Nestlé gets feisty on Facebook over palm oil


Nestlé has been in full damage-control mode ever since Greenpeace likened Kit Kats to bloody orangutan fingers. The international chocolatier has posted no fewer than nine Facebook updates defending its use of palm oil, which Greenpeace says is destroying rainforest habitats. However, the company’s outreach doesn’t seem to be winning over the critics. User comments on the official Nestlé Facebook page have been overwhelmingly negative, with administrators twice asking fans to quit using “an altered version of any of our logos.” The brand’s representatives have also lost their patience a few times, snapping back with comments such as this one, which simply must be read in its entirety: “So, let’s see, we have to be well-mannered all the time but it’s perfectly acceptable to refer to us as everything from idiots right the way down to sons of satan with a few obscenities and strange sexual practices thrown in?” I earnestly feel for Nestlé, which has been battered relentlessly in social media for its international policies, but sometimes the best thing to do is just disengage, go get your house in order and come back when heads are a little cooler. Hat tip to @AdLawGuy.

—Posted by David Griner

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