The Content Marketing Manifesto

Seomoz acaba de publicar esta presentación sobre marketing de contenidos que nos parece bastante interesante, aunque esta en ingles se entiende muy bien, son consejos lógicos y prácticos.


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Giant Shout-Out to Ayn Rand Scrawled on Google Earth via GPS [PIC]

Brenna Ehrlich

Ayn Rand is getting some pretty heavy endorsement via GPS of late, as one man — Nick Newcomen — recently drove 12,328 miles across 30 American states to scrawl “Read Ayn Rand” via GPS data inputted into Google Earth.

Newcomen — who explained to Wired that he undertook this mission simply because he is a Rand fan — took more than 30 days to execute this task, using a GPS logger (Qstarz BT-Q1000X) to create the letters. He started in Marshall, Texas, where he began writing out “Rand,” and then drove on (turning off the GPS whilst not writing) until the entire, “Reading Is Fundamental” sentiment was complete.

You can check out more info on the site World’s Biggest Writing, which also features David Lynchian videos of locations Newcomen visited, most ending with a shot of his almost expressionless face (see below). Seguir leyendo “Giant Shout-Out to Ayn Rand Scrawled on Google Earth via GPS [PIC]”

Moving the line (the power of a zealot)

Extremists move the middle.
by Seth Godin

Compromise is everywhere. Most of us can’t possibly be pure extremists or true fundamentalists, so we draw the line somewhere in the middle.

Consider the choice of what you eat (or don’t eat). It ranges from the omnivore at one end to the fruitarian at the other:

Cannibal… chimps… dogs… cats… cows… pigsfoie gras… chickens… fish… unfertilized eggs… honey… yeast… cherries… dust

My guess is that few people care so little about their role in the food chain that they’re willing to eat humans (one end of the spectrum), and there are very few strict fruitarians out there (but I’ve never met someone who wouldn’t eat yeast). Most of us draw a line somewhere between the extremes. That means we’re already compromising, we just argue about how much.

Consider government:

Karl Marx… Maoist… socialist… progressive… fiscal conservative… libertarian… Ayn Rand Seguir leyendo “Moving the line (the power of a zealot)”