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At this year’s Conversion Conference in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of presenting three tactics for getting more bang for your paid search buck. I say it was a pleasure, because it truly was. You see, prior to falling into this crazy world of post-click marketing, I was a pre-click kind of gal. My life revolved around SEO, social media, online PR and of course, PPC.

With the paid search world always in the back of my mind, it was just awesome to present on a topic that merged PPC and optimization so well. Plus, who doesn’t want more bang for their buck, am I right?


As post-click marketers, we understand that every click your visitors make leads them somewhere and we happen to think that should be amazing post-click experiences. The only way to make them amazing to your paid search visitors, is to ensure that they’re giving visitors the right information in the easiest to digest format.

This varies greatly based on whether your visitors search query is considered a high or low funnel keyword. It’s this differentiation that gives you the first opportunity to get more return on your spend. Let’s start with the basic layout. This is what I refer to as PPC meets Landing Page, 101:

Once you’ve identified the type of traffic you have, high or low funnel, you can then start to really think about the type of experience best suited to that visitor’s mindset and where they are in the buying cycle. This is a crucial step.

The Right Format for High Funnel Keywords
Remember, these people aren’t ready to buy, they’re seeking more information and it’s your job to give it to them…without asking for anything in return. These experiences need to:

  • Stay problem-focused and solution-driven. It’s about selling the solution, not your product
  • Include industry-leading proof and build expert credibility
  • Serve a lot of masters coming from a wide range of wants and needs
  • Please everyone without disappointing anyone

You see, the challenge with creating landing pages for high funnel keywords, is that you don’t really have a read on your visitor yet and they certainly may not know you. At this point, the goal should be delivering lots of rich content that meets a variety of complex needs without overwhelming anyone and still directing them to an end conversion (easy, right?).

In reality, it’s not easy. In fact, it’s downright hard and often requires a high degree of template creativity and content control.

Full article here 🙂



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Learn how to use landing page software in tandem with your current marketing automation solution for exceptional results.

Integrating LiveBall with your marketing automation solution can help you to generate results unlike anything that you could achieve singly. In this guide, you’ll learn how to leverage the Power of Two to create a wider variety of better experience with less effort, more sophistication, greater insights, and streamlined testing.


50 Landing Page Best Practices

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Landing Pages

From templates to testing and everything in between, this jam-packed best practices manual contains 50 expert tips and strategies for building the best landing pages.

You’ll gain valuable insights such as how to integrate your landing experience with a post-conversion audience, and how to build audience-specific landing pages. In addition, we’re revealing a trove of testing strategies, including which elements are most important to test on your pages.


Landing Page Toolkit

This workbook takes you step-by-step from creating landing pages to optimizing them for high-conversion. Learn strategies for testing, segmenting, and messaging success. We even included extra workpages for future use. Read the toolkit and start making high-performance pages today.









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Marketers spend a lot to win clicks. We think every one of those clicks should lead to a great experience. Our cloud-based platform, LiveBall is used by hundreds of global brands to create and optimize post-click web experiences. We also offer a wide-range of strategic services for companies who need help in the planning, executing and optimizing of their post-click programs.

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Another 5 Points of Landing Page Relevancy | ioninteractive.com


Over the next few weeks, I will be taking you through the 5 dimensions of conversion-oriented landing experiences, showcasing some examples of pages that are Relevant, Engaging,Authoritative, Directional and that Yield Optimal. In the final post, I’ll give a checklist for conducting your own R.E.A.D.Y review. So, let’s get started with the first dimension — Relevancy.

A relevant landing experience makes sure visitors’ expectations are met, by fulfilling on its pre-click promise. How do you know if your page is relevant? Start by reviewing your ad, then use the five points of relevancy to gauge your effectiveness.

  • 1. Fulfills Promises
  • 2. Targeted & Specific
  • 3. Design Matched
  • 4. Visually Appealing
  • 5. Speaks the Audience’s Language


Love at first click | ioninteractive.com

First impressions matter.

For a large number of prospects in the digital world, their first impression of you is what happens when they click on one of your ads. Maybe it was a display ad that caught their eye. Maybe it was a search ad that appeared on a Google results page for a topic they were researching. Maybe it was a sponsored link in Twitter that aligned with their social interests.

For a brief, magical moment in a ridiculously noisy and crowded marketplace, you’ve caught their interest.

That’s a heroic accomplishment, and one that you no doubt paid handsomely to achieve. A recent IDC report on high-tech marketing budgets shows marketers allocating 23.6% of their digital spend on display ads and 15.9% on search ads. That’s a lot of money being spent to win that moment of attention.

