5 Things About the Internet (in Australia)

Some interesting nuggets in the August 2010 Australian Online Landscape Review from Nielsen:

  1. Internet Use: 14.84 million Australians used the Internet in the past month
  2. Stickiest Site: Facebook is responsible for 90% of all time spent on social media sites in Australia
  3. Social: Over 70% of Australian Internet users visited a social media site in the past month
  4. Peak Times: 5PM & Mondays are the heaviest times of the week for Internet use
  5. Mobile Web: Mobile Web usage jumped in the past month – more than 250K Australians accessed the Web through a mobile device

Good to see we remain the most Facebook-addicted country in the world!



Robert Solomon, el gran filósofo de la empresa

Para Solomon, el empresario cumple con una función noble dentro de la sociedad porque contribuye a la satisfacción de las necesidades. El profesionalismo del empresario, señalaba, consiste en brindar un servicio a cambio de una compensación, no a causa de la compensación.

Finalmente, advierte este especialista, para que una empresa funcione correctamente, es necesario que directivos y colaboradores cuenten con las virtudes que forman el buen carácter.

El mundo de los negocios avanza a ritmo frenético. Pero Robert Solomon se tomó unos instantes para reflexionar y construir una filosofía de la empresa…
Por Ricardo Crespo (IAE)

Nacido en Detroit en 1947, Robert C. Solomon es mundialmente reconocido por sus reflexiones filosóficas aplicadas al mundo empresarial. Si bien cursó estudios de grado en biología, Solomon reorientó su carrera hacia la filosofía, cursando un master y un doctorado en la Universidad de Michigan.

Tras sus estudios, emprendió una exitosa trayectoria académica en distintas cátedras universitarias de Princeton, UCLA y la Universidad de Texas, donde se desempeñó como profesor de filosofía y negocios hasta su muerte, el 2 de enero de 2007.

La celebridad en el ambiente empresarial llegó de la mano del libro Ethics and Excellence. Cooperation and Integrity in Business (1992), donde Solomon expone sus conceptos filosóficos aplicados al mundo de los negocios. Veamos algunas de sus reflexiones clave…
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Springwise / News

A few months ago, we covered nAscent Art, which offers a wedding registry service for original art, allowing friends and relatives to make donations towards buying a piece of art for the happy couple. While nAscent was limited to work by New York artists, Giwaza is a gift registry for any piece of art. Launched as Artmigos.com in 2007, the California-based site now returns rebranded, and with improved functionality and security.

Giwaza offers a few ways to go about arranging a collective gift. Visitors to the website can choose a piece from a gallery of work by participating artists and dealers. Alternatively, if anyone spots a piece of art elsewhere that they’d like bought for them, they can submit the details to Giwaza, who will contact the seller to make arrangements for a collective purchase. Finally, consumers who know they want some artwork but haven’t yet decided on a particular piece can set up a fund for donations, and fill in the blanks at a later date.

Operating outside the domain of traditional wedding registries—which typically don’t feature a wide range of art—Giwaza paints an attractive picture for celebrants looking for a unique memento for a special occasion. Giwaza takes a commission using a graduated scale: 19% of the first USD 5,000, 13.5% of the next USD 5,000, and so on. When shared between a group of contributors, this may seem a price worth paying for a gift with a status story. Are there other original gifts missing from registries?

Website: www.giwaza.com
Contact: info@giwaza.com

Spotted by: Andrew Damron

When we wrote about Gramlee’s while-you-wait editing service back in 2008, we noted that there was still widespread opportunity for other contenders. So it wasn’t too surprising recently to come across Wordy, a Danish company that provides quick-turnaround editing of a variety of documents written in English.

Academic text, corporate literature, blog posts and web content are all among the categories of copy that Wordy’s professional editors can handle, with specialized staff available to work on material focused on specific subjects. Clients simply paste their text or upload a file onto Wordy.com, or use a plugin for integrated editing (the company offers a plug-in for WordPress, and an API for use with other publishing platforms). Wordy then instantly returns a free price quote along with an approximate delivery time—EUR 7.68 for 26 minutes of editing on a 440-word document, for instance. If the client accepts, a Wordy copy editor quickly checks the text for grammar, spelling, punctuation and structure—the company can currently accommodate both UK and US English—and returns it in ready-to-publish form. After that point, the client has two business days to accept the work or request a re-edit.

Wordy’s 100-plus editors have already edited close to 80,000 words, with an average speed of roughly half an hour for a 400-word document. Over the course of this year, meanwhile, the company is hoping to scale its platform to begin editing documents written in other languages as well. One to try out—or get involved in?

Website: www.wordy.com
Contact: www.wordy.com/contact

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