Working with Other Freelancers: The Power of Outsourcing

By: Kayla Knight

One person can only do so much, and therefore a business consisting of one person can only grow so much. Yet, many of us in this industry love to work alone; we love to call all of the shots and give ourselves full creative freedom. So how can a freelance business have the best of both worlds?

The Power of Outsourcing
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The power comes from working with others, while still maintaining a one-man or one-woman operation. Working with other freelancers by outsourcing, or otherwise known as subcontracting can be a powerful source of business growth for any freelancer. In this post we’re going to discuss some of the benefits of working with others in the field, how to find others to work with, and how to successfully manage a freelancing business that may be actually run by multiple individuals.

The Benefits of Working With Others

All freelancers enjoy working on their own for one reason or another. For some, it’s to set their own hours. For others, it’s to work on the kind of things they want to work on. Then, for the introverts, a solo environment may just be more appealing. Whatever your reason, as freelancers we all take on the same challenges. Working with others in the field can combat these challenges – both the emotional and business related problems.

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Algunas pautas para el control de contratistas

Un breve resumen sobre qué hacer y qué no en materia de control de actividades tercerizadas…
Por Carlos Rozen

Accidentes, incumplimientos contractuales, enfermedad, maltrato a clientes, fraude… Estos son algunos de los problemas que muchas empresas enfrentan en relación con sus contratistas y sus empleados.

Veamos, a continuación, un breve resumen sobre qué hacer y qué no en materia de control de actividades tercerizadas.

Estas consideraciones no pretenden conformar una guía de seguimiento taxativo, sino una colaboración técnica como producto de nuestra experiencia en un importante número de compañías en toda la región. Seguir leyendo “Algunas pautas para el control de contratistas”