But if someone clicks on your ad — another brief but crucial victory! — how do you capitalize on that moment that you’ve invested so much to win?

The baseline is giving them what you promised in that ad. It’s a complete fail if you don’t.

(Surprisingly, there are still a large number of companies advertising on the web that don’t cross that very low bar. Don’t take my word for it. Do a Google search on something of commercial intent, read the ads, and click through to their destinations. How many fulfill their promise? How many fail? For most categories, it’s a sorry ratio of broken promises.)

Historia Completa

What’s The Best Time Of Day To Send Emails? [Infographic] | ReadWriteWeb / Enterprise

Email blasts may seem like the out-of-touch old fogey of online marketing, but there’s a reason they keep hanging around: They still work. But that doesn’t mean most businesses understand how to get the most out of them. One of the biggest, hardest-to-answer questions has always been: When is the best time to send out messages? Finally, we have some hard information.

As an editor at a number of publications over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to maximize the effectiveness of email newsletters. And I’ve ended up in endless discussions of what time would be best to send them out. And there are literally millions of articles on the Web trying to answer that question. Continuar leyendo «What’s The Best Time Of Day To Send Emails? [Infographic] | ReadWriteWeb / Enterprise»

Organic vs. Paid Search Results: Organic Wins 94% of Time

See on Scoop.itGabriel Catalano the name of the game

Search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results on Google and Bing by a margin of 94 percent to 6 percent. That’s according to new research from GroupM UK and Nielsen, published today by eConsultancy, based on a sample of 1.4 billion searches conducted by 28 million UK citizens in June 2011.

On the organic side, the research also broke down brand vs. non-brand click-through rates, as well as click-throughs by vertical. On the paid side, the research revealed some demographic data about who is most likely to click on PPC results. Finally, it determined whether Google or Bing delivered more successful searches.

Organic Search Results & Click-Through Rates

Others have previously tried to gauge organic click-through rates (CTRs) for the top 10 results on Google and Bing, resulting in varied percentages, but with a recurring and obvious theme: the higher you rank, the more people click on your website; the lower you rank, the less clicks and traffic your site gets. Thus, ranking high on Page 1 is of ultimate value to every website.

Unlike previous studies, however, the GroupM UK and Nielsen study broke down the search queries into branded and non-branded. Overall, users clicked on one of the top three results 68 percent of the time:

Result 1: 48 percent
Result 2: 12 percent
Result 3: 8 percent
Remainder: 32 percent
On branded searches, the top search result overwhelmingly received the most clicks (which makes sense, considering the search is likely navigational in nature)>>>  Continuar leyendo «Organic vs. Paid Search Results: Organic Wins 94% of Time»

Online Marketing: What Numbers Really Matter to Your Business? | via inboundmarketingexpert.org


Just a couple of decades ago, one of the biggest challenges businesses faced was trying to calculate how much mileage they actually got from their advertising and marketing efforts. The reason this task was so hard was because most options for determining whether new customers were the result of a recent campaign or an existing channel weren’t that accurate.

Thanks to all of the online analytics tools that are now available, businesses can easily see exactly how customers are getting to their website. However, just because this information is available doesn’t mean that every challenge has been eliminated. Since these programs are so good at collecting information, instead of having a shortage, many businesses are now drowning in data.

If you have lots of data at your fingertips but don’t know how to use it to improve your bottom line, here’s what you should be paying attention to:

Are Your Active Marketing Efforts Paying Off?

If your website received more visitors this month than it did last month, it’s easy to assume that your active marketing efforts are paying off. However, that conclusion may be incorrect. If you’re currently focusing on a channel like social media marketing or PPC advertising, digging into your analytics may reveal that the increase is actually the result of another source such as natural search engine traffic. While that doesn’t mean you need to abandon your current marketing focus, knowing what’s actually happening is crucial for making informed decisions about your marketing efforts.

Which Channels Convert the Best? Continuar leyendo «Online Marketing: What Numbers Really Matter to Your Business? | via inboundmarketingexpert.org»

50 Google Analytics Resources – The 2011 Edition

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable resources for webmasters, marketers, business owners, bloggers, and anyone who does practically anything online. The best part is that Google Analytics is free! The following are 50 resources to help you get to know Google Analytics inside and out, from the new version, latest updates, social engagement tracking, advanced hacks, and much more!

