Twitter Hack: 5 Ways to Automate Twitter | by Thomas Samph

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When IFTTT launched in late 2011, tech publications lauded the startup as a haven for nerds. Almost a year later, the same may be true for IFTTT, a website that connects digital channels, from RSS feeds and social networks to cell phones and email clients, into an “If This Then That” formula. But these days, IFTTT is catching a lot more commercial success, in part due to its simple, powerful and easy-to-use interface, but mostly because it simplifies everything.

In celebration of simplifying social media, here are the top 5 ways that IFTTT Twitter automations can simplify your life:

1. Automatically greet a new Twitter follower
Instead of sending messages to new followers individually thanking them for following you, use this IFTTT recipe. First, connect the Twitter channel to IFTTT, then enable the recipe and customize the message that’s sent to new followers. In using IFTTT, you can turn recipes on and off as you like, so if the recipe isn’t working as you’d like it, just turn it off to edit it, then turn it back on when you’re ready.
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