Beautiful Health and Wellness Websites Created Using Wix

Healthy body, healthy soul, gorgeous website? Maybe that’s why many Wix sites that are dedicated to heath and wellness issues are so outstandingly beautiful. From natural hand-made soap, to mobile produce markets, to plant powered photographers, we’re pleased to get to know some of the most creative and refreshing treatments and wellness trends out there. And of course, don’t forget to add Pil-oga-robic to the list of exciting health activities – that’s pilates, yoga, cardio and strength training combined! What can you do, health and fitness don’t come easy 🙂
Check out this beautiful showcase of Wix sites …and keep healthy!

Helen Clare Yoga

 Beautiful Health and Wellness Websites Created using Wix

Buddha Bliss

Beautiful Health and Wellness Websites Created using Wix

TWD Pilates

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Creatividad urbana |

Educabilia - Comunidad de Aprendizaje


Ya compartimos varias ideas de Street Art, pero la intervención urbana también puede cruzarse con la literatura. El ejemplo más conocido es la campaña que propone dejar libros en distintos puntos de la ciudad, una vez al año, para que los lleve quien quiera. Es una movida que lleva unas cuantas temporadas, en varios lugares del mundo, y es cada vez más popular.

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