Google Analytics 5 and the Newest Features

Google Analytics 5 and the Newest Features

Want to get started with the latest and greatest version of Google Analytics? Then check out these resources highlighting the new features of Google Analytics 5 plus other minor and major changes to the Google Analytics system this year.

  1. 14 Awesome Features in the New Google Analytics V5 – You may have read about this on the Google Analytics Blog or on other blogs that are talking about the new Google Analytics v5, but with this article the author shares 14 awesome features that I love in the new version of Google Analytics.
  2. Google Analytics Demystifies Visitor Behavior With Multi-Channel Funnel Reports – One of the biggest challenges in analyzing conversions to your website is figuring out which channels contributed to a goal conversion. A new change to Google Analytics now allows you to see when multiple channels contribute to a goal.
  3. Update Made To Definition Of A Google Analytics Session – The author describe why it is important and how this can affect some Google Analytics accounts (mostly companies that misuse Google Analytics campaign parameters), and what you can do to make sure you are on the right track.
  4. 9 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics 5 – Nine awesome things you can do with Google Analytics 5 that will help you get the most out of your analytics information and use it to improve your website’s content, conversions, and user experience.
  5. A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 5 – Version 5 of Analytics has just rolled out to many users (look for the “New Version” link at the top of your page after you’ve logged into Analytics to check it out), and there have been some fairly significant user interface changes.
  6. How To Gain Great Insights With Google Analytics Dashboards – All about Google Analytics’ new dashboard, including how to create (multiple) dashboards, the possibilities of the new dashboards, a few examples for your own dashboards, and suggestions for new features.
  7. 10 Kick-Butt Features in Google Analytics V5 – Here are ten features you’ll want to check out, the moment they’re available in Google Analytics 5.
  8. New Google Analytics Feature: Load Time Measurement – With the addition of Site Speed to Google Analytics, we will be able to understand how load times affect not only search ranking (or ppc quality score), but also how it affects user experience and ultimately, the conversion rates of specific pages and the site as a whole.

Google Analytics, PPC, and Search Engine Advertising Continuar leyendo «50 Google Analytics Resources – The 2011 Edition»

La anatomía de una “landing page” perfecta


Las landing pages, aquellas a las que llega el usuario después de haber hecho clic en un anuncio online, son un ingrediente clave para alcanzar el éxito en la publicidad en internet. Sin embargo, sigue habiendo anunciantes que siguen descuidando este importante factor. Para ponerles sobre la pista correcta, Kissmetrics ha publicado una infografía en la que disecciona la anatomía de una “landing page” perfecta.

Según Kissmetrics, los elementos de una “landing page” eficaz son los siguientes… Continuar leyendo «La anatomía de una “landing page” perfecta»

landerapp – Crea una Landing Page profesional sin saber programar ni diseñar

Con ella podemos diseñar páginas de presentación usando plantillas, crear formularios, integrar todas las redes sociales y sistemas de CRM, y, a mi ver lo más importante: realizar tests A/B para determinar cuál de los diseños elegidos es el más efectivo.

La versión gratuita permite hasta 500 visitas al mes, aunque podéis usar el código LanderTW183 para obtener un 80% de descuento, teniendo una validez de 6 meses y pudiendo ser usado hasta en 100 cuentas (es aplicable hasta el 31/05/2012).

Una excelente alternativa al conocido unbounce.com

 | wwwhatsnew.com

Tener una página de presentación de un proyecto aún no abierto es extremadamente importante en una realidad en la que los usuarios beta son fundamentales para obtener un feedback en el momento adecuado: antes del lanzamiento general.

Actualmente existen varias soluciones que permiten tener una Landing Page en pocos minutos, aunque pocas de ellas permiten la flexibilidad y personalización de esta herramienta que nos presentan hoy: landerapp.com  Continuar leyendo «landerapp – Crea una Landing Page profesional sin saber programar ni diseñar»

¿Cómo realizar una atribución correcta de conversiones? 1ª parte ‹ de Marketing Online

Hasta el día de hoy, plataformas que marcan una tendencia como las de Google Adwords, utilizan el modelo de atribución de crédito de conversiones al último clic, dentro de un período de 30 días, que es el que dura la cookie de campaña. Esto provoca que muchas conversiones fruto de primeras visitas al site que han generado campañas muy genéricas, se las terminen acreditando las campañas de marca u otra más específicas en una etapa más avanzada en el ciclo de compra (ver artículos sobre ciclo AIDA).

