Link Round Up


We wanted to try something different this week.

Every day we come across dozens of inspiring, insightful, or just plain entertaining links. Here’s some of our favorites we wanted to share.



Holy wow. This experiment created by Peter Blaskovic has left us with mouths ajar. He’s created a painting program that allows users to create their own flaming masterpieces! Check it out –try your own and be sure to check out the Flame gallery.

Should Managers Know How To Code?

It’s a common debate amongst the management-side and the ones in the trenches. Scott Berkum explores this topic in a recent blog post.

Project 15

Fifteen rules I live and design by” as declared by our Creative Director’s alter-ego Dixon Garett. My favorite is 12: Those who see the glass as half-full or half-empty aren’t seeing the whole picture.

Making Magic

Mike Arauz explains what makes magic – when tricks and storytelling combine. Take Rick Jay for example, a great slight-of-hand artist. He’s equal parts storyteller and equal parts trickster, making him one amazing magician.

The Shirky Principle

Wired’s Kevin Kelly builds on the observations of NYU professor, Clay Shirky. “Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.”  When is it time to let go of the problems we’ve grown so accustomed to solving?

Mark Twain on Writing

A link passed on by our Copywriter, Faelan: Nothing helps me write good copy like reading the advice of a master. Almost always the same rules apply (both of us are telling stories after all), and they make me stay focused and keep my message clear.

Come across anything shareable? Feel free to post it in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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