The Need to Optimize Human Resource’s Resources | by Jesse de Agustin

by Jesse de Agustin | @emonalytics
Methodology Advisor

Measuring subconscious emotional responses are not only useful when engaging a customer group but also when hiring employees. Traditional personality surveys, behavioral questioning, both in discussion and survey formats, and computerized software give limited applicant insight. Applicant tracking systems are powerful tools; yet especially with organization’s increasing emphasis on ensuring culture fit, the face to face interview is critical – because this is where emotion – both conscious and subconscious are center stage. Interviewers might be aware of  how to ‘read’ generalities of body language, but the advice is often incorrect.  For instance, just become someone looks down, doesn’t mean they’re hiding something.

The typical human resources practices are in need of optimization in terms of how they’re targeted at understanding actual human behavior.

Optimizing Human Resource’s Resources

Personality tests are often used in the hiring process, and are typically administered online. They attempt to delve into specific traits that apply to applicant’s behavior at work, and interpersonal behavior. [1] While these tests can be useful for jobs where teamwork is important, applicants can also easily “fake” responses based upon social norms, or what they believe the employer is “looking for.” Moreover, an eye tracking study shows that all ‘dimensions of personality were fakeable.’ Leer más “The Need to Optimize Human Resource’s Resources | by Jesse de Agustin”