Como os podéis imaginar, es claramente un problema ya que no se está atribuyendo el verdadero impacto de las campañas “sembradoras” sino sólo a las “cosechadoras”. A juzgar por esta información, mucha gente decide parar sus campañas genéricas, o reducir la inversión, y esto es el primer error que se suele cometer. Este tipo de miopía, anula la inteligencia de marketing.

Pero el problema es aún más complejo porque el usuario de hoy es “multicanal”. Esto quiere decir que ni Adwords, ni los buscadores son las únicas fuentes de impacto que un usuario tiene en su ciclo de compra o previo de iniciar el mismo.

Via Scoop.ithuman being in – perfección

¿Qué es mejor, atribuir conversiones al primer clic o al último? . ¿Atribuir más peso al primero que al último, o al último que al primero?. La verdadera respuesta es: ninguno de las anteriores.
Para ser más claro, y en palabras que creo que esbozó un gran profesional de la analítica web, Mikel Chertudi, “No existen modelos correctos, aunque algunos son útiles“.

Con esta bofetada os anticipo la complejidad, a la vez que lo crítico que resulta el contar con un modelo de atribución útil para la optimización de campañas de Marketing Online, y la optimización de los presupuestos invertidos en las áreas de generación de tráfico que realmente aportan valor a tu empresa. Continuar leyendo «¿Cómo realizar una atribución correcta de conversiones? 1ª parte ‹ de Marketing Online»

Information is free. Knowledge is not.

Knowledge is something else entirely. It’s what you get when you combine information with analysis and experience. Knowledge is information distilled down to actions. It can and should cost you money, or time, or something else. If you want real analysis of the news you just grabbed from the Associated Press, for example, you might go to the New York Times and pay (at least after 10 views). To learn AdWords tricks that can actually help you profit, you’ll buy a book, pay for a seminar or hire a consultant.
You must pay for knowledge in money or effort. If you don’t understand this, you’re going to fail.

Via Scoop.ithuman being in – perfección

In business, everyone keeps confusing information with knowledge. It’s a fatal mistake: Information may get you started, but knowledge is what separates winners from losers.

Information is ones and zeros. It’s raw data, or a list of facts. It’s instructions on filling out a business license, or the instructions Google provides when you sign up for Adwords. The obvious stuff. You can often acquire information for free: Go to the Associated Press for raw, un-analyzed news. Or read a ‘how to’ on building your own car. Continuar leyendo «Information is free. Knowledge is not.»

My problem(s) with ‘inbound marketing’

I want to emphasize that this is a friendly discussion between Rand and I—we’re colleagues and friends, plus our companies are close enough together that he could bring his much more numerous minions to Portent and wipe us out in one afternoon of horrifying nerd slap-fighting. I’ve received a few comments I deleted because they seem to be taking things personally. Please read this post, and Rand’s, and the discussion around them, as they’re meant to be read: An interesting discussion about where our industry is headed, and how we should name ourselves.

Yes, I’ll get hate mail for this one, too.

by  | http://www.conversationmarketing.com

I want to emphasize that this is a friendly discussion between Rand and I—we’re colleagues and friends, plus our companies are close enough together that he could bring his much more numerous minions to Portent and wipe us out in one afternoon of horrifying nerd slap-fighting. I’ve received a few comments I deleted because they seem to be taking things personally. Please read this post, and Rand’s, and the discussion around them, as they’re meant to be read: An interesting discussion about where our industry is headed, and how we should name ourselves.

yeah, I'll get hatemail for this one, too

Yes, I’ll get hate mail for this one, too.

Rand wrote a great post earlier today (or late last night – does he ever sleep?!) about ‘inbound marketing’ and the branding of SEO. I’ve got a problem with the whole idea that we have to rename marketing, or a segment of marketing, just to keep it relevant. Rand says the discussion’s important, and I agree. So, I’m going to discuss at you for a few minutes.

Here are my problems:

UPDATE: Paid versus unpaid

Rand commented below and Carlos to emphasize that to him the split is between interruption and non-interruption, paid versus non-paid marketing. I get that. I really do. But to me there are many forms of paid online advertising that would fit ‘inbound’. In fact, there’s a dwindling list of internet marketing tactics that could be considered ‘interruption’ based. Continuar leyendo «My problem(s) with ‘inbound marketing’»

The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page

Landing pages are composed of a group of definable elements. The building blocks presented below can be used as a guide when defining and creating a perfect landing page of your own!

Click on the infographic below to view a larger image:

The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page

View an enlarged version of this infographic »


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