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Bill Wise

AdExchanger: News and Views on Data-Driven Digital Advertising

It’s been nearly a year since ad sales workflow systems provider Mediaocean was given the regulatory green lightto form the merger of Mediabank and Donovan Data Systems. While Mediaocean picked up the mantle of both entities’ attempts to bring online media buying methods to traditional TV, Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise tellsAdExchanger that the company is preparing to fully rollout its rebuilt system, starting with a display ad sales tool dubbed Prisma and then circling back around to include all media buying.

AdExchanger: How has Mediaocean’s strategy evolved since the merger?

BILL WISE: When we first announced the merger back in September of 2011, we were very grand about discussing our strategy – we wanted to be “the app store for advertising,” taking on Google, and as the only alternative in terms of ad tech plumbing.

Then, what you saw was us being quiet for the last eight or nine months. That’s been on purpose, because we had a lot of integration work to do. We completely reorganized the business, completely realigned our resources, created three separate divisions within the company, and we internally rebranded all of our products.

In the next couple of weeks we’re going to actually launch the new brands externally. We had five different digital technologies between DDS and Mediabank. We’re completing the entire rewrite and integration of all of those five products into one new digital product, starting with display advertising, called Prisma.

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Q&A: Yahoo’s Sue Hunt on real-time bidding

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Though real time bidding (RTB) has been around for a few years now, it has so far failed to revolutionise the industry as predicted when it first emerged.

Statistics vary, but overall RTB made up about 10% of the overall UK display advertising in 2011.

While this is predicted to grow rapidly during 2012, there is a feeling that ad exchanges still need to convince marketers of the benefits of investing in RTB.

On the face of it, the positives are obvious: it allows advertisers to set the price they are willing to pay to target specific users.

Which, in theory, results in better ROI. However, critics of RTB suggest that it can be too complicated, results in inflated prices and is really just a way for publishers to sell off unwanted ad space.

To find out more about how RTB works I spoke to Sue Hunt, EMEA Director for Yahoo’s Right Media Exchange.

RTB seems like a great deal for advertisers and publishers. Why is the industry still fairly small?

It currently represents a small percentage of overall online EU ad spend, but the uptake in the US over the last couple of years is a good indication of what we can expect in 2012 and beyond.

The expected growth in RTB spend this year in Europe is likely to follow the same trend as in the US last year – 140 to 150% growth year on year.

Publishers have long worked with platforms (exchanges or SSPs) or networks to improve their revenue, and we are seeing the large agency and independent trading desks really gathering momentum now too. Leer más “Q&A: Yahoo’s Sue Hunt on real-time bidding”