Se trata de una aplicación multiplataforma que sincroniza notas, fotos, documentos y páginas web.

HOW STUFF WORKS: Lleno de explicaciones y resúmenes fascinantes y claros, en inglés, para niños y niñas. Consegue mezclar conceptos académicos con la cultura popular

ARTCYCLOPEDIA: perfecto para investigar cualquier cosa relacionada con el arte. Una extensa base de datos que cubre artistas, movimientos y colecciones

SPARK NOTES: Una herramienta para ayudar al alumnado a familiarizarse con la literatura. Ofrece una base de datos muy amplia, en inglés, con resúmenes, análisis de carateres… de grandes clásicos

INTERNET HISTORY SOURCEBOOKS: amplia colección de dominio público cuyos textos tienen un formato especialmente dirigido al uso educativo para Historia, y cubren temas desde la Historia Antigua, el medievo, la Edad Moderna, Bizanzio…

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS RESEARCH TOOLS: La Biblioteca del Congreso comprende una colección de recursos muy atractivos que no puedes dejar de ver. Leer más “10 grandes herramientas para investigar online”

How to Go Beyond Stock Photo Cliches

Stock photos are an excellent way to make a website communicate visually. They are inexpensive and high-quality photos are easy to obtain. There are plenty of well known stock photo websites that have new collections of images added to them every day. But still, many websites still use the same cliche photos – here are three popular examples to learn from and avoid:

The Value of Team Work

Working as a team

This image has several variations, but the general idea is always the same. “We are a friendly, warm organization that values its bright team members. We are empowered through our inner cooperation”.

The World is in your Hands

World in hands

You’ve probably seen this image on clean-tech websites or any websites promoting a “green” agenda. The world is after all, a pretty small place as it’s nesting warmly in a delicate hand. We are closely connected to this planet and are positioned to take care of it.

The Customer Service Girl

The customer service girl

She’s young and beautiful and always has a smile for you – the customer. She is also very responsible looking, which is how you know you’re in good hands. This is the company I want to hire! If you recognize one or more of these images, you get the point. Some images have just been overused, especially in web design. However, there are solutions and alternatives to using this type of photos.

How to Avoid Cliches

Use illustrations

Using illustrations instead of photos is a great option. Good illustrations can convey lots of personality and unique character. You can find great stock illustrations to make a statement and convey a message. Illustrations tend to be bolder and less ordinary compared to the average stock photo. A few years ago it would have been a tough task to find websites that use illustrations. But times have changed, and today, some extremely successful websites use illustrations.


Go Abstract

Pictures of people acting in a certain way draw attention, especially when the photos represent a particular demographic that you are inviting into your website. However, high resolution abstract photos, can give a site a modern feel. They can convey a certain emotion that you wish to communicate or be associated with. Often times, images which are less literal can give a site a sophisticated appearance. Careful though, abstract photos can damage your website if you use them as a replacement for photos

Go abstract

Use Styling 

You can always enhance a stock photo and give it a different, more unique style. If you have zero graphic design experience, get some help from a designer. The point is that you can easily turn a regular stock photo into an “original” by applying modifications such as filters and collages. For example, you can remove the “box”, the frame around the image, and integrate the subject of the photo seamlessly into your site’s background.

Moving company Wix website template

Stock Photo  Sites with a Twist

If you’re looking for photos with an added twist, be sure to expand your search to sites like Flickr and Morguefile.


For more “niche” type of photography that includes landscape, illustrations and art, visit Deviantart and Whoophy.

Using Instagram Photos

Photos can turn out awesome through use of Instagram’s  simple filters. As a result, many amateur photographers can produce compelling photos on their smartphones. Some brands have even started integrating Instagram photos into their product pages – why not integrate yours – or others’ –  into your website? Have a look at web.stagram,  Instagram’s web version, to browse through images on your desktop.

Use Instagram

Instagram copyright policy generally states that “Instagram doesn’t own the images – Instagram users do”.  To view the restrictions imposed on a particular photo, look at the label placed by its owner. You can always contact them directly and ask to use their creation.

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