Best Practices: New Twitter Headers and Mobile Updates

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Twitter rolled out a slew of changes today. The big conversation piece: The addition of profile “header” images. These images are just like Facebook and Google Plus headers. But on Twitter, the new header section also houses your all-important profile picture, name, handle, bio, location, and website.

New Twitter Profile Header

This update affects both Twitter’s web client and their mobile app, which was a surprise to many brands. Read on for best practices regarding the new Twitter headers, and the new mobile app.

New Twitter Headers

Your profile picture now lives in the header section. Following/follower stats sit just below the header.

The basic navigation remains the same: clicking the tabs in the left-hand column (Tweets, Following, Followers, Favorites, Lists) keeps users on your profile. So, if someone comes to my profile and wants to see who I’m following, that list will display below the new header section.

Following Tab on New Twitter Profile

Header Setup, Dimensions & Tips

Uploading your new header image is simple:

  1. Prepare an image. Bigger is better as long as you don’t exceed 1252 x 626 (theoptimal viewing size across all devices). Remember, your bio and other information will display over the top of the image. So pick something that’ll keep that text readable. Anything smaller than 700 or so pixels wide looks like a game of Minecraft, though.
  2. Log into your Twitter account.
  3. Head to “Settings” from the drop-down menu in the top right of the Twitter menu bar. From here, select “Design” as if you were going to change your profile’s theme or background image. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the new header image option.
    Change Header Twitter
  4. You won’t need to spend a lot of time editing the size of the image you want to use. After you choose an image, Twitter lets you customize how you want to display the image. This is why I recommend choosing a large image to upload, as you can easily zoom in and out to get the right look.
    Uploading a Twitter Header Image

And, since it always helps to have the actual dimensions: In the web client, the header image itself is 520 x 260. Leer más “Best Practices: New Twitter Headers and Mobile Updates”